SP1200 Tool Kit

E-MU SP1200 DJ's Tool Kit

The SP-1200 was the drum machine & sampler combo of legendary status among old school rap and hip hop artists from the eighties and nineties. It has limited sampling specs: 22 kHz and 12-bit resolution. However the dirtiness of that sound is great for hip hop and house music. They say it sounds like "old vinyl"... Although this machine was originally released in 1988, E-mu has reissued them again and again due to popular demand. They continued producing them until they ran out of the SSM filter chips around 1998. The SP1200 has been used by Roni Size, Todd Terry, Freddy Fresh, Daft Punk, Phil Collins, and The Prodigy.

E-MU SP1200 DJ's Tool Kit Instrument Listing

All SP1200 1 SP Snare 36 SP Bass 1 SP In Concert
All SP1200 2 SP Snare 37 SP Bass 2 SP In Concert2
All SP1200 3 SP Snare 38 SP Bass 3 SP Chord End
All SP1200 4 SP Snare 39 SP PadNoiz1 SP Orch Hit 1
All SP1200 5 SP Snare 40 SP PadNoiz2 SP Orch Hit 2
All SP1200 6 SP Snare 41 SP PadNoiz3 SP Orch Hit 3
SP Kit SP Snare 42 SP VoxNoiz1 SP Orch Hit 4
SP GM Kit SP Snare 43 SP VoxNoiz2 SP Retro Hit
SP Kick 1 SP Snare 44 SP VoxNoiz3 SP Monster Hit
SP Kick 2 SP Snare 45 SP VoxNoiz4 SP Destruck Hit
SP Kick 3 SP Snare 46 SP VoxNoiz5 SP Super Hit
SP Kick 4 SP Snare 47 SP VoxNoiz6 SP Hi Horn Hit
SP Kick 5 SP Snare 48 SP VoxNoiz7 SP Splash Hit
SP Kick 6 SP Snare 49 SP Piano 1 SP Dark Classic
SP Kick 7 SP Snare 50 SP Piano 2 SP String Fade
SP Kick 8 SP Snare 51 SP ChordRing 1 SP Uumm Strings
SP Kick 9 SP Snare 52 SP ChordRing 2 SP FallingStrngz
SP Kick 10 SP Snare 53 SP Bellchime SP Strngme
SP Kick 11 SP Snare 54 SP Shakethingy SP Suspense
SP Kick 12 SP Snare 55 SP Bleeper SP Distant Chrdz
SP Kick 13 SP Snare 56 SP ChordHit SP InstantStrngz
SP Kick 14 SP Snare 57 SP SnareLoop SP Stringy
SP Kick 15 SP Snare 58 SP ClangPad SP Hi Horn
SP Kick 16 SP Snare 59 SP Knocker SP Brass 1
SP Kick 17 SP Snare 60 SP Amb Hit SP Brass 2
SP Kick 18 SP Thunk Hi SP Sine SP Brass 3
SP Kick 19 SP Thunk Mid SP Broken SP Brass 4
SP Kick 20 SP Thunk Lo SP SynWhistle SP Chord Up
SP Kick 21 SP Clave SP Belltone SP Chord Up 2
SP Kick 22 SP Hi Clave SP HashHit SP Sick Duck
SP Kick 23 SP Lo Clap SP StringPad SP Tweedle Bass
SP Kick 24 SP Airy Clap SP Lab 1 SP Dirt Strike
SP Kick 25 SP Remix Click SP Lab 2 SP Surprise
SP Kick 26 SP Lo Remix Cym SP Spooktone SP Super Blep
SP Kick 27 SP Hi Remix Cym SP Squeeze SP Aired Out
SP Kick 28 SP Noise Cymbal SP BellChord SP Bellvue
