Proteus Pack Expanded

DSF Cakewalk Proteus Pack Expanded
  • 350 new programs
  • Dimension Proteus Pack Required

Proteus Pack Expanded contains 350 new inspiring programs designed using the waveforms of the original six Proteus expansion packs. Utilizing Dimension’s powerful synthesizer parameters, sounds from the individual expansions are combined creating rich modern instruments. This is the same effect as using six hardware sound modules programmed and layered all working together.

The original individual Proteus Pack programs were created with waveforms belonging to each module and were not shared. This collection will take your music into the future and is a ‘must have’ for all Proteus Pack users.

Cakewalk E-MU Proteus Pack (Proteus 2000, Mo’ Phatt, Planet Earth, Virtuoso, PX-7 Drums, and XL-1) is required to experience these programs.

E-MU Proteus Pack Expanded Instrument Listing



Amazone Mizmar

Basic Bread

Baglama Clay

Alien Diffuser

Classic EP Tone 1

Bare Tube

Baglama & Winds

Beater Built

Balalaika Hard Pluck


Classic EP Tone 2

Bounce Finger

EP Synth Strings

Butter Remix

Bowed Group

Carpe Groove

Classic FM Grand

Cage Bass

Celli Violas Brass

Crisp Jelly Kit

Distorto Guitaro

Chunky Chunks

Hip Hop Tines

Crystal Cube

CelliVlns HornTrmpt

Dirty 808

Ehru Sham

Cybor War

Clavi Byte

Deep 2600 Bass

CelloViolinBass Clar Oboe

Dream Kalimba

Electric Guitar & Strings

Dance Synth Pad


Deep Punch Bass

EP Section Strings

Electro Dub

Exotic Dulcimer

Disca Orgy

Clean Organomics

Deeper Cube Bass

EP String Quartet

Flying Electro

Exotic Follower

EPiC Surge

Disca Rave Organ

Dirt Analow

Dizi Sham Tones

Frisco Ride

Fine Chuck'in

Fading Acid

Dyno Funk EP

Easy Sub Bass

Domra Wind

G Club 777

Gen Weeow

Fantasy's Pad

EP Stack

EZ Bagg Bass

Grand Full Strings


Glass CryBaby

Floatatious Goo

FM Digital Waves

Fingered Flange

Gd & Sm String Sections

Get Out Kit

Gruzzer Bazouki

Gen Layers

FM EP Blend

Fishy Frog Bass

Grand & String Quartet

Grind It

Heavy Goth!

Goth Drama

Gen X Organ

Funky Fatso


Hot Jiver Kit

Nerve Ona

Groove Symph

Grand & EP

Funky Slap Bass

Exotica Quartet Plus

Jamaican Mallets

Nylon Eska

High Tec

Grand & FM EP

Harp Basso


Kalimba Duet

Nylon Strata

Keystone Talk

Grand Dyno Pad

Heavy Brick

Global Ethos

Low Log Hit

Octar Segramu

Lady Hit

Grand EP Synth

Indie Juice

Grand & Chamber Group

Marimba Wonders

Picked Off Electric


Gruz Drawbars

Jagged City

Grand Voxcade

Metalic Mixture

Plucked Doubles

Magic Riff

House Org Bed

Mammoth Nails

Harp & Strings

Neutral Nasty

Sazheng Baglomra

Mammoth Granules

Pitched EP Rolls

Mello Speak Bass

Harp & Winds

Old Skool Tight

Sazo Sazheng

Melting Domra

Lush FM EP Style

Micro Power Bass

Harp Winds

Overloaded Joint

Shamisen Syncked

Melting Hit

Metalic Organ Hit

Multi Sub

Helium Nylon & Shenai

Rock Hybrid Kit

Sinoid Zhouki

Mo Misery

Neo Classic EP

Not Here!

