Motif Strings

DSF Yamaha Motif XS/XF Symphonic Strings


  • Basses
  • Celli
  • Violas
  • Violins
  • Legato
  • Marcato
  • Pizzicato
  • Spiccato
  • Major Trills

The Symphonic Strings Motif XS/XF library consists of 190 new user voices, utilizing 450 megabytes of authentic string samples. Recorded in the same symphony hall as the Motif’s internal ROM string samples, this collection not only adds new content, but enhances the existing string sections. Very few compromises where made to the sample data allowing for the ultimate realism. Large and small groups of Basses, Celli, Violas, and Violins are included along with Legato, Marcato, Pizzicato, Spiccato, and Major Trills.

Because the file size is 450 megabyte, you will need a Motif XS with a user RAM expanded to at least 512 megabytes.

The recording for this library was done by sound designer Timothy Swartz of Digital Sound Factory at Benaroya Hall in downtown Seattle. The players are all members of the Seattle Symphony and were recorded with four pairs of microphone through high quality convertors to 24 bit resolution. The sample content was then critiqued for the best performance and then loaded into the Motif’s sample memory. The Motif programming parameters are used to map each section to re create the most realistic orchestra available in a hardware sampler. The assignable function buttons are used to quickly select various playing styles.

This Voice Library requires DIMM memory for a Motif XS, or Flash memeory for the Motif XF.

