Kontakt M&H Grand

DSF Kontakt Mason & Hamlin Concert Grand Piano

The 9’4” Mason & Hamlin CC-94 is the first concert grand designed, built and introduced by an American piano manufacturer in half a century. Lauded for its immense power as well as its sensitive and responsive action, the CC-94 is capable of extreme colors, shadings and textures, all with extraordinary clarity. The CC-94 can follow the most sensitive interpreter or cut through an entire symphony orchestra without sounding harsh. From its thunderous bass to its bell-like treble, the CC-94 is perfect for a wide range of repertoire and musical genres. Working in conjunction with Mason & Hamlin, Digital Sound Factory has captured the true sound of this amazing instrument. Each note was recorded with the sustain pedal up, sustain pedal down, and multiple velocities to achieve the most realistic feel and sound for the most demanding player. Piano technicians tuned and made adjustments during the six month project keeping the piano perfect from start to finish. One pair of AT4060 microphones were positioned bass/treble and one pair to capture the room. A pair of KM54’s were positioned as X/Y pattern over the main portion of the piano.


­­­Performance view allows for control of various real-time parameters. Controls include:

Attack, Decay, and Release - Adjust the amplitude envelope of all layers.

Stereo - Widens the stereo field.

Key Up - Amount of Key Up volume. The volume envelope decays as the note is held and the effect is less over the notes duration.

Tone & Resonance - Control of tone using a low pass filter.

Vel-Tone - Key velocity to the amount of tone.

Tuning – Selectable tunings and transpose Semi Tone or Octave.

Reverb, Chorus, and Delay – Effects off/on and parameter control. Selecting the effect type displays effect parameters for quick editing control.



The Velocity screen allows for adjustment of incoming MIDI data to create the best feel for MIDI controllers. Selectable curves can quickly be edited.



The Pedals page allows for routing foot pedal controllers to respond like grand piano pedals. MIDI CC#’s can be set to simulate:

Right Pedal - Sustain

Middle Pedal - Sustenuto

Left Pedal - Una Chorda


  • Performance Parameter Control
  • ADR Volume Envelope
  • Stereo Image
  • Key Up Amount
  • Pedal Harmonics Amount
  • Tone & Resonance
  • Tone to Velocity
  • Tuning and Transposition
  • Reverb, Chorus, & Delay
  • Velocity to Volume
  • Sustain, Sustenuto, and Una Chorda Pedals
  • Compatible with Kontakt 5 & greater