Hammond B-3

DSF Hammond B-3

The Hammond Organ was designed and built by ex-watchmaker Laurens Hammond in 1935. The Hammond B3 generates sounds using a tone generator consisting of an AC synchronous motor driving a set of 91 tone wheels, each of which rotates adjacent to a magnet and coil assembly. The number of bumps on each wheel determines the pitch produced by a particular tone wheel. The Hammond uses a unique drawbar system of additive timbre synthesis and stable tuning. A note on the organ consists of the fundamental and a number of harmonics, or multiples of that frequency. In the B3, the fundamental and up to eight harmonics are available, controlled the drawbars which are labeled to represent pipe organ pitches, The 2-speed, Leslie rotating speaker was a large part of the B3’s signature sound. Counter-rotating sound deflectors (one for the woofer and one for the tweeter) create a wonderful doppler vibrato effect, especially when the speed is changing. The Hammond B3 was popular with churches, home organists and became immensely popular during the 50's and 60's with rock and soul groups.

We recorded John Novello's (Niacin) hot rodded B-3 at  Sunset Sound in Hollywood California. Using both solid state and tube Leslies, we recorded each insolation with two microphones on the horns and one microphone on the drum creating an amazing replication.

Hammond B-3 Instrument Listing

B3 888 2nd Perc                   
B3 888 3rd Perc                   
B3 888 vib 2rd Perc               
B3 888 vib 3rd Perc               
B3 8888 2nd Perc                  
B3 8888 3rd Perc                  
B3 8888 vib 2nd Perc              
B3 8888 vib 3rd Perc              
B3 888888888                      
B3 888888888 vib                  
B3 16&1                           
B3 16&1 Vib                       
B3 886311588                      
B3 886311588 vib                  
B3 803787510                      
B3 803787510 vib                  
B3 811003148 vib                  
B3 88800001                       
B3 88880001                       
B3 888800001 vib                  
B3 888/Pedals 2nd Perc            
B3 888/Pedals 3rd Perc            
B3 888888888/Pedals               
B3 888888888/Pedals vib           
B3 086311580                      
B3 086311580 vib                  
B3 003787510                      
B3 003787510 vib                  
B3 Rock Organ 1                   
B3 Rock Organ 2                   
B3 888 2nd Poly Perc              
B3 888 3rd Poly Perc              
B3 All Drawbars 2nd Perc          
B3 All Drawbars 3rd Perc          
B3 16' Drawbar                    
B3 5 1/3' Drawbar                 
B3 8' Drawbar                     
B3 4' Drawbar                     
B3 2 2/3' Drawbar                 
B3 2' Drawbar                     
B3 1 3/5' Drawbar                 
B3 1 1/3' Drawbar                 
B3 1' Drawbar                     
B3 Perc 2nd                       
B3 Perc 3rd                       
B3 Pedals