E-MU Emax

E-MU Emax Collectors Edition

Categories include:

  • Keyboards & Synthesizers
  • Orchestral, Brass & Winds
  • World
  • Bass & Guitars
  • and more

The Emax was essentially a complete replication of the Emulator II using custom E-mu chips instead of standard off the shelf silicon chips. This new engineering increased reliability, and reduced the cost of manufacture. The sample resolution was the same 12-bits companded into 8-bits of memory, the samples were still monophonic, but the maximum sample rate was increased to 42kHz. Depeche Mode switched to using Emax's from Emulator II's on tour, and the Emax SE HD's can be seen and heard in use on the 1988 USA tour video '101'. The Emax collection includes the extensive library of samples and instruments that were originally available on 3.5" disks.

Notable Users:

  • Depeche Mode - all three keyboard players can be seen operating Emax keyboards on their 1989 live film - 101
  • Faith No More - Can be seen in the 'Epic' video
  • Ice MC - Can be seen in the 'Easy' video
  • KMFDM - Used an Emax
  • Los Prisioneros
  • Meat Beat Manifesto
  • Mouse on Mars
  • Nine Inch Nails - used an Emax SE extensively on Pretty Hate Machine
  • Die Krupps - Emax II
  • Orbital
  • Saint Etienne - credited with using the Emax on their 1991 album "Foxbase Alpha"
  • Skinny Puppy
  • Steve Roach
  • Tony Toni Tone
  • U2
  • Tom Waits - credited with using the Emax on his 1993 album "The Black Rider"
  • The Whispers

Categories include Keyboards & Synthesizers, Orchestral, Brass & Winds, World, Bass & Guitars, and more.

