Digital Sound Factory Z3TA+2 Ultraspheres
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  • Sequences
  • 200 Programs

Digital Sound Factory Z3TA+2 Ultraspheres fills the audio spectrum with massive cinematic textures and waveforms that are twisted with dynamic wave shaping control. These sounds are thick and edgy, and are not only the icing on the cake, but the foundation for prolonged creativity and imagination. Exciting lush pads and motion transitions will fill your tracks with waveform harmonics only possible with the Z3TA+2 synthesizer engine. LFO’s and effects lock to MIDI clock creating motion through rhythmic synchronization. Ultraspheres includes 200 exciting programs and new waveforms. Sound categories include Ultraspheres, Ultra Pads, Transitions, and Sequences.

Z3TA+2 Ultraspheres Instrument Listing

Ultra Pads
Alternate Worlds Additive Voices Alien Birds Altitude Soaring
Analog Motion Air Portal Attitude Bells Carousels
Brite & Brittle Astro Glitter Bell Ringers Cloud Window
Calm Resonance Beauty Pad Contemplating Continum
Chasmic Trails Chanters Decending Rez Diguit Chunks
Crispy Synth Bells Digi Floot Digi Chordal Don't Look Back
De Parabyte Digi Winds End Game Factor Spectrum
Digital Nomad Digital Abyss Flip Side Far From Here
Estimanor Digital Lush Free Form Shaper Fashion Statement
Filtered LFO Distant Pad Glass Cutter Find Sync
Floating Clouds Dreamy Glizz Andow Finding Holes
Formants Etherial Trace Grinding Fluttery Saws
Glitter Specs Everlasting Storms Hypermania Forever Giver
Graceful Soulmates Fine Scented Inside the Void Formant Chanters
Granulations Floating Cream Into Pitch Format Chopper
Halo Wash Gallos Variants Massive Fog Glitterizations
Healic Glory Pad Modern Glyder Ground Fantasy
High Pass Reso Hypnotic Mov'in Down Laymont
Hollow Forms Icy Dreams Mystery Sweeper Machine Flies
HP Spectrum Imaginations Over Eazy Migrantative
Ice Caverns Multipad Over Hear Missed Transaction
Icy Wires O E Ahh Pin Hole Octavic Jumper
Lite Wash Offset Pitched Together On the Run
Little Brittle Osc Pulse Progressive Palace Walls
Memory Games Over Eazi Remen Ants Pedgia
Metalic Glimmers Over Synced Scraper Osc Pixel Droplets
Mixed Spectrums Pan Spinner Sculpting Pungent
Multi Sync Shaper Quiet Approach Shape Spinner Reso Robotic
Orelandize Radioized Space Winds Rhythm Mission
Oscivate Reso Reasons Squared Off Rich U All
Out Land Resonating Grace Star Drifter Romantics
Phazo Auto Ring On Start Up Santitized
Plasmatic Shape Upward Strung In Sombering
Processing Panner Shimmer Specs Suspicious Shapes Spectral Strums
Profanta Shrill Ensemble Tranformed Chamber Spherics
Progressive Spectral Shapes Trem Synth Steamed Ghosts
Pulsating Spectrums Synthetic Orchestra Trooper Strumatic
Pulsed Wide Synthetic Voices Turat Thagrine
Radio Smush Tonal Rezonaunt Under Cast Tinkers Bells
Relophonic Under Glare Unpartial Panner TransUnion
Sawsity Sweep Unsolidified Wave Mash Turn It Round
Scribing Vertical Motions   Twinkles
Self Proclaimed Viperwaves   U R Us
Serenity Voice Rings   Understated
Shaken Whispering Synth   Waterfalls
Shimmer Waves Ya Digital   Xtra Randomization
Sling Back     Yah Chord
Solumeze     Yeh Yah
Spectra Grade      
Square LFO Landing      
Stringed Digits      
Thin Lines      
Tone Slider      
Ulmost Strato      
Un Paratone      
Un Tempered      
Under Tones      
Uni Matched      
Voice Synth Shimmers      
Wave Structures      
Wide Spectrums