Kalimba Harp Pipes

Stadium Power

Slide Wah

More Dreaming

Nice and Mello

Plucky Baby

Legato Strings & Reeds

Total Back Beast

Strum Crunch

Multi Metal Pad

Organ Matic

Plucky Pop Bass


Tribal Ghatam

Sugu Sham Kalimba

Odd Uni Strings

Over Classed EP

Power Q Bass

Miz Shamisen

Urz Mode Kit

Two Guitars

Paddies Life

Phazzy Grand

Punchy SE Sub

Mizmar Tones

Wide Vinalizer

Wackat U

Picky Nugen

Pitched EP Rolls

Saturn Grits

Nylon & Strings

X-Poly Stack

Zhouki Shamisen

Plazma Raverotic

Power Clavi Net

Sonic Rezz Bass

Nylon Gtr Strings Ahhs



Slippery Sootcase

Sonic Ripper Bass




Sootcase Roll

Sub 2000

Piano & Orchestra


Sitar Hit

Studio Suitcase EP

Sub Core Snap



Slippery Vinyl

Whisper Org

SubSonic Digger

Pulsation Strings



Wurly & FM EP

Syntho Bass

Rhodes & Hall Strings


Syco Violetta

Wurly Layered

Tight Hips

Solo Strings Winds Brass


Tunnel Noiz


Under It

Spic Strings Winds Brass


Wah Knot


Vortex Bass

Steel & Strings


String Brass Winds


String Quartet & Marimba


Stringed Floot


Strings Bells Mallet


Strings Oboe Flute


Sweet Sinoud


Synth Strings Brazz


Synthetic Strings & Oohs


Thumb Piano Banjo


Trumpt Trom Strings


Windy Mallet Bells


Woods & Strings


Wurly & Strings


X-Venue Piper


Xylo & Pizz Strings


Abbey Chamber Strings

Bare Sync Edge

Altitude Synth

Acute Singers

Asian Whistle


Combined String Sections

Dinked M12

Big Synth Stryngs

Breathy Ahhs

Bassoons & Flute


Concert Strings

Dual Sync

Boxt Pumper

Edge of Glory Ahhs

Brass Quartet


Epic Movie Strings

Eazy Worm

Classic Synth Strings

Mass Angelika

Brasso Matic


Etherial Strings

Fire Monster

Crystal Springs

Mellotron & Vox

Chamber Ensemble


Fireworks Strings


Cyber Lights

Misty Oohs

Clarinets & Flute


Legato Strings & Horns

Lights Lead

CZX Sync

Mystery Ahhs

Ensembled Brass


Gaga Strings

Like A Mini

Digital Stringed

Mystery Oohs

Exotic Winds


Hall Section Spic & Pizz

Matrix Buzz

Edge Synth

Stringed Ahhs

Extra Brazz


Orchestral Ensemble

Messy JP6

Ez Synth String Ens


Flutes & Nye


Section Hall Strings

Moog Worm

Icy Interference Synth

Vocals Grande

Frazil Brazz


Legato Strings & Brass

Nice Worm

M Twelve

Vox Oohs

Galaxal Flute


Misty Strings

Original Joe

Multisync Rowed

VS Synth Oohs

Grande Brass


Power Orchestra

Prephad Metal

OB Silkness

Zelda's Vox

Mello Brass


Sections & Quartet

Smack Bender 2

Over Spawned


Mizmar & Winds


Solo & Section Basses

Smak Chaos

Planet PWM


Brass Ensemble


Solo & Section Celli

Square Chaser

PPG & Matrix


Outta Range Horns


Solo & Section Violas

Swirvy Lights



Over Horns


Solo & Section Violins

Syco Lead

Recycled Synth


Pop Brass Section


Spiccato & Pizzicato

Syrian Square

Soulful Dark Synth


Simple Winds


Spiccato Strings & Harp

Thickener Sync

Stack Combination


Synth Wnds Shenai


String Quartet & Brass

Viron Smak

Stack O Synths


Tenor Synth


Strings Flt Ctra Bassn

VS Niss

Synth Brass Rack


Trumpets Grande


Strings Of Time

Worm Eater

Synth Wall


Venu & Oud


Studio Legato & Brass


Synthetic Brass




Studio Legato & Winds


Tall Synth Stack


Studio Session Strings


Virgoe Synth


Studio Strings Attack


VS Digital


Symphonic Appeal


VS Rezon


Tron & Studio Strings


VS Vox Synth


Violas & Celli


Where U Been Synth


Violas Celli Basses


Vln Bss Trmbne Trumpt

  • Requires DSF E-MU Proteus Pack