81 Megabytes

Emax Collectors Edition Instrument Listing

Brass & Winds
Keys & Synths
Guitars & Basses
Pop Brass Stereo 88 Nylon Guitar
Trombone Dark Piano Large Guitar
TromSection Pan'd Stereo Big Echo Guitar
C Trumpet JamaicaPiano 12 String Guitar
D Trumpet Minimalist Nylon Guitar 2
Trumpet Slow Atk Clave
Trumpet Duet Synth Sweep Rock Guitar
Trumpet Sec Low Down Rock Chds/Mute/Ld
Synth Brass Circa 1970 Rock Set
Horny Hits OctaPanPiano Rock Set 2
Sfrz Brass 8 Note Pan OctaElectric
Trombination StereoStereo Stereo Rock
Trp & Synth TubularPiano Harmony Bender
Section Five Tube Combo AquaElectric
SoloTromTrum Switcheroo Parll4th&5th
Trp Trm Syn Grand Piano 2 Rock Mute/Chrd/Ld
AllOvrDField Yamaha Long 88 Power Chords
Big Brass 8VoiceOctave Hendrix 1986
TromTrum&Sec 8V OctaDelay Les Paul
Big Brass 2 YamaDrum Long Les Paul
Wide Stereo Brass YamaDrum Oct Les Pauil SpreadLo
Decay Brass Bowed Piano Les Paul Hard
fp Brass 8V OctaSlide Les Paul Mix
Sfrz Brass 2 Stereo 88 2 Les Paul Stereo Mix
Oct Brass I Bowed Piano 2 Oct Paul
Surfin2023AD Dig/AcuPiano OctaCordion
Winds & Brass Piano Octs Les Paul Mutes
Flute 8 Voice Echo Les Paul Hard Mutes
Oboe 8V Artifact All Les Paul Mutes
Bassoon OctaFact 6 String Guitar
Clarinet Piano & Strings 6 String Sustain
Trump/Tromb MoreAhDaSame 6 String Pan
French Horns CP-70 Stereo 12 Strng Sustain
Tub/Trmb/Trp Rich Stereo 12 String Gutiar
Flute & Oboe Slap Back 12 String Guitar St
FluteBassoon Duel Pan Dual Mode 12 String
Flute & Clrt Octave Piano Fake Nylon
Flute Trb/Tp Floyd Mandolina
Flute F.Horn Piano Floyd 1 WindmillHill
Oboe Bassoon Piano Floyd 2 Mariachis
OboeClarinet Syrupano Echotar 6
Oboe Trb/Trp Bright CP70 Akord-O-tar
Oboe F.Horns Pinky Artifacts
OboeTu/Tb/Tp FloydStrings Space Ghost
Bassoon Clar Pitz Piano Maui Swell
Bassoon T&T Stereo Piano Pitz Steel Maker
Bassoon&Horn OctaPitz Big Steel Guitar
BassoonT,T,T Fifth O'Pitz 12 String Guitar 2
Clarinet T&T Pitz Monster 24 String Guitar!
ClarinetHorn Monster Oct Staccatto Guitar
Trp/Tbn/Horn PitzArpiano Sustain 12 Str Gtr
Tu/Tb/Tr 8va Tack piano Laccatto 12 String
F.Horn T,T,T 8va Piano Bowed 12 String
Organ & Brass 5th Piano Percuss 12 String
Chmbr Brass Art-A-Tack 1 Guit/Pad/Glow
Pipe Organ Art-A-Tack 2 Guit W/Pad
Stereo Brass 2 Accordion Git/Pad Sus
Organ Rel Dual-Acord Git W/Pad St
Organ Swell Oct-A-Cord Git/Pad Str1
Woodwinds Tackordion Git/Pad Oct
Bassoon 2 Harpsichord Guitar Bowski
BassClarinet 4 Your Luv Mellow Pad
Clarinet 2 Low Down 2 Mellow Pad 8
English Horn Arpsichord 1 Sprl Glw Str
Oboe 2 Arpsichord 2 Gt/Pd&Glo St
Flute 2 AcousticCord Pedal Steel
Flute Atks Echochord Steel Guitar
FantasyFlute Paisley 4 U AB Pedal
Bassoon/Oboe Octachord Electric Bass
Bssn/EHorn Stereo Pan'd Bass Bridge
BasClar/Clar Rock Organ Bass Neck
EH/Ob&Flute Octave B3 Muted Bass
Bn/BC Cl/Fl Pitz Bass Slap Bass
BC/Ob& EH/FA Ham/PitSplit Velocity
Organ dAmore ZatzaBass ? Nck Brg Pan
Organa Basso ZatzaCombo? Slap Mute
Artifacts Hameosis Alembic Bass
Arpifacts Hameosis 2 Short Alembic
Double Reeds Hammond Wash 8ct8V Alembic
Oboe 3 Pipe Organ Short 8cts
English Horn 2 Med/SoloStop Slow Alembic
Bassoon 3 Sforzando Organ PiccoloAlmbk
Bassoon/Horn Solo Manual Slappd Almbk
Bassoon/Oboe 2 Orch Swell Slappd 8ct
Oboe E.Horn Double Lo/Md  
Octave Vel DblLo/Md  
Bassoon/Horn 2 Mondo Combo  
Octave 2 Velomondo  
Octave 3 Octamondi  
