The Mellotron was an innovative tape-based keyboard instrument which became a trademark sound of '70s progressive rock bands. Under each key is an 8 second length of magnetic tape which is moved past a playback head whenever the key is pressed. When the key is released, the tape is pulled back to its starting position by a spring. Since each sound is produced by a linear piece of tape rather than an endless loop, the Mellotron can reproduce the characteristic attack phase of an instrument such as a violin. Early Mellotron’s had long tapes divided into six separate sections, each with three tracks, which could select different sounds. Motor driven rollers shuttled the tapes back and forth to select one of these six “stations”. The Mellotron Mark II had two keyboards of 35 notes each for a total of 1260 separate recordings inside the box! The Mellotron was based on an earlier instrument, the Chamberlin, invented by Harry Chamberlin in 1948. Original price: approx. $2500.00

Mellotron Instrument Listing

Male Choir
Female Choir
Boys Choir
Flutes Xpr
Brass Xpr
Violins Xpr
Male Choir Xpr
Female Choir Xpr
Boys Choir Xpr
Flutes Whl Noise
Brass Whl Noise
Violins Whl Noise
Male Choir Whl Noise
Female Choir Whl Noise
Boys Choir Whl Noise
Flutes Stretched
Brass Stretched
Violins Stretched
Male Choir Stretched
Female Choir Stretched
Boys Choir Stretched
Stereo Flutes
Stereo Brass
Stereo Violins
Stereo Male Choir
Stereo Female Choir
Stereo Boys Choir
Flutes & Brass
Flutes & Violins
Violins & Brass
Female & Boys Choir
Flutes & Boys
Entire Choir
Flutes RAW
Brass RAW
Violins RAW
Male Choir RAW
Female Choir RAW
Boys Choir RAW