SD3 Bundle

DSF Cakewalk Session Drummer 3 Bundle


  • Acoustic Kits
  • Electronic Kits
  • Urban Kits

Cakewalk Session Drummer 3 Acoustic KitsAcoustic Kits is a collection of 24 bit drum kits recorded in professional studios. The library includes Gretsch, Yamaha, DW, Pearl, Ludwig, and Tama drum kits along with a full set of percussion instruments. Acoustic Kits were meticulously recorded through a complete range of playable velocities using 16 microphones, tube preamps and pristine 24-bit ADCs. The close and overhead samples were then mixed for each individual drum for optimal punch and room ambience. Each kit is comprised of up to five layers for unmatched realism. Programmed specifically for Session Drummer 3, kicks, snares, toms, cymbals, and percussion have been isolated and recombined to create alternate variation kits and mixes. The result is real drums in real rooms played by real drummers. This collection contains 1.2 gigabyte of 24 bit samples, 40 programs, & 128 MIDI patterns.

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Cakewalk Session Drummer 3 Electronic KitsDigital Sound Factory’s Electronic Kits is a collection of samples gathered from various electronic and synthesized drum hardware units. Waveforms have been combined to create new cutting edge kits that will enhance your imagination beyond your comprehension. Each drum kit has been mapped to take full advantage of Session Drummer 3’s great features, allowing you to customize kits and the mix on the fly. This modern library includes, Roland TR-808/909. Korg MS-20, E-MU SP1200, Mini Moog, and lot’s more great synth drums. This collection contains 165 megabytes of samples, 50 programs, and 128 MIDI patterns.

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Cakewalk Session Drummer 3 Urban Kits Digital Sound Factory’s Urban Kits is a collection of drum kits, designed for the most demanding Hip Hop producer. Each drum, cymbal, and percussion instrument has been processed to add that urban vibe to your tracks. Sub low kicks, snappy snares, and an array of cymbals and percussion takes Session Drummer 3 to a new level. Quickly mix and match parts on the fly by selecting from the pre-arranged instrument categories. Make your music phatt with Digital Sound Factory’s Urban Kits. This collection contains 125 megabytes of samples, 50 programs, and 121 MIDI files.

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