SP Kick 29 SP Lo Crash SP Wheeper SP Worry Chord
SP Kick 30 SP Hard Click SP BrokenHat SP Dead Ringer
SP Kick 31 SP Hard Clap SP TrashyHit SP Hi Noize
SP Kick 32 SP Wood Click 1 SP OceanBell SP Interrupted
SP Kick 33 SP Wood Click 2 SP Static SP Snowman
SP Kick 34 SP Hat 1 SP BuzzSaw SP Rev Garble
SP Kick 35 SP Hat 2 SP BuzzTone SP Warning
SP Kick 36 SP HissHat SP Mallets SP MaleVox
SP Kick 37 SP GrittyShaker SP ToneBass SP Sad One
SP Kick 38 SP Fishy SP Distress  
SP Kick 39 SP Shaker SP KeepitUp  
SP Kick 40 SP Short Hat SP Sax 1  
SP Kick 41 SP Long Hat SP Sax 2  
SP Kick 42 SP Closed Hat SP Sax 3  
SP Kick 43 SP Open Hat SP Sax 4  
SP Kick 44 SP Tin Hat SP Sax 5  
SP Kick 45 SP HardShaker SP Sax 6  
SP Kick 46 SP Tambourine SP Sax 7  
SP Kick 47 SP Bottle SP Orgon 1  
SP Kick 48 SP Fwap SP Orgon 2  
SP Kick 49 SP Slam SP Orgon 3  
SP Kick 50 SP Whistle SP Orgon 4  
SP Kick 51 SP Clanker SP Orgon 5  
SP Kick 52 SP Chunky SP WeirdOrgon  
SP Kick 53 SP NoizShot SP Delay Vox  
SP Kick 54 SP Zap SP Male Vox  
SP Kick 55 SP BrightCym SP Vinyl Ringer  
SP Kick 56 SP DirtyCym SP FilterChord  
SP Kick 57 SP High Tube SP Digitone  
SP Kick 58 SP DirtyBell SP Wah  
SP Snare 1 SP ColdPhone SP Rainstick  
SP Snare 2 SP Sleigh SP Vox  
SP Snare 3 SP RustSleigh SP Wip  
SP Snare 4 SP Chime SP Wipper  
SP Snare 5 SP BellRide SP DblTone  
SP Snare 6 SP NoizCym SP Horn 1  
SP Snare 7 SP Perc Hit SP RideNoize  
SP Snare 8 SP LoFiCym SP Ow Synth  
SP Snare 9 SP Hand Drum SP LP Skid  
SP Snare 10 SP Clapper SP Gloom  
SP Snare 11 SP ShakeHat SP GloomHit  
SP Snare 12 SP Short Clap SP Shots  
SP Snare 13 SP Short Drum SP JunglNoize  
SP Snare 14 SP LoFi Tom SP LoFiLoop  
SP Snare 15 SP UWUW Synth SP NoizBass  
SP Snare 16 SP Buzz SP StringRise  
SP Snare 17 SP ChuDunnoDat SP LoFiHit  
SP Snare 18 SP Rubbery 1 SP Boomer  
SP Snare 19 SP Rubbery 2 SP KosmikLoopr  
SP Snare 20 SP Rubbery 3 SP VoxFilter  
SP Snare 21 SP Hardstep SP Tines  
SP Snare 22 SP SynthWibbley SP Bass Hum  
SP Snare 23 SP Hummer SP Gritty Tone  
SP Snare 24 SP Hummer 2 SP Water Drop  
SP Snare 25 SP OoOoHoo SP Standup Bass  
SP Snare 26 SP Strum 1 SP Reverse  
SP Snare 27 SP Strum 2 SP Reverse 2  
SP Snare 28 SP EvilLaugh SP Sticky Stick  
SP Snare 29 SP Scratch SP Gtr Up  
SP Snare 30 SP RecordNoiz SP Weird Nylon  
SP Snare 31 SP SlikdaFat SP Spanish Gtr  
SP Snare 32 SP Tom Up SP Gtr Wah  
SP Snare 33 SP Male Yeller SP Piano Lick 1  
SP Snare 34 SP FX SP Piano Lick 2  
SP Snare 35