Ensoniq ZR

Ensoniq ZR 76

Ensoniq was founded in the early '80s by some engineers from Commodore. Ensoniq's first product, a software drum machine, was aimed at the home computer market. One of Ensoniq's co founders, was responsible for designing the Commodore 64's three-voice synth chip. In 1982 he designed a portion of a PC that was similar to the sound synthesizer that ended up in the Amiga. It was this chip, the 'Q chip', that was used in the Mirage, the world's first affordable sampler and the ESQ-1, Ensoniq's wavetable synthesizer. Later came the MR and ZR workstations. The Ensoniq ZR SoundFont is a collection of multiple instruments that were included with the ZR76 keyboard. Ensoniq sound designers used the content that had been collected for the samplers. Special note - A Kawai 9ft Grand has been substituted for the Perfect Piano due to license restrictions.

91 Megabytes

Ensoniq ZR-76 Instrument Listing

StereoGrand 1 Piano 1-GM Bella Live
StereoGrand 2 Piano 2-GM CascadeBell Standard
StereoGrand 3 Piano 3-GM Chimey Agressive
StereoGrand 4 Honky Tonk-GM Tack Grand Slam Dance
StereoGrand 5 ElPiano 1-GM Rock Wurli Big Room
StereoGrand 6 ElPiano 2-GM DelayBells 1 Vanilla
StereoGrand 7 Harpsichord-GM DelayBells 2 Machine
StereoGrand 8 Clavinet-GM Drone One 808 Toys
StereoGrand 9 Celeste-GM Echo Stabber Dance Techno
StereoGrand 10 Glocken-GM Frozen Wind Kranked
StereoGrand 11 Music Box-GM Harpily Nice & Plain
StereoGrand+EP 1 Vibraphone-G Lucky Jazzz Brush
Stereo Grand+EP 2 Marimba-GM Marscape Tight
StereoGrand+EP 3 Xylophone-GM Milky Way Gated
StereoGrand+Str1 TubularBl-GM Mr.Square Loop Maker
StereoGrand+Str2 Santur-GM Nebula Clean
StereoGrand+Str3 Organ 1-GM Pop Stab Pad Abrasive
Bright Grand Organ 2-GM Pulsation Junky
ConcertGrand Organ 3-GM RandmPanBell Trashy
Dark Piano ChurchOrg-GM SFZ SynBrass Roomy
Jazzy Grand ReedOrgan-GM SimpleBell 1 Electro
Grand Room Accordion-GM Sitarred Low Down
Warm Piano Harmonica-GM Slow Bells 1 Tuned Up
Tine Love Bandoneon-GM Sneezy Little Toys
Latin Octave Nylon Gtr-GM Sweep Time Slash
Wurli Steel Gtr-GM Swept Voxes Wheel Filter
Classic EP Jazz Gtr-GM SynBrass 1 Talkin' Set
ElecPno+Str1 Clean Gtr-GM Sync Man 1 Way High
ElecPno+Str2 Muted Gtr-GM Tempo Stab 1 Low Low Low
ElecPno+Str3 Overdrive-GM Tempo Stab 2 Basic Kit-E
ElecPno+Vox Distorted-GM Tempo Filter Studio Kit-E
Hybrid EP 1 Harmonix-GM Timed Env Pop Kit-E
B3 in 3-B Ac Bass-GM Vaporous CountryKit-E
Percussive Finger Bs-GM Vintg.Filter Dance Kit-E
Jammin Org PickBass-GM Arpy Room Kit-E
Organized FretlssBs-GM Loose Lead Brush Kit-E
Rock Organ 1 SlapBass1-GM Wash Rock Kit-E
Pop Organ 1 SlapBass2-GM WaWaWaWaWaaa Slam Kit-E
Muted Organ SynBass 1-GM WindyStrings Deep Kit-E
Rock Organ 2 SynBass 2-GM Air Song Funky Kit-E
Jazzy Organ Violin-GM DreamChoir Grungy Kit-E
Pop Organ 2 Viola-GM E I E I O Thin Kit-E
Reedy Organ Cello-GM Ether Flange Kit-E
Bright Organ ContraBs-GM Lush Love EFX Kit-E
Rotary Trem Str-GM Monk's Song Whack Kit-E
Clicky Organ Pizz Str-GM Fat Upright HiPass Kit-E
Green Organ Harp-GM Ana-Fingers1 Un-Kit-E
Gimme a Bee Tympani-GM Ana-Fingers2 Kick Drums 1
Gospel Strings-GM HybridAcBass Kick Drums 2
Pop Pedals SlowStrng-GM Picked Bass3 Kick Drums 3
Drawbars SynStrng1-GM Q Bass 1 Snare Drums1
Cheezy SynStrng2 Dull Thud Snare Drums2
Full-B ChoirAah-GM Mono Man Brushes
Organ Lite Vox Oohs-GM Snap Bass Cymbals 1