French Horns 2 Hall Organ  
Chorus Horns 2 Space Organ  
Octave Horns Space Organ2  
FHorn 4ths 73 Rhodes  
Long Horns 73 Wide Rhodes  
Short Horns Suitcase Roade  
Influenced Suitcase Vibes  
The Clarinet Dyno My Piano  
Clarinet Trills Dyno Piano Wide  
Clarinet Glissando 73 Band Bord  
Clarinet 3 88 Rhodes  
Octinets 88 Rhodes Wide  
PhantomSiren Rhodlitzer  
Flute & Bell Roadlitzer Wide  
Flute 3 Dyno 88 Stereo  
Pan's Pipes Dyno 73 Stereo  
Pan's 5ths Suitcase Stereo  
Pan's 4ths Suit Litz Stereo  
8cts Odd Dynolitz Stereo  
Flute 5ths DynoSuit Stereo  
Flute 8cts FM Synth  
Flute 8cts Hi Bell Brass 1  
A Bell Synclvelfilt  
Bell Flute Synthereal 1  
BllFltOddSlo Synthereal 2  
A BellShimmr SynclavBrass  
Tenor Sax Stereo Brass  
Buzz Sax Synclavelcty  
Soft Sax Beat & B B 1  
Hard Sax Beat & B B 2  
Vel-Switch Beat Pan  
Stereo Tenor B B Combo  
Soft-Buzz Arpegavier  
Vel-Switch 2 Synclavier  
Octave Split Stereo Xfad2  
Synth Brass & Choir Synclavelcrs  
Stereo Brass Das Synth  
Stereo Choir WaveMerge 1  
Brass/Choir WaveMerge 2  
Short Brass Big Brass  
Short Choir Multi Chorus  
Arp Brass Kyodai Synth  
Male Choir SucroseW/Vel  
Orchasm ElectroForte  
Stereo Orch Tom FX I  
Velocigasm Tom FX II  
Octave Orch Midi Bliss  
Tine Orch Doubled Bass  
Stereo Tine DSP  
8VChoralOrch Laserimba  
Space Choir LaserOctimba  
#09 Short Laser Harp  
Babylony On4 GuitSyn/LGit  
FourDeclined GuitSyn/LG16  
Ghost Song ConVox/Bell  
Ghost Dance ConStrat/Vox  
Mixed Chorus ConHarp/Rimb  
Mixed Choir ConvolveWine  
Mixed Choir2 Wine Chorus  
Slow Mix Gamawine  
Vexed Voices PVoc Violas  
Octave Choir PVoc Synth  
ChoirStrings PVoc Octaves  
SynthStrings PVoc Blend  
OctavStrings PVoc Blend 2  
OctaSynth PVoc Cello  
Ghost Choir Pvoc Chorus  
Spaced Choir Wine Duet  
TristanChoir Atmospheres  
Stones Choir Chamber  
Voice & Bell Dark World  
Bowed Bell Solo Hover  
Short Bell Joint Hover  
Gliss Bell WhisperChant  
Octave V & B Deep Drum  
Martians Deep Drum #2  
Space Woman Combosphere  
Munchkins Linear Synth 1  
Slow Woman Synth Bell  
Bizarre Bell Synth-horn  
  Stereo Bell  
  Stereo Horn  
  Stereo Bass  
  Short Bell  
  Short Horn  
  Short Bass  
  Bell Brass  
  Bass Brass  
  Bass Bell  
  Linear Synth 2  
  Star Travel  
  Stereo Brass 2  
  Short Guitar  
  Short Brass  
  Space Guitar  
  Star Guitar  
  Slow Star  
  Linear Synth 3  
  Deep Breath  
  Breath Hall  
  Monster Hall  
  Breath Chr  
  Linear Synth 4  
  Space Organ 2  
  Stereo Organ  
  Short Cavern  
  Short Organ  
  Cave Organ  
  Slow Organ  
  Sweeping 1  
  Sweeping 2  
  Heavy Waves1  
  Heavy Waves2  
  Resonains 1  
  Resonains 2  
  Metal Merge1  
  Syncussion I  
  Boing & Boom  
  Combo I  
  Combo II  
  Combo III  
  Boing Bang !  
  Heavy Waves  
  Bass Bang  
  Metal Merge  
  Mlt trk JX3P  
  Slow JX3P  
  Stereo JX3P  
  Floating 3P  
  Fatk JX3P  
  Octave JX3P  
  Multi Synth  
  Glucose O.D.  
  Magic Pans  
  Multi Perc  
  OBX Env 1  
  OBX Env 2  
  OBX Env Dly  
  OBX Dbl Dly  
  Dbl Brass  
  4ths Brass  
  5ths Brass  
  Oct Brass  
  Dual Mode 1  
  Dual Mode 2  
  Dual Mode 3  
  Dbl Glaze  
  Combo Pan  
  Drone Tone  
  Industry Arp  
  Combo Arp  
  Linear Synth 5  
  Stereo Pluck  
  Stereo Chime  
  Dry Pluck  
  Dry Chime  
  Octave Chime  
  Pluck Chime  
  Arp Pluck  
  Chime Chorus  
  Pluck Chime2  


