DSF Cakewalk Sound Center Basses

Cakewalk Sound Center Expansion Pack

Cakewalk Sound Center is included with Music Creator and Sonar X.

This collection of Cakewalk Sound Center basses includes all the bottom you will ever need. Electric and synthesizer basses include realistic fingered, jazz, & slap along with a palate of synth basses. Combine them and the possibilities are bottomless!

Includes 39 MIDI files for both auditioning the sounds and enhancing inspiration.

52 Programs - 68 mb

Cakewalk Sound Center Bass Instrument Listing

303 Saws
303 Squares
Acoustic Bass
ARP Bass
ARP Snap
Bass Picked
Big FM Bass
Big Snap
Big Taurus
Bottom 101
Combo Funk Bass
Deep End 1
Deep End 2
Fat Fingers
Finger Bass 1 & Scrape
Finger Bass 1
Finger Bass 2
Fingered Bass 1
Fingered Bass 2 & Scrape
Fingered Bass 2
Fretless Bass & Scrape
Fretless Bass
Layer Bass
Mini Snap
Mono Me
Murky Sweep
Muted Electric
Picked Mute
Pizz Double Bass
Pop Bass & Scrape 1
Pop Bass & Scrape 2
Pop Bass
Rock Bass
Slap Bass & Scrape
Slap Bass
So Lo Pro
Solo Double Bass
Thickly Settled
TS Mini
Upright Bass 1
Upright Bass 2
Velocity Picked
Vintage Synth Bass
Warm SEM
Wide & Deep