Motif World Xpedition

DSF Yamaha Motif XS/XF World Xpedition


  • African Melodic
  • African Percussion
  • Chinese Winds
  • India Winds
  • Russian Strings
  • Steel Percussion

The World Xpedition for Motif XS& XF is 468 megabytes of strings, winds, and percussion instruments from around the globe. Each instrument is featured in the pure form along with many other worldly variations. All samples are designed to allow for as much of the natural decay as possible. Stringed and Percussion instruments are multi sampled and layered to allow for velocity cross switch between layers for ultimate realism. African melodic and percussion, Chinese and India winds, Russian strings, and steel percussion instruments will color musical compositions with old world harmonic textures. This collection brings inspiring elements that weave the old world into the new world.

This Voice Library requires DIMM memory for a Motif XS, or Flash memeory for the Motif XF.

468 megabytes – 127 programs

Yamaha Motif XS - XF World Xpedition Instrument Listing

001(A01) DSF World XSpedition
002(A02) World Combo
003(A03) Jaw Harp AF
004(A04) Sitar Domora
005(A05) Mandolin Trem AF
006(A06) Bansuri Section
007(A07) Thumb Piano & Sitar
008(A08) GreekBazoukiTrem AF
009(A09) PrimaDomoraTrem AF
010(A10) SegundoDomraMute AF
011(A11) Balafon Trem AF
012(A12) Oud Trem AF
013(A13) Toke Bell AF
014(A14) Berimbau AF
015(A15) Venu & Ney
016(A16) Djembe & Shekere
017(B01) Bells!!!
018(B02) World PeAs
019(B03) Huffy Venu
020(B04) Mandolin Trem Vel
021(B05) Cumbus Saz Trem Vel
022(B06) Balafon Trem Vel
023(B07) GreekBazoukiMute Vel
024(B08) GreekBazoukiTrem Vel
025(B09) SegDomoraMute Vel
026(B10) Stringed Sensation
027(B11) Thumb Pno Kalimba
028(B12) Berimbau Choir
029(B13) Celtic Harp & Choir
030(B14) Cumbus Baglama
031(B15) Dizi Shanai
032(B16) Metal Box
033(C01) World Event
034(C02) Drum Duet
035(C03) Harp & Thumb Pno
036(C04) Metalphonic
037(C05) Stay Away
038(C06) Dizi Metal
039(C07) World Quartet
040(C08) Sitar & Steel
041(C09) Hah Bon Di
042(C10) Drum Circle
043(C11) Sitar & Winds
044(C12) Story Time
045(C13) Electro Waterphone
046(C14) Diger DooZ
047(C15) Plop Bells
048(C16) Plucked Steel
049(D01) Strange Bottles
050(D02) Ashiko
051(D03) Djembe
052(D04) Djun Djun
053(D05) Gankokwe Bells
054(D06) Gankokwe Low
055(D07) Gankokwe Hi
056(D08) Shekere
057(D09) Talking Drum
058(D10) Toke Bell
059(D11) Toke Bell Hit
060(D12) Balafon
061(D13) Balafon Tremolo
062(D14) Balafon Natural C3
063(D15) Balafon Natural Trem
064(D16) Jaw Harp Soprano
065(E01) Jaw Harp Alto
066(E02) Jaw Harp Tenor
067(E03) Bass Kalimba
068(E04) Kalimba
069(E05) Thumb Piano
070(E06) Metalofon 01
071(E07) Metalofon 02
072(E08) Metalofon 03
073(E09) Metalofon 04
074(E10) Metalofon 05
075(E11) Metalofon 06
076(E12) Metalofon 07
077(E13) Metalofon 08
078(E14) Tongue Drums
079(E15) Baglama
080(E16) Baglama Tremolo
081(F01) Celtic Harp
082(F02) CB Balalaika
083(F03) CB Balalaika Mute
084(F04) CB Balalaika Tremolo
085(F05) Cumbus Saz
086(F06) Cumbus Saz
087(F07) Greek Bazouki
088(F08) Greek Bazouki Mute
089(F09) Greek Bazouki Trem
090(F10) Irish Bazouki
091(F11) Mandolin
092(F12) Mandolin Tremolo
093(F13) Oud
094(F14) Oud Tremolo
095(F15) Prima Domra
096(F16) Prima Domra Tremolo
097(G01) Segundo Domra
098(G02) Segundo Domra Mute
099(G03) Bansuri Bass
100(G04) Bansuri Tenor
101(G05) Bansuri Alto
102(G06) Bansuri Soprano
103(G07) Bon Di
104(G08) Dizi 1
105(G09) Dizi 2
106(G10) Venu
107(G11) Ambi-Shak
108(G12) Waterbells
109(G13) Sarangi/Tablas
110(G14) Tablas
111(G15) Sitar
112(G16) Berimbau 1
113(H01) Berimbau 2
114(H02) Gourd Scrape
115(H03) Surdo Drum
116(H04) Dulcimer/Koto
117(H05) Koto
118(H06) Chime Release
119(H07) Tam/Sitar/Sarod
120(H08) Mandolin
121(H09) Synth Carilln
122(H10) Bottles
123(H11) Plop
124(H12) Ahh
125(H13) Bottle Marimba
126(H14) Digeridooz
127(H15) Waterphone