Mellow Organ Syn Vox-GM Squarely Cymbals 2
PureBell Org Orch Hit-GM Techno Bs 1 Crash Cym 1
B Pedals Trumpet-GM Techno Bs 2 Crash Cym 2
CathedralOrg Trombone-GM Tight Bs 1 Choked Crash
Stately Org Tuba-GM Tri-Angled China Crash1
Organ Hall MutedTrpt-GM Vel-o-Bass China Crash2
Full Pipes FrenchHrn-GM 1/16 Bass Choked China
Recital Brass 1-GM Moogie All Toms
With Pedals SynBrass1-GM Rez FM Bs 1 Big Toms
Reed Stops SynBrass2-GM Swept FM Bs1 Live Toms
Chapel Soprano Sax-GM Fat Dance Bs Dry Toms
Processional Alto Sax-GM Modern FM Pure Toms
Soft Pipes Tenor Sax-GM Old Time Rock Toms
Flute Stops Bari Sax-GM Splattered Percussion 1
Chime Organ Oboe-GM Veloci-Wow Percussion 2
Deep Pedals Eng. Horn-GM Beoww Shakers 1
Harpsichord Bassoon-GM 12 String Shakers 2
Harp Clarinet-GM Coral Tambourines
New Age Harp Piccolo-GM Electric 12 Timbales
Warm Strings Flute-GM Ethereal 12 Cowbells
Digi Section Recorder-GM Rock 5ths Congas
Pizz Strings Pan Flute-GM SpaghettiGtr Shaker Up-Dn
Upright Bass BottleBlowGM Steel String Tamb Up-Down
Guitarron ShakuhachiGM Wakka 1 Cabasa Up-Dn
Fretless 1 Whistle-GM Wakka 2 Claps
Bs Harmonix1 Ocarina-GM Wheel Wah Snaps
Bs Harmonix2 Square Wave-GM Moms Old Pno Syn Cabasa
Finger Bass Saw Wave-GM Clacky Tines Sm TunedGong
Fretless 2 SynCaliopeGM E.Pno Pan 1 OrchBassDrum
Muted Bass1 ChiffLead-GM El.& Ac.EP1 Tympani
Muted Bass2 Charang-GM Afrika ShortTympani
P-Bass Solo Vox-GM Clav, Eh! Toy Percs
P-Bass Slap 5ths Wave-GM FM Clav Toy Percs Lo
PickdFretles Bs & Lead-GM FM Wurly Rainstick
Picked Bass1 Fantasia-GM Lucy 2000 RainstickHit
Picked Bass2 Warm Pad-GM New EP Pad Nut Rattle 1
Switch Bass Poly Syn-GM Soloist Nut Rattle 2
Switch Pop 1 Space Vox-GM Rezzy Frontier
Switch Pop 2 BowedGlas-GM Clouds Spinvox
303 Bass Metal Pad-GM Soft & Slow Arctic Winds
Big Bottom Halo Pad-GM Swept String Silly Boids
Dance Bass Sweep Pad-GM Simple Sqr Tuned Clave
Fat Bottom Ice Rain-GM Bluesy Harm. Sleighbell
GreasySynBs SoundTrackGM ChrHarmonica TempoClaps 1
Rap Bass Crystal-GM Pan Flute 1 TempoConga 1
Smack Bass AtmosphereGM Recorder 1 TempoConga 2
Harmonix Fun Briteness-GM Lush Sawz TempoConga 3
Wrapper Goblin-GM Hybrid Horn1 TempoCowbel1
Bone+Tpt 1 Echo Drop-GM Jazzy Tpt. TempoCowbel2
Bone+Tpt 2 StarTheme-GM Funk Muted TempoShaker1
Flugelhorn Sitar-GM R&B Mute Gtr TempoShaker2
Fr.Horn Sect Banjo-GM Gregorian TempoShaker3
Muted Tpt Shamisen-GM Rich Bells 1 TempoShaker4
Solo Fr.Horn Koto-GM Vintage Clav TempoShaker5
Solo Trumpet Kalimba-GM Rez-o-Clav TempoTambo 1
Stereo Brass Bagpipes-GM FM Klav Wind on Mars
Trombone Fiddle-GM Synth Clav Windchimes
SectionHorns Shannai-GM Simple Bass Dance Hit 1
3 Horns #1 TinkleBellGM Now & Later Dance Hit 2
3 Horns #2 Agogo-GM Choppy Stab Orch Hit 1
Rez Lead SteelDrum-GM FatDarkMono Tape Stop!
Rez Q Woodblock-GM BreathyTenor Scratches
Formant Sync Taiko-GM Breathy Alto Gong
Chatty Lead MellowTom-GM Breathy Sop. Jaw Harp
Tape Rewind SynthDrum-GM Solo Bassoon Synth RezZap
Vinyl Noise RevCymbal-GM Solo Oboe Cactus Loop
Swept Voices FretNoise-GM Dance Stab 1 Karimbell
Big Bell BreathNse-GM Dance Stab 2 Log Drums
Coffee Seashore-GM FatBoy Mono Kalimba
Formant Pad Birdsong-GM RepeatOctave Handbells
Cascades Telephone-GM Alto + Tenor Bowl Gongs
Lush Str-Whl HelicopterGM ReznantVowel Ghosts
Sparkles Applause-GM SquareTooth Machinery
Step Bells Gunshot-GM BlatzdString