The OB-Xa was designed as an enhanced OB-X, aiming to provide more features than it’s main competitor, the Prophet 5. The OB-Xa had lots of bells and whistles such as chord hold, poly glide, two LFOs and a switchable 2 or 4 pole filter. Above all, the OB-Xa retains the famous Oberheim sound. The OB-Xa excels at beefy leads, lush pads and shimmering strings. Original price: $5595.00

247 Megabytes

OB-Xa Instrument Listing  

OB-Xa Saws
OB-Xa Pulse
Classic Saws
Fat Pulse
Saw Pulse
Saws Sweep
Pulse Sweep
Saw Lo Pass
Pulse Lo Pass
Saw Filter Env
Pulse Filter Env
Saws Pulse Env
Pulse Short
Saws Short
Pulse Short Filter
Saws Short Filter