Synthesizer Rage

Digital Sound Factory Rapture Synthesizer Rage

Everyone has synthesizers in their closet, but no one has ever had synthesizers like these. Rapture is the ‘Rage’ and this sound set proves it. These hard edge slicing sounds will cut through just about any mix, and take your sound over the top. Synth basses that redefine ‘bottom end’ and hybrid sound combinations that will turn heads are awaiting your command.

Rapture Synthesizer Rage Instrument Listing

    Synth Leads
Synth Basses  
Synth FX        
Analog Brass Duo Prophet Analog Buzz Breath Pipe Analog Saw Spread
Analog Punch Evolution Lead Analog Punch Bring U Back Attitude
Ancient Pad Fat Lead Attitude Bass Bull Fight Chanting Bass
Angry Juno Harmonic Synth Bass Punch Distant Evolution Choral Singers
Bamboo Voice Heavy JP Bass Wall Double Quadraphix Counter Bass
Breathy Synth JP8 PWM Big Jup Bass Drone Overdrive Cruising
Brite Bite JP8 Sync Pulse Both Butters FM Koto Dance Duet
Call Me Fat JP8 Synco Lead Buddha Bass Ghandi Synth Distant News
Classic Byte Juno & JP Butter Gut Gravitation Distorto
CZ Stack Juno Pulse C64 Flanged Gridski Driving Bass
Digi Pluck Bell Large Stack CZ Digi Bass Juno Hybrid Sweep Fat Pluck
Double Pulse Lyles Duet Deep Mighty Sweep Groov In
DX Horn Chord Mad Mini Distort Bass Modern Madness Harmonic Runner
Floater Synth Mini Interval Double Synth OB Drone Hover Synth
FM Ring Mod Moin Ripper Euro Bass Oscar Warp Inca Party
Fusion Pluck Mystic Lead Fat JP Fuzz Post Modern Klang Juno Backer
Glitter Synth Nice Mini Lead Fat JP8 Screamin Syntar Juno Pulsation
India Harmonic Synth Off the Charts Fat Moog Smoke Signals Jupiter Jumper
Jay Dee P600 Fuzz Lead Fatty Steam Lead Me Along
JP 8 Combo Pipe Dreams Flange Madness Steel Drum Synth Magic Flute
JP Eight Pulse Pair Fringe Frier Synthetic Landing Matrix Pulse
Juno Airsweep Raw Sync Fusion Hybrid The Lost Few Matrix Rush
Juno Sixty Ring Mod Lead Hang Bass The Pits Mod Pulsar
Jupiter Breather SEM Hard Snap Vapor Wash Oscar Control
Jupiter Shorty Square Reso 1 Hollow Bass Vector P10 Pulsar
Matrix Square Reso 2 Hollow Butter Vibro Noise Poly Beat
Mini Brass Sweet Mini JP8 U-Bass Vibrogrid Produced
Mini Moog Synth Flute JPX8 Bass Washed Out Pulsed Pulsar
Moin Synth Three Osc Mini Juno Rez Distorter   Pumping Synth
Moog 55 Trail Flute Juno Sizzle   Pure Ecstasy
Moog Comper Tri Saw Pair JX8 Bass   Rage Rocker
Multi Brass Unison Rez Metal Bass   Rave Attack
Mystic Stab Yellow Jackets Mini Bass   Sam's Klub
Mystic Synth   Moog Bass   Smoothly Moving
P-Ten   Overdriven Bottom   Timed Exposure
Planet Stab   P600 Fuzz   TW Swing
Pluck Flute   Planet Stab   Unison Buzz
Poly SEM   Put Bass   Wild SY
Poly Square   Reso FM    
Post Modern Pluck   Rez CS-15    
Prophet Duo   Rezo Basso    
Quadraphix   Rezz Distortor    
Reso FM   SEM Bass    
Rising Juno   Spongy Bass    
Sizzle Synth   Square Reso    
Smoke Signals   Stab FM    
Smoothly   Sub Bass Fuzz    
Stabby   Sub Bass    
Super Juno   Sub Rez Bass    
Suspense   Super Stabber    
SY Synth   Sync Up    
Synth Brass Deluxe   T8 Distorted    
Synth Brass   Taurus Axiom    
Synth Piano   Taurus    
T-8 Keys   TB-303    
Traveling Synth   Wasp Bass    
Vinyl Strings   Wet N Wild    
Wild Distiller   Wild Distiller