Motif Performer

DSF Yamaha Motif XS/XF Performer


  • Grand Piano
  • Electric Pianos
  • Organs
  • Synths
  • Pads
  • Leads
  • Synth Basses
  • Strings Voices
  • Combinations

Load up your Yamaha Motif XS/XF with the sounds that will make you sound great!!!!

Digital Sound Factory Motif Performer is designed for the most demanding musician. Each instrument is high quality and true to the original, and when combined with the Motif’s incredible sound engine, the sonic fidelity is out of this world. This amazing sound set includes a Steinway Grand Piano, meticulously recorded to capture the true realism and expressivity of a real acoustic piano. The classic Rhodes and Wurlitzer electric pianos are velocity layered, so when you dig into the keyboard, you get the response you expect. There’s also a very fine Clavinet that will ignite your funk power. The OB-Xa, Prophet, Moog, Juno, and Jupiter synths fill fat pads and leads with rich analog frequencies. Mellotron strings and voices float your tracks. To top it off, there’s also a real orchestra for layering with all the keys and synths. XS Performer provides players with high quality replications of the real instrument. These sounds are a ‘must have’ and will take your Motif XS to a whole new dimension.

The MOTIF XS ROM-Waves had to use very short loops because of limited ROM-space, this product has no limitations. The samples and loops are much longer than the preset-waves, which allows for a much more realistic sound. Each instrument has been multi-sample/multi-layer recorded, processed, and mapped to the Motif’s integrate synthesizer parameters for ultimate playability. From the studio, to the gig, the XS Performer sound set will outperform all the rest.

Included are grand piano, electric pianos, organs, synths, pads, leads, synth basses, strings, voices, combinations, and more.

This Voice Library requires DIMM memory for a Motif XS, or Flash memeory for the Motif XF.

