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Out of Africa Sound Effects

Out Of Africa Sound Effects Instrument Listing

Out Of Africa
Out of Africa
Hippo Grunt 1
Hippo Grunt 2
Rhino Growl
Rhino Sneeze
Rhino Begging
Rhino Feeding
Beastly Growl
Monkey Scream 1
Monkey Scream 2
Single Bird Call
Boubou Birds
Bird Chirp Loop
Bird Ambience 1
Bird Ambience 2
Metal Crickets
African Ambience
Samples 1-5
Samples 6-10
Samples 11-15
Samples 16-18
Samples 1-5 NTP
Samples 6-10 NTP
Samples 11-15NTP
Samples 16-18NTP
6 World Chants
2 Chants Of Asia
Tuvan Harmonics
Nagaland Drones
Two Tribes
Indo African
Phase Dance 1 C4
Phase Dance 2 C4