450 megabytes – 190 programs


Yamaha Motif XS - XF Symphonic Strings Instrument Listing

001(A01) Symphonic Orchestra
002(A02) Full Orchestra
003(A03) Legato Detache Vel
004(A04) Detache Strings
005(A05) Leg Detache AF1
006(A06) Symphonic Maj Trills
007(A07) Detache & Winds
008(A08) Orchestra & Choir
009(A09) Orchestral Section
010(A10) SectionViolins AF1&2
011(A11) SectionViolas AF1&2
012(A12) SectionCelli AF1&2
013(A13) SectionBasses AF1&2
014(A14) Symphony & Grand
015(A15) Solo & Orchestra
016(A16) Attack Strings
017(B01) Legato Pizz AF1
018(B02) Legato Pizz Vel
019(B03) Legato Spic AF1
020(B04) Legato Spic Vel
021(B05) Orchestra & Winds 1
022(B06) Orchestra & Winds 2
023(B07) Legato MajTrill Vel
024(B08) Hard Attack Strings
025(B09) Orchestra & Choir
026(B10) Pizzicato Spic AF1
027(B11) Large Spiccato
028(B12) Legato MajTrill AF1
029(B13) Section & Solo Cello
030(B14) Medium Ensemble
031(B15) String Sections
032(B16) Full Section Strings
033(C01) CelliViolinBassHdEns
034(C02) CelliViolinBassMdOrc
035(C03) CelliViolinBassLyr1
036(C04) CelliViolinBassLyr2
037(C05) CelliViolinBassMute
038(C06) CelliViolinBassEnsMx
039(C07) BassesCelloVioSplits
040(C08) Violin Solo AF1&2
041(C09) Violin Solo Velo+AF
042(C10) Violin 8va Legato
043(C11) ViolaSoloVelo AFPizz
044(C12) Viola Solo 2 AF1
045(C13) Cello Solo 1 AF1&2
046(C14) Cello Solo 2 AF1&2
047(C15) CelloSoloVelo AF Ens
048(C16) Hard Secd Cello
049(D01) Contrabass Solo
050(D02) Small Ensemble 1
051(D03) Small Ensemble 2
052(D04) ViolinsLegatoSplit1
053(D05) ViolinsLegatoSplit2
054(D06) ViolinsLegatoSplit3
055(D07) ViolinsCelloLayer
056(D08) Violins Small
057(D09) Violins Split
058(D10) 4 Violins CelloLayer
059(D11) LargeSectionStrings
060(D12) Section&SoloViolin2
061(D13) BassCelloVioOrchHard
062(D14) Large Section Arp
063(D15) Medium Section
064(D16) Strings/Harp/Horn
065(E01) Celli & Violins
066(E02) Basses & Violas
067(E03) Strings LegTrill AF1
068(E04) SectionViolins2AF1&2
069(E05) SectionViolas2AF1&2
070(E06) SectionCelli2AF1&2
071(E07) SectionBasses2AF1&2
072(E08) Balinese Orchestra
073(E09) Spic Legato Strings
074(E10) Vienna Dreams
075(E11) Pop Strings
076(E12) Fine Mix
077(E13) MajTrill Spic Vel
078(E14) Synthetic Strings
079(E15) Rezonant Strings
080(E16) Strings & EP AF1&2
081(F01) Strings & Mallets
082(F02) Ensemble
083(F03) MajTrill Leg Vel
084(F04) Strings & Celeste
085(F05) Analog Strings
086(F06) String Pad
087(F07) Analestic
088(F08) Victor Strings
089(F09) Strings & BriteGrand
090(F10) Synth Orchestra
091(F11) OB Strings
092(F12) Over Orchestra
093(F13) Filter Spic
094(F14) Strings & Wurly EP
095(F15) Orchestra SwirlChoir
096(F16) Crossfade Sections
097(G01) Nylon & Strings
098(G02) Legato Spiccato
099(G03) Pizz Leg XFade
100(G04) Section Pizz
101(G05) Section&Solo
102(G06) Guitar & Strings
103(G07) Strings & Reeds
104(G08) Legato Spic Vel
105(G09) Pizz/Winds/Brass
106(G10) Resonant Spics
107(G11) Spiccato & Xylophone
108(G12) Vow Strings
109(G13) Legato & Pizz
110(G14) Legato Combi
111(G15) XP Strings
112(G16) 15 Violins Legato
113(H01) 15 Violins Pizz
114(H02) 15Violins MjTril
115(H03) Violins Detache
116(H04) Violins Legato
117(H05) 10 Violas Legato
118(H06) 10 Viola MajTrll
119(H07) Violas Detache
120(H08) Viola Legato
121(H09) 10 Celli Legato
122(H10) 10 Celli Pizz
123(H11) 10 Celli MajTrill
124(H12) 8 Basses Legato
125(H13) 8 Basses MajTrill
126(H14) Basses Detache
127(H15) Basses Legato
128(H16) DigitalSoundFactory
001(A01) Ensemble Strings
002(A02) Legato Spic Vel
003(A03) Spiccato Section
004(A04) Legato Spic AF1
005(A05) Ensemble Ahhs
006(A06) Ensemble & Winds
007(A07) Ensemble & Brass
008(A08) EnsembleBrsWinds
009(A09) Attack Ensemble
010(A10) Film Score
011(A11) Grand & Chamber 1
012(A12) Ens Leg Spic Vel
013(A13) Chamber & Solo
014(A14) Hard Bow Ensemble
015(A15) Millennium Orch
016(A16) Sizzle Strings
017(B01) Ensemble Oohs
018(B02) Mass Strings
019(B03) Chamber & Winds
020(B04) Ensemble & Solo AF1
021(B05) Orchestral Blend 1
022(B06) Orchestral Blend 2
023(B07) Orchestral Delight
024(B08) Strings & Celeste
025(B09) Quartet Spic Vel
026(B10) Harp & Ensemble
027(B11) Quartet Section Vel
028(B12) Ice Strings Choir
029(B13) Ensemble Solo Cello
030(B14) Ensemble Solo Viola
031(B15) Ensemble Solo Violin
032(B16) Legato Hard Vel
033(C01) Legato Pizz Vel
034(C02) Hard Atk Ensemble
035(C03) Chamber Brass Oohs
036(C04) Home Fried
037(C05) Strings & S Sax
038(C06) Strings & CP70
039(C07) Wurly Strings
040(C08) Harpsichord&Strings
041(C09) Strings & Pipes
042(C10) OB & Acoustics
043(C11) Strings & Vibes
044(C12) EP & Chamber
045(C13) Pop Spiccato
046(C14) Melodic Perc Strings
047(C15) Vox Strings
048(C16) Spiccato Synth
049(D01) Grand & Chamber 2
050(D02) Cross Section AF1
051(D03) Chamber Wind Oohs
052(D04) Big Synth Orch
053(D05) 5 Violins Legato
054(D06) 5 Violins Spic
055(D07) 5 Violins Pizz
056(D08) 5 Violas Legato
057(D09) 5 Violas Spic
058(D10) 5 Violas Pizz
059(D11) 5 Celli Legato
060(D12) 5 Celli Spic
061(D13) 4 Basses Legato
062(D14) 6 Basses Spic
063(D15) 3 Basses Pizz