510 megabytes – 255 programs

Yamaha Motif XS - XF Performer Instrument Listing

001(A01) Performance Grand
002(A02) Classic Suitcase EP
003(A03) B3 888 2nd Perc
004(A04) B3 888888888
005(A05) Clavinet
006(A06) Wurlitzer EP Tremolo
007(A07) String Ensemble
008(A08) Analog Brass
009(A09) Arctic Voices
010(A10) Juno Mega Saw
011(A11) Tron Mixed Choir
012(A12) Crystal Caverns
013(A13) Xpressive Square
014(A14) JD 800 Voices
015(A15) Analog Bass XXL
016(A16) Piano & Strings
017(B01) Concert Grand
018(B02) Phased Grand
019(B03) Tight Grand
020(B04) Grand Piano EQ
021(B05) Punchy Grand
022(B06) Heavy Grand
023(B07) Piano and Pulse
024(B08) Grand & Rhodes
025(B09) Grand & Wurli
026(B10) DX Rhodes Hybrid
027(B11) Hot Suitcase EP
028(B12) Rich & Wide Tine
029(B13) EP Vintage Comp
030(B14) Classic Rhodes
031(B15) Rhodes & Synth Pad
032(B16) Padded EP
033(C01) Tacky Rhodes
034(C02) EP Mover
035(C03) Mello EP Pad
036(C04) Stage EP
037(C05) Stage LFO Pan
038(C06) EP Leslie
039(C07) EP Boosted
040(C08) Rhodes String Pad
041(C09) Wurlitzer EP
042(C10) Wurli Panner
043(C11) Wurli Overdrive
044(C12) Fusion Wurli
045(C13) Classic Clavinet
046(C14) Basic Clav
047(C15) Wah Clav
048(C16) Clavinet + Click
049(D01) Rezzy Clav
050(D02) B3 Drawbar Control
051(D03) B3 888 3rd Perc
052(D04) B3 888 vib 2nd Perc
053(D05) B3 888 Vib 3rd Perc
054(D06) B3 16 & 1
055(D07) B3 16 & 1 Plus
056(D08) B3 888888888 vib
057(D09) B3 811003148 vib
058(D10) B3 888 & 1' sim
059(D11) B3 888 & 4' 1 3/5'
060(D12) B3 888 & 4' 1 1/3'
061(D13) B3 888 v & 4' 2'
062(D14) B3 888 & 4' 2'
063(D15) B3 888 & 2 2/3'
064(D16) B3 888 & 1 1/3'
065(E01) B3 888 & 1'
066(E02) Mr Jazzy 888
067(E03) Rock B
068(E04) Full Organ
069(E05) Organ Grit
070(E06) B3 Overdrive
071(E07) Reedy B
072(E08) Perky Organ
073(E09) Amped Up B3
074(E10) String Section
075(E11) Strings & Synths
076(E12) Tron Strings
077(E13) Strings & Tron Voice
078(E14) Tron & Orch Strings
079(E15) Mixed Ensemble
080(E16) Vowel Strings
081(F01) Mello Tron
082(F02) String Saws
083(F03) Strings & Synths
084(F04) Analog Strings
085(F05) Mass Strings
086(F06) Large Ensemble
087(F07) Big Synth Strings
088(F08) Double Orchestra
089(F09) Quartet & Section
090(F10) Chamber & Strings
091(F11) Trans Orchestra
092(F12) Xtreme Orchestra
093(F13) Sec & Solo Strings
094(F14) Strings & Choir
095(F15) Tron Male Choir
096(F16) Tron Female Choir
097(G01) Tron Male Vowels
098(G02) Tron Female Vowels
099(G03) Tron Choir Pad
100(G04) Tron & Oohs
101(G05) Happy Tron
102(G06) JD Ahhs
103(G07) Swept Voices
104(G08) Innocent Voices
105(G09) Mystic Pad
106(G10) Tron & Hahs
107(G11) Stacked Choir
108(G12) Clearity
109(G13) Pulse Voices
110(G14) Ghost Wash
111(G15) Prophet Saws
112(G16) Prophet 10 Pulse
113(H01) Juno 60 Saws
114(H02) Angry Juno
115(H03) Synth Lo Comp
116(H04) Lush Synth
117(H05) Pulse Synths
118(H06) OBX Saws MW
119(H07) JD 800 Pad
120(H08) Juno Punch Square
121(H09) Pure Juno
122(H10) Smooth Juno
123(H11) Synth Comp
124(H12) Hi Pass Mania
125(H13) Jupiter Sync Mod
126(H14) Jupiter PWM
127(H15) Juno 60 Squares
128(H16) Prophet 10 Tri
001(A01) Mulit Osc Moog
002(A02) Raw Mini
003(A03) Prophet Fat Saws
004(A04) Jupiter Sync'd
005(A05) Prophet 10 Tri
006(A06) Prophet Fat Saws
007(A07) Prophet Saws & Pulse
008(A08) Pulse Stack
009(A09) OB-Xa Saws
010(A10) OB-Xa Pulse
011(A11) Prophet & Juno
012(A12) Saw Stack
013(A13) JD800 Pad & Voice
014(A14) Sizziling Sync
015(A15) Stack O Matic
016(A16) Synth Feathers
017(B01) Mini Wobble
018(B02) Trance Attacker
019(B03) Phatt One
020(B04) Ice Line
021(B05) Sizzle
022(B06) Drifter Synth
023(B07) Flanged Pad
024(B08) Swept Synth
025(B09) Gated Synth
026(B10) Juno Rider
027(B11) E-Long-Gated
028(B12) Prophet Lead
029(B13) Worm Line
030(B14) Fifth of Juno
031(B15) 3 Osc Mini
032(B16) Big  Analog
033(C01) Juno Screamer
034(C02) Pulse Lead
035(C03) Mini Pulse Lead
036(C04) Airy Lead
037(C05) Xpressive Mini
038(C06) Big Mini Moog
039(C07) Radio Lead
040(C08) Reactionary
041(C09) Talky Juno
042(C10) Mini Lead
043(C11) Taurus Talk
044(C12) The Place
045(C13) Rock Lead
046(C14) Mini Pulse
047(C15) Grit Lead
048(C16) Rounded Lead
049(D01) Grass Roots
050(D02) Jupiter 8 Sync
051(D03) Mr Synth Bass
052(D04) Mini Fat Bass
053(D05) Basic Bass
054(D06) Taurus Fat Bass
055(D07) Driving Synth Bass
056(D08) Rich Analog Bass
057(D09) Flab Bass
058(D10) Knocker Bass
059(D11) Hi Tech Solution
060(D12) Blade Bass
061(D13) Mini Sawplex
062(D14) Rippin Bass
063(D15) Total Analog
064(D16) PWM Bass
065(E01) No Comparison
066(E02) Taurus Pedals
067(E03) Wired
068(E04) Why Me Bass
069(E05) Big Mo
070(E06) Euro Bass
071(E07) Bass Board
072(E08) Juno Pulse Bass
073(E09) Inflating
074(E10) Double Mini
075(E11) So Low
076(E12) Grand & B3 All Out
077(E13) Grand & B3 888
078(E14) Grand & OBX Saws
079(E15) Grand & Pro Pulse
080(E16) Grand & JD Voices
081(F01) Grand & OBX Pulse
082(F02) Grand & Moog
083(F03) Grand & Super Juno
084(F04) Grand & Jupiter PWM
085(F05) Grand & Tron Strings
086(F06) Grand & Mini
087(F07) B3 All Out & Strings
088(F08) B3 All Out & JD
089(F09) B3 All Out & OBX
090(F10) B3 All Out & PWM
091(F11) B3 All Out Tron Vce
092(F12) B3 811003148 & Juno
093(F13) B3 888 & OBX
094(F14) B3 888 & Strings
095(F15) B3 888 & Super Juno
096(F16) B3 888 & TronStrings
097(G01) B3 888 & Tron Vce
098(G02) B3 888 & JD Voices
099(G03) Rhodes & Strings
100(G04) EP Synth Pad
101(G05) Rhodes & OBX
102(G06) EP & Juno
103(G07) Rhodes & Tron Vces
104(G08) EP String Mix
105(G09) EP Voice Pad
106(G10) Padded EP
107(G11) Rhodes & Clav
108(G12) Rhodes & Wurli
109(G13) Wurlitzer & Saws
110(G14) Wurlitzer & Square
111(G15) Wurlitzer & Voices
112(G16) Wurli & Prophet Tri
113(H01) Wurli & Juno Pulse
114(H02) Clav & Pulse 1
115(H03) Clav & Pulse 2
116(H04) Clav & Saws
117(H05) Bottom Clav
118(H06) Clav & Juno
119(H07) Clav & PWM
120(H08) Sizzle Clav
121(H09) Clav & Square
122(H10) Strings & OB
123(H11) Strings & Juno Pulse
124(H12) Sync Strings
125(H13) Super Strings
126(H14) String Prophet
127(H15) Strings & JD