E-MU Vintage Pro

E-MU Vintage Pro


  • Legendary Classic Keyboards
  • Not re sampled
  • Authentic ROM waveforms
  • Software replicates hardware
  • High Quality Sounds
  • 512 Programs

The Vintage Pro delivers the keyboard sounds that defined popular music in the '60s, '70s and '80s in a single rackspace. From the venerable Hammond B-3 organ and Wurlitzer EP to legendary analog and digital synthesizers like the ARP 2600 and CP70, the Vintage Pro gives you an all-in-one, no-compromise collection of over 30 classic keyboards meticulously sampled from the finest vintage instruments available.

Vintage Pro Instrument Listing

Vintage Wide OB ChifferPad Big Taurus
Classic EP P10 Thin Lad Big FM Bass
CP Seventy Juno Lunar Bottom 101
Wurly Rogue Believe Warm SEM
Clavinet Huge SEM Angel Eyes Arpy Bass
B-3 OvrDrive Round Mini PreSamplers Mini Snap 2
Mello Tines Big Mini Sentinels2 Arp Snap
BigTronChoir Juno Pulse Ghost Vox BigSnap
BeginAgain 10101 O.D. FatFingers
TaurusPedals Profit/Loss Liquid 1 Deep End 1
Tron Violins FuzzBell Liquid 2 Deep End 2
'99 Brass Random OB Liquid 3 Wide & Deep
SEM Phase1Alert Beauteous ThiklySettld
Airscopix JX Oct Split ProfitMargin VintSynBass1
OB Glider JunoOctSplit Tri Res MurkySweep
Electra Syrupy JP QuietSaws LayerBass
Analogic ProphetPiano Lunar 2 Expressive
Dyno Vox ArpClarinet Slippery Taurnado
CP Pad JupyPad Matches Picote
Jazz Pro MoogShrtPuls Poly Pad Finger
Clav Flanger Poly ARP iBubble Pilot
Old Red Top SEM Bat Fuzz M12 Skyline Hummer
Sentinels Juno & DX Raindance Bagg
Light Aahs Deep Sky Horizons TS Mini
Back at U 80zFuzzPad Big Pad MonoMe
Mini Snap P10 SkySweep SlitherPad MonoMe2
Flute/String Nephilim HarshSwell Bounce
Thick Brass P5 PolySync Grainy 303 Saws
Synth Stack OB Glider2 GrimFemVox 303 Squares
OB-Xa Power Juno Pipey Phatt Taurus
Tron Brass OBSEMFuzz1 Organ Synth So Lo Pro
FusionMover OBSEMFuzz2 Fem Strings Hackettism
Dyno Piano Vin Syn MemMoogStrng Spy vs Spy
Chorus Dyno Regbit Solina AirGuitar
Lite Dyno Stabber Elka Combo Hit It
Heavy Dyno Distant SuperElka Wacka 1
StudioDyno1 Synth Ringer Lush70'sFade Wacka 2
StudioDyno2 Late 80z Big M12 Jazzy
DynoStcase Late 80z 2 Ensemble Clav Guitar
DynoChorus NoteOffChime Muffled HarmonicTone
Stereo EP Nunzio Sepiatone Evil Saws
DynoOdd FiltrBrass1 Analog Harp DragonBreath
Dyno Soft FiltrBrass2 Old Time1 SpaceMuffin
String EP Robot ca1960 Old Time2 GorgeousCrzy
MetalBars Glass Pipe Old Time3 Nepatunism
MetalBarsXfd Merlot String Vox The Dead See
EP Silver AirCommand String Flute Hold Up
Canada Ex-plorer VeloBows The Garden
Toyo Sneaker Flap String Box Acid Rain
MarshMello Poly Mono Elka & Mtron NoZ
Mello EP1 Angel Eyes Celli Sect Loopy Gruv
Mello EP2 Little Smooth&Wide Drifter
Mellow Pop Lush String Fever Classic
OB Tine EP OBeast Sync Its The Pitz Downtown
OB EP ArmyOJunos ClosetCleanR Khord
FM Tines OB Saw Octs String Cheez Tracker
FM SimpleEP Wall O Saws Filtron MinorHorns
