Classic Keyboards

Kontakt 4 Classic Keyboards Performance Synthesizer

Digital Sound Factory presents Kontakt Keyboards collections from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s mastered for the DSF Performance Synthesizer. All keyboards were multi-sampled/multi-velocity-sampled through high quality analog to digital convertors providing for the best fidelity possible. Each instrument was then mapped to the keyboard and fine-tuned to perfection. These new programs not only sound authentic to the real keyboards, but go on to the next generation of sounds. With the power of Kontakt, new possibilities for layering, filtering, and envelopes go way beyond the original hardware possibilities.

 Contains 593 mb and 114 Instruments

DSF Keyboards Performance Synthesizer Instrument Listing

Air Command
Angry Juno
ARP Axxe
ARP Bass
ARP Clarinet
ARP Octaves
Arp Power Bass
Attack Strings
B3 16&1
B3 811003148 vib
B3 888 & OB
B3 888 1
B3 888 2
B3 888888888 Vib
B3 All Out
B3 Blend 1
B3 Blend 2
B3 Blend 3
Big FM Bass
Big Synths
Bottom 101
Bounce Bass
CP & Strings
CP 70 & Rhodes
CP 70
CP70 & Clavi
CP70 & D50
D Fiftease
Dance Bass
Deep End 1
Deep End 2
Do Ooh
Double EP Rotor
Elka Strings
EP & Strings
EP & Voices
Euro Bass
Fat Fingers
Filter Brass
FM Tines & Strings
FM Tines
Grand & JD800
Grand & OB
Grand & Strings
Grand & Tron Vox
Grand & Vox
Heavy Synth Bass
JD800 Pad Voices
Juno & Noise
Juno Overdrive
Juno Saw Lead
Juno Square Lead
Juno Super
Juno Synth
Jupiter 8
Late 80z
Legato & Tron Strings
Mellotron Boys & Men
Mellotron Brass & Flutes
Mellotron Choir
Mellotron Flutes
Mellotron Strings Flt Brs
Mellotron Strings
Memory Moog Strings
Mini Moog Fat Bass
Mini Snap
Mono Me Bass
Moog Bottom
Muddy Sync
Nice Mini
Now & Zen
Old Red Top
Oohs & Ahhs
P5 Poly Sync
Power Dance Bass
Prophet 10 Fat Saw
Prophet 10
Pulse Trio
Raspy Rogue
Rhodes & JD Voices
Rhodes Electric Piano
Rhodes FM EP
Saw Strings
Saw Trio
Shiny SEM
Sneaker Flap
Solina Strings
Spiccato Strings
Steinway Grand EP
Steinway Grand
Synth 10101
Synth 303
Syrupy JP
Taurus Bass
Touch Rez
Tron Strings 1
Tron Strings 2
VS Ghost
Wurlitzer & OB
Wurlitzer Electric Piano
Wurly & Voices

Sequencer View

DSF Kontakt Performance Synthesizers Sequencer

Sequencer view provides up to six - sixteen step patterns. Each pattern contains velocity, note duration, and pitch. Patterns can be quickly soloed and copied from one location to another. Rate controls tempo, Duration controls note length, Swing will push or pull the tempo, and Octave selects the octave range. Global selects Off, On, and Hold modes.

Arpeggiator View

 DSF Performance Synths Arpeggiator

The Arpeggiator view contains a 32 step arpeggiator and provides 16 presets for Note Order. Each pattern contains note on velocity control. Rate controls tempo, Duration controls note length, Swing will push or pull the tempo, Octave selects the octave range, and Strike controls the number of times a note is repeated. Global selects Off, On, Hold, and Hold + - modes.