Ensoniq MR

Ensoniq MR

Ensoniq was founded in the early '80s by some engineers from Commodore. Ensoniq's first product, a software drum machine, was aimed at the home computer market. One of Ensoniq's co founders, was responsible for designing the Commodore 64's three-voice synth chip. In 1982 he designed a portion of a PC that was similar to the sound synthesizer that ended up in the Amiga. It was this chip, the 'Q chip', that was used in the Mirage, the world's first affordable sampler and the ESQ-1, Ensoniq's wavetable synthesizer. Later came the MR and ZR workstations. The Ensoniq MR SoundFont contains the Urban Dance and Real World sound sets that were popular in both the keyboard and rack hardware. The mixture of world ethnic and urban street sounds is very unique.

57 Megabytes

Ensoniq MR Instrument Listing

East Buzz E. Bass Blinky Ride Map 1
Koto E Piano Ratso Bass Method Ride Map 2
Wheeled Inn Tank Nubell Ride Map 3
Plucked U B Busted Thoughts Ride 1
Cultures Dance King Da Buzz Ride 2
New Crop FM Mono Dance Drone Ride 3
Tibetan Bowl Octa Basso Petals Ride 4
Filter Sweep Tracker Pressured Ride 5
Koto Dreams Mono RezX Steel It Ride 6
Blender Sludge The Sauce Ride 7
Tablah Gated Base WeatherCentr Ride Bell 1
Deep End Numb Caravan Ride Bell 2
Congas SnapDecision Octaver Synth Crash
Chime In Bumper Robot Choir Synth Ride
HamrDulcimer Rumbler Stream Toy Hats 1
Slow Bowls Snap Mono Abyss Toy Hats 2
Steam Bells Bust It Dreamland Toy Hats 3
Metals&Synth Subversive Inharmonix Toy Hats 4
Padded EPno1 Bass Effects Relaxation Chabara
Belled Banjo String Thing Jing
Fly By Berimbau Wah Wealthy Man Koenkari
Euro Hito Charango Flangy Sawz Luo Gong
House of Org Dbl String In Motion Small Gongs
Jazz Dude Gayagum Metal Attack Wadora
Orion GopechanStrm Ancient Wadora Rim
Source Gu Qin Internationl Crying Gong
PlainOrgan 1 Hyungum Randomizer HardHit Gong
Theramined Kantele Tower Bridge Special Gong
Rezklav Koto Dreamers Bongos
Whirling Koto Rhythm Tempo Bells Buk
Moondust Octa Tremolo Animatic Chalgo
HiPass Hit Sarod Granular Changko
Tights Saz Loooong Chingo
Dancified Saz Tremolo Rizer Clay Drums
Rogue Senegalese Brassified Crickets
Modern Wind Sitar Empire Dbl Bongos
lower case Taisho Koto Haunting Dbl Djembes
Storm Coming Tamboura Material Dbl Dumbeks
Vel-o-Wakka Ukelele Sienna Dbl Tablas
Pulse Pad EasternPluck Speed Limit Digeridoo
Distance PluckedSitar Blend Metal Djembe
Bata Drums Sitar Mix Mango Man Dumbek
Vel Cowbell1 Sitarzando Thumb Piano Frame Drum
Bs Dulcimer Fall Efx Anklungs Guiro
In Hand Guitar Stab Dual Logdrum Jaw Harp
Eastern Set Wakka Map Glass Bells Kayamba
Gonky Bass Cypress Monks Bell Ko Tzumi
Absent Dragons The Bells Madahl Drum
Subbed Dood Ethnologist Top Banana Mokusho
Worldly Follower Unla Sacha Tum
Bass Face GoGo Octave Velocity Vox Sakara
Horn Hit New Dehli Voice Mix 1 Tablas
Lands Afar Ol'Faithful Voice Mix 2 Timbale
Metal Thingy Orator Bandoneon Tsuridai
Ultra Touch She Vox Concertina Tumba
