Film Score

Digital Sound Factory Rapture Film Score

Digital Sound Factory Film Score Expansion Pack brings modern day cutting edge sounds to Rapture’s powerful synthesis features giving the composer amazing scoring possibilities. Orchestral, vocal, exotic old instruments, synthesizer textures, and sequenced grooves provide instant inspiration for laying down tracks and creating musical motion to enhance the video. Transitions glue themes together merging scenes and blend the most dramatic cues. Rapture Film Score is the perfect addition to every film score composer’s sound library and provides the inspiration required to complete the most demanding projects.

Rapture Film Score Instrument Listing

  Score Pads
Basses Legato Bansuri Alto Air Choir Bellz Storm Block Synth Baglama & Oud Bon Di Bansuri
Basses Maj-Min Trills MW Bansuri Bass Cascade Breakdown Brass Runner Baglama Wash Celli Driver
Basses Violins Harp Bansuri Quartet Chanters Cascading Underground Butter Gut Bass Baglama Dancing Bansuri
Celli Legato Bansuri Soprano Choir Bells Cyber Wreck Butter Slicer bass Balafon Digital River
Celli Maj-Min Trills MW Bansuri Tenor Choir Stack Down Fall Dancing Voices Bansuri Air Lord Electric Bazouki
Nuevo Orchestra Bansuri Wind Choir Synth Drifters Djun Djun Synth Bass Kalimba Hold The Strings
Orchestra & Choir Bon Di & Venu Choirmatic Evil Grunge Doo Revolt Bazouki & Domra Joy Ride
Orchestra Chase Brass Chord Crystaline Voices Fringe Pumper Drifting Orchestra Bazouki JD Pad Jumpy Strings
Orchestral Brass Ensemble Dark Strings Fringed Stop Filmscore Orchestra Bon Di & Bazouki Mutation
Over Processed Brass Shimmers Dream Fields Going Somewhere Friar Dirt Lead CB Balalaika On The Edge
Really Violins & Celli Dizi 1 Enchantment Grunge Bang Glimmer of Light Celtic Harp Perky Ahhs
Section Strings Dizi 2 Filtered Ahhs Inharmonics Grande Synth Complex Noise Processed Choir
Sizzle Orchestra Dizi Sync Floating Knocker Hydro Wash Cumbus Saz Pulsating Strings
Sliding Into Place Exotic Blowers Future Voices Machine Breakdown I See You Dirty It Up Pulse Drifter
Stringed Event Majestic Brass Gentle Choirs Mega Lazer JD Attitude Dizi Segundo Reso Magic
Strings & OB Mini & Brass Glass Metalofon Metal Blip Jupiter & Juno Doo Revolt
Strings Major Trill Perky Synth Flute Irish Bazouki Pad Metalic Apocalypse Large Synth Voices Exotic Bells Riding Time
Strings Minor Trill Trail Brass JD Perc Pad Modern Bells Low Bottom Bass French Cafe Runner
Strings Tremolande Trail Winds JD Tron Choir Modern Hit Metalic Meltdown Harmonic Seekers Scrakky
Sweeper Strings Venu Processed JD Tron Vox Oud Revolt Mini Bass Kalimba Pair Scrubber
Synced Orchestral Venu JD Voice Wash Post Modern Phase Modern Choir Pad Melodic Exotic Smooth Pulsar
Synths & Orchestra VMS Brass Mini & Choir Prison Break Narly Lead Nuevo Pizz Smoothly Stringing
Treme De Creme Wind Ensemble Mixed Choirs Rock Slide Panner Synths Oud & Cumbus Saz String Along
Ultra Stringed Winds & Synth Mystic Celli Shape Shifter Pizz Aragone Oud & Thumb Piano String Attitude
Violas Legato Woodwinds & OB Pulse Mythotic Orchestra Sizzle Banger Pizzicato Nuevo Air Plucked Synth Flute String Pass
Violas Maj-Min Trills MW Woodwinds Brass Synth Perc Synth Trio Sizzle Signals Prophet OB Lead Prima Domra Synthetic Implant
Violins Legato   Perky Flute Orchestra Snare Drum Prophet VMS Segundo Domra Trance Orchestra
Violins Maj-Min Trills MW   Post Modern Choir Spooky Rope Prophet X Shekere Trance Out
    Rhythm Oohs Springy Torpedo Rising Mega Synth Simple Repeater Vox Friar
    Synth Tron Choir Springy Saw Pulse Lead Stretched Clave  
    Synths & Vox Squeek Back Sizzle Chime Struck Combo  
    Tomorrows Choir Stringed AM Sizzle Synth Strings Toke Bell  
    VMS Choir Sustained Motion Bell Slicer Bottom Bass Venu & Thumb Piano  
      The Mechanic Sliders    
      Timpani Smooth Air Pad    
      Torpedo Space Strings    
      Tuned Noise Square Air    
      VMS Composite Strike Snare    
      Vox Revolt Strung Up    
      Wacka Zwip Sync Lead    
      Whirling Rope Synth Bottom Bass    
        Synth Stack    
        Synthonic Orchestra    
        Taurus & Legato Basses    
        Thick Mini Bass    
        Unlimited Bass    
        Unlimited Lowness    
        VMS Lead    
        VMS Magic    
        Washed Away