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Cakewalk Sound Center Expansion Pack

Cakewalk Sound Center is included with Music Creator and Sonar X.

The Solina used electronic organ technology to generate sawtooth waveforms for each key. The amplitude was shaped using a simple, two-stage envelope labelled Crescendo (attack) and Sustain (release). A three-channel “bucket brigade” chorus unit transformed the sound into a rich ensemble effect. The contrabass and cello selectors can be used to turn on a 16' or 8' monophonic bass, which is triggered by the lowest pressed key. The Solina has stereo high level outputs, mono low and high level outputs and a connection for a proprietary expression pedal, which contains a light bulb and photo resistor. Original price: approx. $995.00

Solina Cellos & Violins Panner
Solina Cellos & Violins
Solina Cellos
Solina Classic
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Solina Contrabass & Violas
Solina Contrabass
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Solina Full Strings
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