ESi Dance Factory

ESi Dance Factory

The ESI-32 was launched as a new budget level sampler, replacing the Emax II. This 'Emax III', had twice the voices, 4 times the memory and an EIIIx type Operating System. It fit in a lighter and smaller 2U module, and it cost less than the Emax II (even when the latter was discounted at the end of its life). In fact, the ESI-32 was based on the Emulator IIIx and not on the Emax range. The ESI-32 was a big step forward from the Emax range, and it quickly became popular as the cheapest means of acquiring the legendary Emulator sound.

The sounds from the ESI-32 have been used by Daft Punk, Ixy InDaMix, and Somatic Responses as well as many, many more.

30 Megabytes

E-MU ESi-32 Dance Factory Instrument Listing

Monster Hit
JP-6 Punch Synth
JP4 Ultra Wash
Mega Synth
Air Strings
CZ Droid
Brazz Deluxe
Slow Two Sweep
Swept Synth
Octave Synth 1
Octave Synth 2
Dance Synth 1
Dance Synth 2
Dance Synth 3
Dance Synth 4
Dance Synth 5
Dance Synth 6
Dance Synth 7
Dance Synth 8
Dance Synth 9
Dance Synth 10
Dance Synth 11
Dance Synth 12
Dance Synth 13
Dance Synth 14
Dance Synth 15
Dance Synth 16
Dance Synth 17
Hollow Hi
Hollow Mid
Hollow Low
Low Dance Pad
VP-1 Soundtrack
CMI Organ Breath
Monster Voices
Resynth Guitar
E-Bow Strings
Art Piano
M1 Piano
CMI Springsteel
VFX Miami Pad
Sequencer Delay
FM Hit VP-1
JP-6 Pad
0B4 Strings
Chorus Strings
CZ Synth Strings
0B4 Strngs Sweep
JP8 PulseTremolo
E-Bow SloStrings
JP-6 Pad Soft
Piano & String
Super Sub 1
Super Sub 2
Super Sub 3
Sub Bass 1
Sub Bass 2
Sub Bass 3
Sub Bass 4
Sub Bass 5
Sub Bass 6
Sub Bass 7
Sub Bass 8
Sub Bass 9
Sub Bass 10
Below Sub Bass
Synth Bass 1
Synth Bass 2
Synth Bass 3
Synth Bass 4
Synth Bass 5
Synth Bass 6
Synth Bass 7
Synth Bass 8
Synth Bass 9
Synth Bass 10
Synth Bass 11
Synth Bass 12
Synth Bass 13
Synth Bass 14
Synth Bass 15
Low Synth Bass 1
Low Synth Bass 2
Low Synth Bass 3
Low Synth Bass 4
Juno Sub Bass
2600 Bass
Q Bass
PPG Bass
VP-1 Bass
PPG Hi Funk
TB-303 1
TB-303 2
TB-303 3
TB-303 4
TB-303 5
DX Bass 1
DX Bass 2
DX Bass 3
DX Bass 4
Moog Bass
DB9 Bass 1
DB9 Bass 2
Pizzicato Bass
Pulse Combo Filt
Calliope Fade
Scorned Synth
Synth Guitars
Synth Lead 1
Synth Lead 2
Synth Lead 3
Synth Lead 4
Synth Lead 5
Synth Lead 6
Square Lead 1
Square Lead 2
Square Attack Ld
CZ Square
CZ101 Synth
Pulse Combo
Juno Reality
Vio Released
Organ Extreme
Acid Organ
House Organ
All Hits 1
All Hits 2
Organ Hit 1
Organ Hit 2
Metal Noise
Crash Noise
Dance Chord 1
Dance Chord 2
Dance Chord 3
Dance Chord 4
Dance Chord 5
Dance Chord 6
Dance Chord 7
Dance Stab 1
Dance Stab 2
Dance Stab 3
Dance Stab 4
Dance Stab 5
Dance Stab 6
Dance Stab 7
Dance Stab 8
Dance Stab 9
Dance Stab 10
Dance Stab 11
Dance Hit 1
Dance Hit 2
Dance Hit 3
Dance Hit 4
Dance Hit 5
Dance Hit 6
Dance Hit 7
Dance Hit 8
Dance Hit 9
Dance Hit 10
Dance Hit 11
Dance Hit 12
Dance Hit 13
Dance Hit 14
Dance Hit 15
Brass Hit
Chord Hit
Stab Hit
Car Horn Hits
Bass Hit 1
Bass Hit 2
Bass Hit 3
Bass Hit 4
Disco Hit
Cough Hit
Wow Breath
Breath Hit
Metal Hit
Noise Hit
SFX 1 Hit
SFX 2 Hit
SFX 3 Hit
SFX 4 Hit
SFX 5 Hit
SFX 6 Hit
SFX 7 Hit
SFX 8 Hit
SFX 9 Hit
SFX 10 Hit
Shrill Hit
Stop Hit
Metal Stike Hit
Quack Hit
Scratch Hit
Wash Hit
Blip Hit
Tik Hit
Odd Hit
Perc Hit Combo
Noise Hit 1
Noise Hit 2
Noise Hit 3
Noise Hit 4
Noise Hit 5
Noise Hit 6
Noise Hit 7
FX Wind 1
FX Wind 2
FX Wind 3
Cracked Hit 1
Cracked Hit 2
Cracked Hit 3
Cracked Hit 4
Cracked Hit 5
Cracked Hit 6
Cracked Hit 7
Org Noise Loop
Q Hit
Screamin Hit 1
Screamin Hit 2
Screamin Hit 3
Screamin Hit 4
Screamin Hit 5
Screamin Hit 6
Screamin Hit 7
Efx Loop Hit
Reamer Hit
Deep Noise
Squink Hit
Zap Hit
Kook 1 Hit
Kook 2 Hit
Syn House Organ
Vox Panther
Breathy Organ
Beefy Tick Organ
Soul Organ
Organ 1
Organ 2
Organ 3
Organ 4
Organ 5
Organ 6
Organ 7
Organ 8
Organ 9
Organ 10
Dance Organ
Cheesy Organ
Farfisa 1:Bar 8
Farfisa 1:16+8+4
Farfisa 2:16+8+4
Organ Bass 1
Organ Bass 2
All Dance Set 1
All Kicks
All Snares
All Kicks&Snares
All Blocks
All Conga Bongo
All Others
Tom Stretch
Claps Stretch
All Dance Set 2A
All Dance Set 2B
All Kicks 2
All Snares 2
All Cymbals
All Tambs Etc.
All Other