Prophet 600

DSF Prophet 600

The Prophet 600 was a low-cost synthesizer based on the legendary Prophet-5 and was the world’s first synthesizer with a MIDI interface. It had six voices and the same Curtis synthesizer chips used in the Prophet-5. The envelopes and LFO were generated by the computer, and an arpeggiator and a 400-note polyphonic sequencer were also added to sweeten the deal. Original price: $1995.00

125 Megabytes

Prophet 600 Instrument Listing   

P600 Soft Brass
P600 PWM
P600 Brass PWM
P600 Sync
P600 Swell Sync
P600 Sub Bass
P600 Dist Organ
P600 Soft Brass Fifths
P600 Brass Sync
P600 PWM Fat Light
P600 Brass Organ
P600 Syncs Combined
P600 Organ Sync
P600 PWM Sync
P600 Big Brass
P600 Big PWM
P600 Big Bass