ARP Axxe

Cakewalk Sound Center ARP Axxe

Cakewalk Sound Center Expansion Pack

Cakewalk Sound Center is included with Music Creator and Sonar X.

The Arp Axxe is an extremely simple, budget synthesizer with a big sound. You have an oscillator, a filter, an amplifier, one ADSR envelope and one LFO. The ARP filter on this little beast is punchy and easily recognizable, confirming its noble heritage. Original price: $995.00­­­­

Axxe Classic 1 Filter Env
Axxe Classic 1
Axxe Classic 2 Filter Env
Axxe Classic 2
Axxe Classic 3
Axxe Classic 4
Axxe Fat Bass Filter Env
Axxe Fat Bass Plus 1
Axxe Fat Bass Plus 2
Axxe Fat Bass Plus Rels
Axxe Fat Bass
Axxe PWM Synco
Axxe PWM25
Axxe PWM5
Axxe Saw LFO
Axxe Saw Square Noise
Axxe Saw
Axxe Square LFO
Axxe Square PWM
Axxe Square
Axxe Classic 1 Filter Env