Kontakt Steinway Grand

Kontakt Steinway Grand

Steinway Pianos have set an uncompromising standard for sound, touch, and beauty requiring up to one full year to handcraft. This beautiful Steinway Model L (5’10”) Grand Piano was recorded at Whip Records in Berkeley, California. Using various microphones and high quality preamps, multiple layers were recorded at 24-bit resolution to capture the full dynamic range. As a result of this process, the samples are perfectly matched, sound great, and are free of artifacts. With a natural sounding wooden resonant tone and very long sustain, this is the ultimate Grand Piano. This collection contains over two gigabytes of pedal up, pedal down, key up, and pedal harmonics.


 Kontakt 5 Steinway Grand Piano Performance Page

Performance view allows for control of various real-time parameters. Controls include:

Attack, Decay, and Release - Adjust the amplitude envelope of all layers.
Stereo - Widens the stereo field.
Key Up - Amount of Key Up volume. The volume envelope decays as the note is held and the effect is less over the notes duration.
Tone & Resonance - Control of tone using a low pass filter.
Vel-Tone - Key velocity to the amount of tone.
Tuning – Selectable tunings and transpose Semi Tone or Octave.
Reverb, Chorus, and Delay – Effects off/on and parameter control. Selecting the effect type displays effect parameters for quick editing control. 


Kontakt 5 Steinway Grand Velocity Page

The Velocity screen allows for adjustment of incoming MIDI data to create the best feel for MIDI controllers. Selectable curves can quickly be edited. 


Kontakt 5 Steinway Grand Pedals Page

The Pedals page allows for routing foot pedal controllers to respond like grand piano pedals. MIDI CC#’s can be set to simulate: 

 Right Pedal - Sustain

Middle Pedal - Sustenuto

Left Pedal - Una Chorda


  • Performance Parameter Control
  • ADR Volume Envelope
  • Stereo Image
  • Key Up Amount
  • Pedal Harmonics Amount
  • Tone & Resonance
  • Tone to Velocity
  • Tuning and Transposition
  • Reverb, Chorus, & Delay
  • Velocity to Volume
  • Sustain, Sustenuto, and Una Chorda Pedals