SD3 Electronic Kits

DSF Cakewalk Session Drummer 3 Electronic Kits

Cakewalk Session Drummer 3 Expansion Pack

Digital Sound Factory’s Electronic Kits is a collection of samples gathered from various electronic and synthesized drum hardware units. Waveforms have been combined to create new cutting edge kits that will enhance your imagination beyond your comprehension. Each drum kit has been mapped to take full advantage of Session Drummer 3’s great features, allowing you to customize kits and the mix on the fly. This modern library includes, Roland TR-808/909. Korg MS-20, E-MU SP1200, Mini Moog, and lot’s more great synth drums. This collection contains 165 megabytes of samples, 50 programs, and 128 MIDI patterns.

Session Drummer 3 Electronic Kits Instrument Listing

Almost Cool
Altered State
Big Bottom 1
Big Bottom 2
Big Bottom 3
Contemporary Kit 1
Contemporary Kit 2
Contemporary Kit 3
Contemporary Kit 4
Dance Hybrid
Dance Kit 1
Dance Kit 2
Dance Kit 3
Edgy Gritt
Electric Kit 1
Electric Kit 2
Electric Kit 3
Electro Brush
Electro Funk Kit 1
Electro Funk Kit 2
Electro Funk Kit 3
Electro Hybrid 1
Electro Hybrid 2
Electro Hybrid 3
Funk Slider
Groove Maker
Hi Fi Kit 1
Hi Fi Kit 2
Hi Fi Kit 3
Hybrid Contemporary 1
Hybrid Contemporary 2
JM Kit
Make Over
Mov'in At U
MS 20
MS Hybrid
Retro Mover
TR Hybrid
TR-808 404 Combo
TR-808 909 Combo
Up In Front