Drums & Perc
Loon Garden Big Drums Marcato Strings
Ambi-Shak Rock Percussion Low Marcato
Shaku Korus Rock Drums 1 High Marcato
Loopy-Shaku Rock Drums 2 High Marcato Oct
Shaku-Vox Afro Percussion Low Marcato Oct
Velly Plitty Latin Percussion Low & High Marcato
Ragin'H2O Stacked Perc 1 Pizz Strings
Waterbells Stacked Perc 2 Pizz Cellii
Kalimba Cymbal 1 Pizz Vio|ins
KalimbaKorus Cymbal 2 Pizz Basses
Kalimbasus Big Thing Stereo Pizz
Kalimboctave Bigger Thing Oct Pizz
Mystery Bells Malletumba 1 Astral Wings
Bottlefloot Malletumba 2 ThatsThePitz
Bottleflute Stereo Stacked Perc Trem Strings 1
Sarangi/Tablas Conga Set Trem Strings 2
Contrary Low Tumba Oct Trem Strings
Tablas Conga Fear&Tremolo
Sitar Quinto Traumolondi
Sit/Artif Db Conga Set Stereo Art Or Fear?
Sitar Artifacts Pin Head Big Trem
Banjo Sitar Indian Percussion Falloffrings
Slow Attack Indian Perc Str 1 Spic Strings
Oct Sitar Indian Perc Str 2 Spic Basses
Short Sitar Tarang 1 Spic Cellii
Sarod Tarang 2 Spic Violas
Side Fade African Percussion Spic Violins
Fade and Pan Kalimba Spic Bass/Cello
Shrt Release Kalimba FX Spic Cello/Viola
Berimbau Kalimba Short Spic Cel/Vla/Vln
Berimbau 1 African Recorder Long Spic Strings
Berimbau 2 African Combo 5thSpicStrings8V
Berimbau 3 Kalimba & Recorder OctSpicStrings8V
Berimbau 4 Log Drums 1 DblOctSpic5ths8V
Berimbau 5 Log Drums 2 DblOctSpicStrngs
Berimbau 6 Talking Drum Space Organ
Berimbau 7 Shakers Solo Strings
Gourd Scrape Logimbas Solo Stereo Strings
Space Gourd Kalimba & Perc Solo Long Strings
Surdo Drum Percussion 8VoiceSolo5ths
Double Surdo Oooolimba 8VOctSolo5ths
Dbl SurdoChr OlimbaKalimba 8VoiceSoloOctave
Steel Drums OctaveKalimb Arco Strings
Malletoid MarimbaVibes Wide Arco Strings
Mallet String 1 Vibes Legato Strings
Mallet String 2 Marimbas Combo Arco Strings
Air Mallet 1 Marimbas Short Digital Tack
Air Mallet 2 Vibratophone Power Line
Steel Drum 1 Octarimbas SparcoViolin 1
Steel Drum 2 Marimba 5ths SparcoViolin 2
Jaw Harp 1 Virimbas 1 Vel Slow Atk Violin
Jaw Harp 2 Virimbas 2 Spiccato Violin
Breath Harp Vibarimbas Dream Time
Dune Harp Cosmic Vibes OctaStrings
Metal Harp Vibesandthen 2-OctStrings
Air Harp Marimandthen Analog Strings
Metal Mouth Vibes & Bells Big Piano
Dulcimer/Koto Vibes 2 BrightStrings
Koto Vibes Slow StereoOctaveStrings
Chime Release Vibe 8ct Strings&Piano
Koto Sustain Vibes Slw8ct Space R Us 1
Odd Thing BellA Vibes Space R Us 2
Tam/Sitar/Sarod BllA VibsSlo MIDI Strings
Tamboura CellB Vibes Slow MIDI Strings
Sitar & Tambora Mallet Bell 1 Short MIDI Strings
Mood Drone Mallet Bell 2 MIDI Strings Spread
Auto Harp Mallet 8cts Oct MIDI Strings
Auto Harp Strum Mallt Vibes Slo Oct MIDI Strg
Auto Harp SloAtk&Pan Gong/Timp/Voice 1 Orchestra Hitz
Autoharp Sus Gong/Timp/Voice 2 More Orch Hitz
Mandolin Gong/Timp/Voice 3 StillMoreOrchHits!
Melodica Gong/Timp/Voice 4 OrchHitDubbleUp
Pennywhistle Gong/Timp/Voice 5 OrchHitDubblchorez
Mandolin Octive Roar Around Orch Hit Strech
Bowed Mandolin Roar Below Harp Gliss 1
Melodica Oct AstroGong Harp Gliss 2
Synth Carillon OctaGong Harp Gliss 3
Synth Carilln Stereo TicTalk Drum Basic Ensemble
Sloatk Strln KickSnareHat Stereo Ensemble
Oct Carillon Cymbals/Perc Brass,Rec,&Perc
Slatk Oct Cn Tom-Tom Set1 Guitar&Recorder
Sparkle Organ Tom-Tom Set2 Low Trombone
St Slatk Organ   Oboe
SparkIllon 1   Recorder
SparkIllon 2   Orch Percussion 1
Bottles   Bow Psaltery
Pan's Pipes   Nylon Str Guitar
8cts Low Drk   Analog Combo
8cts HighDrk   Orch Percussion 2
5ths   FretlessSlap
HarpHarmonic   OBrass
Harp 8cts   Muted OBrass
HarpBottles   MutedTrumpet
Plop   Vibes
Ahh   Horns O'Doom
Short Bell   Octa Brass
Wet Bottles   Mute Duet
Bottle Marimba   Korus Kombo
JX-10 Stack Bell   Orch Percussion 3
Stereo Stack Bell   BraassSlurrr
Stereo Marimba   BassSicVibes
Marimbells 8   BladesO'Doom
Stacked   Klangfarben
Ethereal Stuff   GyroVibes
VacuumPipe 1   Hrpshd, Rec,&Flute
DualVacPipe 1   Recorder 2
DualVacPipe 2   Bamboo Flute
VacuumPipe 2   Harpsicord
VacuumPipe 3   Rcdr/Flute
Bike   Stereo Flute
Digeridooz   Recordecord
Waterphone   Recorder/Flute
Water/Bike   Hrpscrd/Rcdr
Bottles 2   JASON 13
Fine Whine   Hells Bells
Mndln&Pnywsl   Door Screech
    Druid Drone
    Banshee Wind
    Gong Scrape
    Fear Strings
    Scary Choir
    The Creek
    Break Glass
    Pipe Hit
    Perc Combos
    Vox & HBells
    Druid & Vox
    Two Gongs
    Door Monster


  • Original Emax 3 1/2" floppy disk libraries
  • Formated for software synthesizers
  • 735 Programs
  • 81 Megabytes

KONTAKT  Screens

Emax Kontakt Main Screen


Emax Kontakt Advanced Screen