FM Delicate TouchRez Tron Males Sparkle
FM Phase X Tron Cluttex DrumPitchy
FM Flanger Shade Pad SnowBound SquareThumpr
Dynamic FM Total Recall Chiffer MinorFinale
Analog FM Ice Eyes BreathBlow 2 HiPassCmputr
Wurlilayer Enchanted TronMalesSt EMU 2 Live!
Mama'sWurli Chimelope TronMixSt BowCircuit
Real CP S&Holding VS Ghost HardRepeat
ClassicCP Runner ThroatEnergy Tribal Toms
CP 70 Weild 5ths TalkBox Pro DrumRoller
CP Layer NightTime Moon Flute ZipTripper
Vintage CP Perc Rouge FullTrnBrass Log Funk
Rock CP MiniSaw Octs WindyBrass FastRock
Stage CP ProFive Octs E2 Brass RockFunk
CP Light Arp Octs Big Swell Shuffle
CP Tight Modular Octs Big Swell 2 Chill Room
CP Uptown Mucho Octs Rich Brass Teardrop
Lullaby RogueSawOcts ElegantBrass Evolution
AOR Ballad SySaPhUs F-Hrns The Pulse
Clav 1 P5 Sync 1 Coronation Dreamland
Clav 2 P5 Sync 2 HugeOB Brass Fusion
Clav 3 P5 Sync 3 BrassKicker Jazz
Clav1&2 Morpheus Brassitude DropBeatBglu
StereoClav 2 Synphonix 1 StereoMtron Acoustic GM
Buzzy Clav Synphonix 2 Flute Sect Acoustic 2
FunkMaster KotoRize Tron Flute El GM Kit 1
PhaseClav Arp Axxe Flute Bed El GM Kit 2
SynthClav Sin Brass SoftFlutes 808
PhaseClav2 Megasync LoFi Flute 909
Phase Clav3 Sawphony Flooting MS20
TwoClavs AnalogBell Dark Satyr MS20 #2
ThinClav D Fiftease Reedy SK-1
Clavsichord VS Ghost Produkshun SP1200
Monster Clav Now & Zen CP/Strings Electronic 1
AnaClav Metasynth1 FM/Strings Electronic 2
Klav Mav Metasynth2 EPJunoTron Electronic 3
WakTclav Sonic Six Juno/P5 Electronic 4
Clav Freak Muddy Sync TronVoxStrng Electronic 5
Kloid's Jam RhaspyClickr Str & Brass HighBoy
Clav Wah 1 BigSoloSqr Dyno B to B Double Kit
Clav Wah 2 Pulse Flute&String VintagePhase
Clavicle M12 B3/EP Flashback
P5Hrpsichrd OBX SyncMono PulseMadness Stadium
Clavitzer PortaLead Rogue Mini Soft Fuzz
All Out Power Mini Taurus&Strng NickleMix
1st3 2ndPerc WickedSquare TarusStngVox Soul Power
1st3 3rdPerc OverDrive101 Gymnosticks Beef Cake
1st4 Vib Frank Stein Wurli & Roti BrightMoment
1st4Vib2Perc Odd Lead Dyn Logic Lil Popper
1st4Vib3Perc Soft&Round TV Stack InTheAir
Six Out Glass Rim Wurly B B Boy
Jazz'n Jimmy Spike SynStr+SynBs All Kicks
1st3HiDrBr Oh Boy Many Junos All Snares
1st3FullDist JunoOvrDrive 80sStackBass All Toms
1st4VFullDis OB Lead GtrStrings All Hats
Pipe Organ Mean Wheel C P R All Cymbals
Far Away PulseFlanger MachineHeart Shakers
Clicky Zawi DX Style Snaps
Comp Stinger CP Stage Congas
PortaVib Raspy Clav Misc
PortaVibSt Mini Soul Lush Few ChoreMen
Shimmer SawsOfOld Latin Steeely 1
OBX Organ ThinPotent Funkersize Steeely 2
PlasticOrg OB Pulser Beat Row 1 Arnold 1
MelloCombo Full Body Beat Row 2 8bit Blocks
BrashCombo Squawky OB Spinner Air Strike
ComboTrem Skware!! El Effo Sr. Reggae
Dr. Please GrowlySynth Q Noiz Klock A Sine
Grindo Big ARP S/H Operator NeoLatinRock
Smooth E-MU Modular Q PulseKlock NuRocker
Perc Three Funky Junk RoboJive  


  • 512 Programs
  • 1,061 Original Waveforms
  • 87 Megabytes