Guitars & Basses

DSF Guitars & Basses

Digital Sound Factory Guitars & Basses is a collection electric guitars, acoustic guitars, electric basses, synth basses, and guitar chords/licks. Each multi sample was processed to deliver the true feel of these stringed instruments. Instruments include Telecaster, Stratocaster, Les Paul, Fender, Yamaha Steel, Martin Nylon, and more. All instruments were recorded digitally at 24 bit resolution using Universal Audio 2-610 preamps and high quality A/D convertors. The acoustic guitars were recorded with a pair of Audio Technica 4060 microphones. Each note of each string was sampled to recreate the authenticity for your mix.

461 Megabytes

Guitars & Basses Instrument Listing

Telecaster Nylon Riffy 1 303 Saws
Telecaster Mute PhaserChord 303 Squares
Telecaster Pick Piggy Wah Acoustic Bass
Stratocaster Pimp Wah Arp Snap
Les Paul Pop Lick 1 Gtr Arpy Bass
Nylon String Pop Lick 2 Gtr Bagg
Steel String Quick Lick Bass Picked
Acoustic Guitar Reggae Gtr Sound Big FM Bass
Velocity Mute Rotary Wah Big Taurus
Slow Guitar Wah SingleNote BigSnap
Fast Guitar Wah SlideDownNote Bottom 101
3StrokeChuckaGtr Solo Jam Bounce
5PartChucka Gtr Solo Lick 1 Combo Funk Bass
93 bpm Amp El Gtr C Solo Lick 2 Deep End 1
A Minor 3 Solo Lick 3 Deep End 2
A Minor Chord Solo Lick 4 Evans Rock Bass
A Minor Lick 1 Solo Lick 5 Expressive
A Minor Lick 2 Solo Lick 6 FatFingers
All Funk Chords Solo Lick 7 Finger Bass
All Dist Gtrs Spanish Wah Fingered Bass 1 Scr
All Snips Spicey Wah Fingered Bass 1
All Strings Wakkas Squeeks&Knocks Fingered Bass 2 Scr
All Wah Patterns Storytime Wah Fingered Bass 2
All Wahs 96 Wah Chord Fingered Bass
Amp Noise Wah Cry 1 Fretless Bass & Scr
B Major Gtr Wah Down then Up Fretless Bass
B Minor Chord Wah Down Hummer
Bend Lick Wah GtrKord 1 LayerBass
C Minor Chord Wah GtrKord 2 Mini Snap
Chord Licks Wah Hah 1 MonoMe
Chucka Dice Wah Lick 1 MurkySweep
Chucka Run Gtr Wah Loop 1 Muted EBass
Chugg It! Wah Note 1 Picked Mute Bass
Chugger Wah Overtones Picote
Coolbluesnip Gtr Wah Pattern 1 Pilot
Crybaby Lick Wah Pattern 2 Pizz Double Bass
Dale Run Wah Pattern 3 Pop Bass & Scrape 1
Dirty Noise Gtr Wah Pattern 4 Pop Bass & Scrape 2
Dirty Wah 1 Wah Pattern 5 Pop Bass
Dirty Wah 2 Wah Pattern 6 Scrape 1
Dirty Wah 3 Wah Pattern 7 Scrape 2
Dmin7th ARP Wah Pattern 8 Scrape 3
Dmin7thLick Wah Ping Pattern Scrape 4
Down Home Wah Wah Scale Slap Bass & Scrape
Egyptian Wah Wah Trem Slap Bass
El Gtr A Maj 7 Quic Wah Up So Lo Pro
El Gtr A Maj 7 Slow WahRiff 1 Solo Double Bass
El Gtr A min Quick Wahs & Snips Taurnado
El Gtr A min Slow C Wahs Filter ThiklySettld
El Gtr C Maj 7 Quic WahSurpriseCluck TS Mini
El Gtr C Maj 7 Slow WebGtrHits Upright Bass 3 Lyr
El Gtr E Maj 7 Quic   Upright Bass
El Gtr E min Quick   Upright Bass mf
El Gtr E min Slow C   Upright Bass F
El Gtr G Maj 7 Quic   Upright Bass FF
El Gtr G Maj 7 Slow   Velocity Picked
El Gtr G min Quick   VintSynBass1
El Gtr G min Slow C   Warm SEM
E-Lick Gtr   Wide & Deep
F# Minor Lick    
Fadin Gtr Lick    
Faith Gtr Loop    
Feedback Wah    
Frett Not    
Funk Chords 1    
Funk Chords 2    
Funk Chords 3    
Funk Chords 4    
Wah and Clean    
Funk Chords 5    
Funk Lick    
G Minor Lick    
Grunge Riff    
Gtr ChordDown    
Gtr ChordLick 1    
Gtr Chucka    
Gtr Kiss    
Gtr Noise    
Gtr Noise Hit    
Gtr On Wax    
Gtr Sqweek 1    
Gtr Sqweek 2    
Gtr Strum    
Gtr StrumDown    
Gtr Thumbey    
Gtr Wow 1    
Gtr Wow 2    
Guitar Licks    
Guitar Player    
High Fuzztone    
Jap Noter    
Jap Wah 1    
Jap Wah 2    
Lazy SG    
Lick Count This!    
Lick High 1    
Lick High 2    
Lick Low    
Likka Chord    
Lil' Chucka    
LittleWahRun Gtr    
Low Fuzztone    
Main Gtr Lick    
Mello Jam Wah    
Meow A#    
Meow B    
Meow C#    
Meow C    
Meow Wah 1    
Meow Wah 2    
MetalStab 1    
MetalStab 2    
Mid Fuzztone    
Misc Gtr Noise    
Money Gtr    
More Squeeks    
Mute Rake    
Nasty Farm Box    
Nylon Chords    
Nylon Gtr Snip    
Nylon Guitar FX