Great Prizes Sine Octa DistantPiper Udu Drums
Klapz Sine Up Hyang Piri Rainstick
Vel-o-Squeal Throaty Sing Quena Cowbells 1
Just In Case Uncle Floyd Shakuhachi Cowbells 2
Pulsar Vantage Sikus Cowbells 3
Got Rez? X Whistler Cosmic Wind Vel Cowbell2
XSwitch Gong Brite Tines Cyclotron X All Claps
Ride Delay Entry 6 No Soup 4 U Perc Mix 1
Flobbit Oceans Panner FX Perc Mix 2
Dis Shimmers Swooshed Perc Mix 3
Plank With a Pad Chord Slam All Kicks
Plink Dance Piano Club Hit All Snares 1
Plunk Klanky Horny Hit All Snares 2
Wide Bells Padded Cell Rave Hit Large Toms1
Brassy Bass RaunchyWurli Sine Hit Live Toms 1
Bandolin Ethno Tines Shorts Live Toms 2
Squared Off Wurli EPno Symbols Live Toms 3
Tabla Gruv 1 Excaliber Tech Chord Live Toms 4
Tabla Gruv 2 Knockin' Weapon 909 Toms
Koto up 1 Thumbed Sax Map 2B Hit
Koto up 2 Trem &Clacks Sax Squeal 1 Dontcha Know
Koto down 1 Chorus Organ Sax Squeal 2 HighlyLikely
Koto down 2 Jazzy Organ Sax Squeal 3 Nasty Thang
Wholetoned Pop Organ Sax Squeal 4 Talkin'
Chugga Bass Used Organ Squealarama Cool Out
E.Pno 6th Stops Here Horn Stabber As If I Care
E.Pno 7th Drawbars Noiz Hit Bumpy Filter
E.Pno m7 PlainOrgan 2 E.Pno 6th 1 East & West
E.Pno maj7 Mono Organ 1 E.Pno 6th 2 Filtered
E.Pno sus Mono Organ 2 E.Pno 6th 3 Hitch Hike
ZZaps Eastern EPno E.Pno 7th 1 Kreature
White Noizer Icy E.Pno 7th 2 Nude
Toy Hat Gruv Padded EPno2 E.Pno 7th 3 Slicker
Hitz Riff Pad-L Koto-R E.Pno m7 2 Veloci T
Diminished ! Bubbling E.Pno m7 3 Worldly
Circles Mysterious E.Pno m7 1 EFX Kit 1
Fuzed ElecTamboura E.Pno maj7 1 EFX Kit 2
Spiked Feathered E.Pno maj7 2 Mechanic
L > R Delay BandPass Str E.Pno maj7 3 Philtered
Noise Hit Smooth Strng E.Pno sus 1 Sizzle
Hats Delay Aquamarine E.Pno sus 2 Trax
Jumper Liquid E.Pno sus 3 Oh #$%^&*!
A Noiz 2 Hit Poohbah Stuck Groove What The...
New ESQ Blah Blah Needle Up! Dance Box
FreqQ Masque Dull Vinyl Filtered Too
Go Agogo 1 Amnesia Vinyl 33 1/3 Hey Yo
Lovely Hit Contraband Scratch Map Melting
Shaker Gruv1 Gruv Pads SonarWarblee NextBigThing
Shaker Gruv2 To The Sides Beam Me Up So It Is
Old Upright Cinematic Crop Circles With No Name
Stand Up Zzzzzzzzzzz Shortwave Attatood
Win This Aye Captain Windswept Eat At Joe's
Deep End Spy Guy Bullcopter Puzzled
Glider Brain Dump Cable's Out Slim
Sine Narra Soundstage Fixation Trash Man
Fatso Castle Graffix Away Today
Off the Top Swept Up Ringy Dingy Far Enough
Vel-o-Snap Cheezy Str Science! In The City
3 Ways Pizza Kato Spacewind Klub Kit
Express Repeats Env Tunnel Mod Filter
ScaryFatness Worldpad All Cymbals Bent
No Left Turn Cauldron All Hats Farkle
Vector Glyde Crash Map 1 Melvin
C U Later Metal Rack Crash Map 2 You Mean
Substance Pursuit Crash Map 3 Hand Drums
Sub Basics Spudz Crash 1 Crabby Face
Dr. Fatbass Timed Sweep Crash 2 Jungle Man
Get It Communicate Crash 3 Yet Another
Sluggo Sub Midnight Efx Crash 4 Crusty the K
Vintage Rez Thin Air Crash 5 Get It Here
Jazzy Bass FiltrSampler Crash 6 Shaggin'
Snapper Pass the Saw Crash 7 Z Last Kit
X-Large Traveller Reversed Cym