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Digital Sound Factory Z3TA+2 Digital Keys

Z3TA+2 Digital Keys

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Digital Sound Factory Z3TA+2 Digital Keys feature modern keyboard tones and textures of the future that will push your tracks out in front of the others. Classic waveforms are shaped using the powerful modulation matrix while envelopes and filters provide the ultimate control of expressiveness and dynamics. LFO’s and effects lock to MIDI clock creating motion through rhythmic synchronization. Sequence patterns can easily be integrated with existing tracks and will expand your imagination and music. Digital Keys includes 200 exciting programs and new waveforms. Categories include Keyboards, Pads, Synths, and Sequences.

Z3TA+2 Digital Keys Instrument Listing

      Synth Pads
Alternate Grand Altitude Basic Analog Anabels Calling
Buzzy EP Big Sawz Classic Oscelus Broad Band
Cheap Organ Big Waves Dance Hit 1 Chordal Comper
Clavisk Bite Waves Dance Hit 2 Complexity
Clicky Organo Brushed Chrome Dee Fifty Crowd Gankers
CP Style Classic Saw Diffused 101 Down 4 U
CX EP Cold Synthesis Digilog Intentions EP Groovin
Digi Clavi Crispy Sawz Digital Guitar Event Follower
Digi Harmonic EP Digital Strings Filter Spin Down Exerciser
Digi Honky Filter Pimp Fine Synth Fan Fair
Digitube Clavi High Strung Full Body Forth Back
Disto Organ Lushness Funk Synth Fringal
Dynamic Digi Megalayer Icy CMI Getting Near
Electric Stack Mello Formants Intervalous Glistening
Electro Digi Piano 1 Mello Panner Jay Sixty Grazing
Electro Digi Piano 2 Mello Saws JP Eight Grit House
Electro Digi Piano 3 Mello Sweeper Jupiter Air Synth Hard Surface
EP & Synth Overtone Synth Little Grabber High Tension
Funk Keys Pastoral Mello JP8 Juicy Arps
Grand Pad Synth Prolonged Salz Mello Sawz Long Stories
Guikey 1 Reso Sweeper Mini Tri Making Time
Guikey 2 Salzy Wash Multi Square 1 Melodic Gestures
Harmonic EPO Semi Cathedral Multi Square 2 Near Advancement
Keys 101 Sincerity P10 Mello Sawz No Priority
L Gritto Sizzle Cutter Pulsar Stack Not So Fast
Mello Comper Sqinement PW Synth Notive Pulser
Metalic Digiano Squarishness Shaped ARP Octavium
Midnite Organ Squorish Solid ARP Organ Nomix
Organ Action Syncwave Formants Spectrum Square Outer Journey
Organ Donor Synthetic Formants Stringed Osc Laters Over Squared
Organ Grit Tonal Air Synth 303 Perco Late
Organ Lady Tonality Pad Synth Hall Strings Piano Player
Organismic Under Simmers T8 Strings Pianoesk
Overdrive Organ Upward Rez Tri Synced Synth Pocus
P10 Styled VS44 Trianglular Synth Primary Purpose
Phase Clav Wack Synth Twinkie Prolonging
Pianeti X Wave Synth Ultra Classic Pulsating Waves
Piano Dance Chord   Ultra J60 Pumping Shapes
Piano Phaser     Purple Houses
Plicky Clav     Ride Out
Pulse Keys     Ridiculed
Retro Red Top     Riffin
Shimmeron     Round Hours
Smultz     Soft Felt
Spectral Clav     Square It
Square Pianet     Stay Zone
String Machine     Stepping Up
Stump Box EP     Stringet
Suit Cased     Surenaunt
Swirly Organ     Sync O Notic
Synth Brite EP     Synco Patience
Synth Clav     Synth Answers
Synth EP     Synth Fluff
Synth Organ     Synth Tales
Synth Squares     Synthonetica
Tambur Electro Piano     Taking On Riffin
Tight & Cute     Theradune
Vibrato Organ     Timed Chords
Wide Digi Grand     Upward
Wide Electro     Ur Story
Wire Piano     Venopura
      Wanna Play
      With In Reason
      X Chaotic
      Trance Bounce
      U Picked Me
      Wave Chaser
      Wind Out