TB 303

Roland TB 303

The TB303 (Transistor Bass) was introduced in the early 1982's by Roland as a companion to the TR606 Drumatix. The TB303 sold well in its three years of production, but it didn’t become a cult item until years later. Acid-House music producers discovered that its nasty, high resonance filter sound could cut through any mix like an electric knife. These little bass boxes are still in high demand and often command prices as high as $800.00! Original price: $395.00

9 Megabytes

TB 303 Instrument Listing

TB303 Saw
TB303 Solid Saw
TB303 Reso 1
TB303 Reso II
TB303 Normal Square
TB303 Vari Square
TB303 Square Reso 1
TB303 Square Reso 2
TB303 Solid Square
TB303 Sweeper Sqr
TB303 Sweeper Again
TB303 Beefy Sweeper
TB303 Phasy Sweeper
TB303 Twisted Saw
TB303 Saw Solo
Solid Saw 2
TB303 Saw Res 1
TB303 Saw Res 2
TB303 Solid Square
TB303 Sweeper Square
TB303 Sweeper Repeat
TB303 Beffy Sweeper
TB303 Phasy Repeat