About Us

Digital Sound Factory was established in 2007 with a mission to provide high quality license free audio sound downloads for computer software synthesizer users. The Digital Sound Factory team of expert sound designers have produced all of the sound libraries available at our site. We offer a complete Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are not satisfied with a product you may choose a different one of same or similar price, or, ultimately, have a refund. We also offer our customers a Lifetime Replacement Warranty. If for any reason the sounds purchased are deleted, misplaced, become corrupt, or the dog gets a hold of the computer hard drive, we will replace them absolutely free.

Timothy J Swartz - Founder - CEOFounder Timothy Swartz is a 20-year veteran producer of the E-mu Systems and Creative Technologies sound libraries. The successful Emulator and Proteus sound products were a result of numerous recording sessions, sound processing, and programming to achieve the ultimate musical results. Hit songs, movies, television shows, and advertisements have been created using these comprehensive sound libraries. E-mu pioneered sampling and, subsequently partnered with Creative, revolutionized the computer sample playback industry with its groundbreaking series of soundcards and ‘SoundFont’ content libraries. Digital Sound Factory has an exclusive license to both re-format existing instrument libraries created for E-mu and Creative platforms, and to create brand new libraries from the wealth of recording sessions initially conducted by Tim that have never been released. DSF libraries provide the opportunity to experience and use these world-renown sounds regardless of your current computer platform.


Companies that use Digital Sound Factory Sounds

Digital Sound Factory products are bundled with the PC Digital Audio Workstation software Sonar 8 by Cakewalk. Digital Sound Factory has re mastered the E-MU Proteus and Ensoniq ASR libraries, and also provides high quality instrument libraries for Dimension Pro/LE. www.cakewalk.com


Creative Technology

Creative Technologies
Digital Sound Factory founder Tim Swartz, produced the General MIDI and SoundFont libraries for the Creative Soundblaster product line. Every Soundblaster product that has ever shipped includes these sound sets, to numerous to comprehend! Digital Sound Factory creates new SoundFont libraries compatible with most PC and Mac software synthesizers. www.creative.com

Working in conjunction with the Digidesign A.I.R. team, Digital Sound Factory has re mastered the E-MU Proteus sound sets for the Pro Tools work environment. Each sound set is custom designed to playback in the popular Structure synthesizer. www.digidesign.com

E-MU Systems
Digital Sound Factory has developed the on board sound set for the new E-MU LONGboard & SHORTboard product line. DSF also creates new sound libraries for E-MU sampler products. www.emu.com


Line 6

Digital Sound Factory has created custom sound content for Line 6, the Propellerheads US distributor. www.line6.com


Native Instruments Kontakt

Digital Sound Factory has developed sounds for Native Instruments Kontakt 4. Working closely, DSF and NI combined talents to create new cutting edge instruments. www.native-instruments.com


Open Labs

The prestegious NeKo keyboard systems now ship with Digital Sound Factory sound content. Open Labs and Karma Labs have integrated DSF sounds into the new Gen 5 Production Stations. www.openlabs.com


The newest revolutionary Studio One by PreSonus includes custom Digital Sound Factory programs. This exciting new Digital Audio Workstation has great sound quality and is compatible with all DSF SoundFont products. www.presonus.com


Propellerheads Reason

Digital Sound Factory works closely with the Propellerhead team to create Reason Refills that meet high quality standards. All DSF SoundFont libraries are compatible with Reason's NN-XT sampler. The Reason Refill specific sound banks have additional combinators included. www.propellerheads.se



Yamaha Music Corporation
Digital Sound Factory has joined up with the Yamaha Motif team and is currently providing content for the XSpand Your World promotion along with new XS downloads. www.yamahasynth.com