Symphonic Strings HD

DSF Cakewalk Dimension Symphonic Strings HD
  • Symphonic Cinematic
  • Symphonic Ensembles
  • Symphonic Sections
  • Symphonic SFX

Symphonic Strings is a collection of string ensembles recorded in the amazing Saint Thomas Cathedral at Bastyr University in Northern Washington State in the US. The cathedral is 48 feet tall and features unusual near-perfect acoustics that attract frequent recording sessions for Hollywood films. Scores for "Brokeback Mountain," "About Schmidt," "Mr. Holland's Opus," "Mirror Mirror,", and orchestral tracks for Dave Matthews album have been recorded here. The cathedral is wired so that a modified bus configured for recording can pull up and plug into the pre wired snake to track the performance.

Four pairs of microphones, both on stage and in the hall, were used to capture various size sections that are recombined in Dimension. Each of the sections (Basses/Celli/Violas/Violins) is assigned to an element allowing full control of the mix. Included are Large Ensembles, Small Ensembles, Individual Sections, Cinematic, and Effects.

Symphonic Strings HD Instrument Listing

Symphonic Cinematic Symphonic Ensembles Symphonic Sections Symphonic SFX

Cinematic Attack

Full String Ensemble 1

10 Celli Legato Hall & Studio

Celli Synth

Expressive Sections

Full String Ensemble 2

10 Celli Legato Rel Vel

Filtered Combinations


Full String Ensemble 3

10 Celli Pizzicato

Frosty Reso

Large Ensembles

Full String Ensemble 4

10 Celli Spiccato Hall & Studio

Galactix Glyder

Legato Attack & Pizzicato

Large Section Basses & Violas Legato

10 Celli Spiccato

Octave Stack

Legato Attack Ensemble

Large Section Celli & Violins Legato

10 Celli- Delay

Pitched Voices

Legato Pizzicato Large Section MW

Large Sections Legato Pizzicato Vel

10 Violins Legato Hall & Studio

Pizzi Muse

Legato Pizzicato Small Section MW

Large Sections Legato Spiccato Vel

15 Celli Legato

Slop Bass

Legato Spiccato Large Section MW

Large Sections Legato Spiccato

15 Celli Spiccato

String Filters

Lush Strings

Pizzicato Sections 1

15 Violas - Delay



Pizzicato Sections 2

16 Violins - Delay

Synthetic Drifter

Massive Bed

Pizzicato Sections 3

16 Violins Legato p-f


Modern Section

Small Sections Legato Rel Vel

16 Violins Legato Rel Vel


Pizzicato Delays

Small Sections Legato Spiccato Vel

16 Violins Pizzicato


Rich Strings

Small Sections Legato

21 Violins Legato

Tubed Strings

Sections & Ahhs

Small Symphonic Sections

21 Violins Pizzicato

Underwater Cellos

Sections & Oohs

Spiccato Strings 1

3 Basses Legato


Sections Band Pass

Spiccato Strings 2

3 Basses Pizzicato 1



Spiccato Strings 3

3 Basses Pizzicato 2


Sympho Theamatic

Studio String Sections

3 Basses Pizzicato 3


Symphonic Ahhs Vel Spiccato


5 Celli & Violins Legato


Symphonic Ahhs


5 Celli Legato Rel Vel


Symphonic Oohs


5 Celli Legato Studio Rel Vel


Symphonic Phased


5 Celli Legato Studio


Synthetic Mode


5 Celli Legato


5 Celli Spiccato


5 Violas Legato Rel Vel


5 Violas Legato


5 Violas Pizzicato 1


5 Violas Pizzicato 2


5 Violas Pizzicato 3


5 Violins Legato Rel Vel


5 Violins Legato Studio


5 Violins Legato


5 Violins Pizzicato


6 Basses - Delay


6 Basses Legato Rel Vel


6 Basses Legato


6 Basses Spiccato


Size – 1.7 gigabyte and 100 Programs

Digital Sound Factory HI DEFINITION libraries include high quality detailed instruments finely tuned for the Dimension synthesizer. Instruments contain samples recorded at 24 bit resolution, each pitch, and programmed for the ultimate clarity and realism.