AD Synth Resource

Digital Sound Factory Rapture Analog Digital Synth Resource

Blend the old with the new to create the fresh modern sounds like never before. Filled with fat analog synths combined with new digital renditions, these synths are primed for your mix. Expand your imagination and explore the endless possibilities. This collection has the resources that will take your sounds beyond your wildest imagination.

Rapture Analog Digital Resource Instrument Listing

Synth Pads
Synth Leads
Synth Keys
Synth Basses
Synth FX
Synth Perc
Age of New 3001 Choir 1964 Lead Clav FM 3-Way Moog Ambient Cry 909 Kit Bass Squared
Alaska Age of Glitter ARP Pad Clav Sweep 303 Mono Bass ARP Percs CZ Drums CZ Mover
Analog Brass Air Choir Bob Lead Clavinet-D6 303 Rez Bass ARP Rezz Zap CZ Harp Digi Groover
ARP Strings Air Waves Call Me Combo 4 Layer Rez B-Slow Pad FM Koto Digital Fusion
Bell Vox Airsweep CZ Bell Voice Double Clav ARP Attack Bellz O Fire Harp Loops Digital Mini Maker
Brazz Stack Analog Fusion CZ Synth Lead Dyno & Clav ARP Bass Classic Interval JP-8 Harp Dream Bells
Corona Bella Voce D-Tuned Lead Dyno El Pno ARP Quick DK Cybor sweeps Orch  Cym-Gong Fat Banger
CZ Saw Bells Belly Pop Pad Digital Fusion Dyno Synth ARP T-8 DX Arcade Pdl Steel FM FM Poem
CZ Synth Pad Bishop Digital MINI Flugel Roads Bass T-8 DX of India Percuss Ion Hybrid Classic
D-Poll Choirtron Fat Mini Lead FM Combo Big CZ Eniac Soft Bell Hybrid Groove
Digital DX Classic Dreamin Flugel Lead FM Funkeys CZ Bottom Bass Fat Pop Pad Stacked Belz Hypnotic
DX 1 CZ Synth Pad Flugel Pulsar FM Kick N Clav CZ Digi Bass 1 Fusion Hit Steel Dr Syn Jangle Rod
DX Duo D-Bell Choir Fusion 101 FM Organ CZ Digi Bass 2 Gravitation Effect Stereo Bell JP Stack Pole
DX Padimba D-Strings Fusion Lead FM Piano Pad CZ Keys Bass Gravitation Pad TR-404 Jupiter Fusion
Fat Pop Synth Dark Voice Hi Pass Sync FM Wurlie CZ Saws Gravitation TR-808 Jupiter Stack Up
FM Brass Dream Leprechaun Fun Keys Synth Digita detune Hybrid Sweep Tubular FM Micro Zap
FM Concert Brass Dream scapes Lyles Solo Fusion Clav Distinctive Inharm-X Xmas Bells Modern Digi Pluck
FM X-Brass Ethnic Clan Lyles Vox Fusion EP Ethnic CZ Ito Hit   Modular
Giant Synth Fair Wave Mini Lead Mark I Roads Fat Phaze Bass Jupiter Chord   P600 Quad
Jazz Gtr FM Flute & Strings P600 Fuzz Organ Synth Fifty Five Bass Maranatha   Phased Eniac
JP Stack Flute Pad Prophet V P-5 Rez Clav FM 600 Mello Minor   Poly Choir
Jupiter 16 Fusion Pad Pulsation Pop Synth Piano FM Bass 1 Minors Sweep   Pop Fusion
Jupiter 8 Glass Harmonics Pulse Mod CZ Rhodes & Strings FM Bass 2 Not Typical   Pulse Classic
Kurz Bells Harmonic Tracker Rez Lead 4 Layer Rhodes FM Bass 3 Perky Arp   Pulse Mod Driver
Matrix High Dream SEM Lead Rock Stack FM Funk Bass Pretty Moments   Pulse Mod Fuzz
Mellowtron Hybrid Mini Sweeper Thwak Moog SD-1 El Pno FM Sitar Prophet Sweep   Ripe Pickens
Mini Brass Mystic Pleasures Tomita Poem Sync Clav Hollow Mini Reso FM   Road Runner
Moog 55 Octave Choir Vel P Sweep T-8 Rez Keys Hybrid Bass Robotix   Robotix
Pad Stack Pad Bellz Wow Lead 303 Vel Sw Roads Maxi Micro Sion   Shimmer Lead
Pair of Jups Pad Classic X-Brass Oct Wurlie & Moog Micro Bass Steam   Smacker
Pop Fusion Pad Dream Xpressive Sync   Miss Alignment Sweep   Straight Laced
Prophet Duo Pad Strings Zap Lead   Modular X SyngSync   String Layer Rez
Rez O Stack Patch Dream Zaporg   Moog Bass Synth Wind 1   Synth Mod
Stab Patch Pad     Moog T-8 Synth Wind 2   Trance Me
Synth Bells Prophet Ringer     OB Bass Stack Unisweep 1   Tribal Tangent
Synth Stack R Dream Pad     OB FM Unisweep 2   Vox Pad
SYX-Synth Rez-O-Pad     OB Squared Universal   Wave Corona
T-8 Synth Steel Pad     OB T-8 Vikings Song    
The Wave Strings FM     Obee Bass 1 Vox Angelica    
Unison X-Rez Sweep Rez     Obee Bass 2 Whats Going On    
Vector Synthetic Combo     Obee Bass 3 Zuper Rez    
Vel Pulse Synthetic Strings     P600 Bass      
Velocity Sync SYX Enhanced     P600 X2      
Wavestave T-8 & 3001 Choir     Partners      
  T-8 Pad     Phaze 303      
  Thick Strings     Poly SEM      
  Tomita's Dream     Rezz Bass      
  Veloci Pad     Riff Bass      
  Vox Attack     Slap Bass FM      
  Vox Stack     Squeekn Keys      
        Swing Bass      
        Switch Bass      
        Synbass Rez      
        T-Bass 8      
        U Funk Bass      
        U-Bass Saws      
        U-Bass Synth      
        X-Fade Bass