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Digital Sound Factory Z3TA+2 Fashion Leads
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Digital Sound Factory Z3TA+2 Fashion Leads deliver the cutting edge synth lead sounds that will drive your music forward. Fashion your tracks with the latest modern sonic treads. Z3TA+2’s exotic programming combined with powerful synthesizer waveforms cut through the mix. Harmonics are dynamically shaped and deliver incredible top end sounds. LFO’s and effects lock to MIDI clock creating motion through rhythmic synchronization. Fashion Leads includes 170 exciting programs and new waveforms. Categories include Fashion Leads, Power Leads, Mello Leads, and Sequences.

Z3TA+2 Fashion Leads Instrument Listing

Fashion Leads
Mello Leads
Power Leads
Abstract Shaper B Friends Attack Punch Chit Wak
Bangkok Cellular Commander Cosmic Drops
Big Squirt Clean Crispy Edge Cylindrical
Bite Sync D50 Cloner Face Lead Digital Domain
Blaster Distant Squares Filter Talk Frantisms
Cat Sync Double Saw FM Blipper Lead Melodic
Digi Talk Box Double Square Fold Clicker Memories
Digital Feedback E Gress Formatic Multiples
Famous Find Pulse Full On TB On Long
Four Oscillator Fluid Gruzz Bucket Out Paced
Hi Pass Resonantor Flutidigi J Lead Raw Over Place
Impersonate Fruit Cake Lead Me On Peakin Out
JP Overdrive Full Body MiniMax Picked Distorto
Jung Land Genetic Mondote Pluck It
Just Fine Gentle Nap Multi Saw Poly Rhythm Trance
Machine Lead Glazzy Multi Triangle Scratch Wave
Multi Spectrum Good Reasons Over Pulsed So Square
Narrow Land Granulized Phatt Kat Speedo Arp
Odd Radio Harmonic Melody Re Edged Squigly
Odd Shape Interval Duo Re Shaped Statement
One Found Jello Rhasp Tickler
Over Air Just Basic Sanctioned Trance Bounce
Passive Pitch Knack Saw Pulse U Picked Me
Percotic Like an EP Shimmer Lead Wave Chaser
Perky Jerky Like In It Sqatch Wind Out
Picked Lead Lite Airy Square Power  
Pinky Little Juicer Squeamish  
Pro Gressive Mello J Square Stack Lead  
Razor Sharpie Mello Jello Tight Edge  
Rez Ringer Mini Q Value Lead  
Rezy Shimmer Mod Squid Vamper  
Ring Master Multi Squared Velocity Decimate  
SeeZee Omniplex Wave Hanger  
Shaperlead On Track Whole Sync  
Sharp Slicer One O One    
Slider P10 Cutter    
Slither Wave P10 Lead    
Spike Perc Wave    
Spongy Perkster    
Styled 101 Poppy    
Sweety Saw 101    
Talky Reso Saw 303    
Target Lead Shifter Lead    
TB Synco Simple One    
Teller Snappy    
Three O Synth Squair    
Tin Lead Squat    
Ultra Xpressive Synth Floot    
Wack Lead Take Away    
Wave Shifter TB Lead    
Wave Syncs The Down    
Wavenaut Thin Lad    
Weenie Three O Three    
  Tonal Bliss    
  Worm Fad