Motif Steinway Grand

DSF Yamaha Motif XS/XF Steinway Grand Piano

The Steinway Model L Motif XS Grand Piano is 370 megabytes of meticulously recorded samples of a beautiful piano used on numerous recordings in the San Francisco Bay area. Using Neumann U67 microphones and high quality pre amps, every note was recorded at 24 bit resolution. Each note is represented at three velocities delivering the true realism and natural sound expected from a real grand piano.

The file size is 370 megabyte, therefore you will need a Motif XS with a user RAM expanded to at least 512 megabytes.

The recording for this library was done by sound designer Timothy Swartz of Digital Sound Factory at Whip Records in Berkeley, CA. The sample content was critiqued for the best recordings and then loaded into the Motif’s sample memory. The Motif programming parameters are used to map the layers to re create the most realistic grand piano available in a hardware sampler.

This Voice Library requires DIMM memory for a Motif XS, or Flash memeory for the Motif XF.

370 megabytes – 24 programs

Yamaha Motif XS - XF Steinway Grand Instrument Listing

001(A01) Steinway Model L
002(A02) Steinway Concert
003(A03) Steinway Mastered
004(A04) Mellow Steinway
005(A05) Bright Piano
006(A06) Steinway EQ'd
007(A07) Grand & Strings
008(A08) Grand & Choir
009(A09) Piano Pad 1
010(A10) Dance Piano
011(A11) Delayer
012(A12) EP & Grand
013(A13) Rock Grand
014(A14) Parlor Grand
015(A15) Mezo Grande
016(A16) Grand DX Layer
017(B01) Ballad Grand
018(B02) Medium Grand
019(B03) Honky Tonk
020(B04) Affected Grand
021(B05) Piano Pad 2
022(B06) Grand Piano mf
023(B07) Grand Piano F
024(B08) Grand Piano FF