V01 Grand Piano

Digital Sound Factory Dimension Grand Piano Volume 01

  • Yamaha Conservatory Grand Piano
  • Includes 200 additional Dimension Programs
  • Free Dimension LE Software Synthesizer

Digital Sound Factory Volume 1 is an expansion pack for Cakewalk's Dimension LE and Dimension Pro synthesizers. There are 336 programs for Dimension Pro and 200 programs for Dimension LE. This sound set features a Yamaha Conservatory Grand Piano and was recorded at Open Path Studios in San Jose, California. Using Audio Technica 4060 microphones and high quality preamps, multiple layers were captured at 24-bit, 96khz resolution. Each sample was reviewed, and the best were assembled to create the Dimension Grand. As a result of this process, the samples are perfectly matched, sound great, and are free of artifacts. The Digital Sound Factory Volume 1 set also expands upon Dimension's factory set of Orchestral, Layers, Splits, Electric Pianos, Basses and more. These new presets layer the new piano samples for the ultimate Multi-Timbral experience.

Dimension Volume 1 Grand Piano Instrument Listing

Grand Piano
Dimension Grand Piano Almost B Belly Grand Bass Clarinet & Clarinet Almost B 80's Synth
Dark Grand KU Almost Electric Piano Bone, Tenor, Trumpet, & Flute Bass Clarinet & Contra Bassoon B Free Abrasive Abuse
Dark Grand B Free Contra Bassoon & Tenor Sax Bass Section with Attack B You T Airy Euro Synth
Dimension Grand EQ B You T Contra Bassoon & Trombone Bassoon & Bass Clarinet Back in the Day Alien Marimba
Dimension Grand KU Only Back in the Day Dark Grand & Synth Brass & Winds Classic B3 Analog Strings
Dimension Grand KU Counterfeit Pipe Organ Electric Acoustic Piano Brass Section Counterfeit Pipe Organ Belly Square
Dimension Grand mid weighted KU Dirty Organ Stack Electric Bass & Piano Brass, Winds, & Harp Full Organ Bounce Back
Dimension Grand mid weighted Electric Pipes Filmscore Orchestra Brassy Winds Gritty B Breathy Synth
Dimension Grand Over Drive KU Electronic Harpischord Flute & Koto Celli Section with Attack Little Comper Brite & Punchy
Dimension Grand Over Drive FM Clav FM Grande Concerto Winds Old Pump Organ Cheese Brazz
Dimension Grand weighted KU FM CP FM Piano & Synth Detache & Brass Old Red Top Chiffer Synth
Dimension Grand weighted FM Digger FM Strings Detache & Pizz Rock Organ China Ringer
Dimension Grand FM Reeds Forever Grand & Detache Strings Detache & Woodwinds Soap Opera Cluster Chord
Duel Grand Pianos Glassy Electric Piano Grand & Long Strings Detache Section Virtual B Coming Back
Honky Tonk Gritty B Grand & Pizz Strings Ensemble Atmospheric Delays Crystal Palace
Mellow Grand KU Impartial Organ Grand & Strings French Horn Section Bellastic Dance Haze
Mellow Grand Imposter EP Grand & Tremolo Strings Full Orchestral with Harp Choristers Dance Hit 1
Parlor Grand KU Krispy Kritter Grand Rhodes Full Orchestral Distant Approach Dance Hit 2
Parlor Grand Little Comper Grand Wurly Harp and String Ensemble  Dreaming of You Dance Hit 3
Piano Bar KU Mello Reed EP Hammond Piano Harp Drifting Away Ear Bender
Piano Bar Old Red Top Harp & Detache Large Bass Section Dulcalog Electrical Lines
Piano Pedal Down EQ Organ Panner Harp & Grand Piano Large Celli Section Electric Orchestra Fusion Comp
Piano Pedal Down Weighted Organic Fabric Marimba Grand Large Viola Section Emerald Forest Head Klanger
Piano Pedal Down Rock Organ Marimba, Harp & Xylo Large Violin Section Galactic Approach Hi Octane
Piano Pedal Sim Footswitch Simple Electric Piano Pair O Saxes Large Wind Ensemble Glimmer Pad Hollow Room
Piano Pedal Sim MW Stereo Clav Piano & Choir Large Wind Section Inflated Time Ill Rational
Piano Pedal Up Weighted Synthy EP Piano & Hammond Legato Section Magic Potion Impulsive Synth 1
Piano Pedal Up Wurly Clone Piano and Brass Long & Short Bows Mello Panner Impulsive Synth 2
Rock Piano KU   Piano and Winds Majestic Brass MetalfOrik In The Lead
Rock Piano Electric Pianos Piano Choir MW Male Choir  Missing Surprise Jumpy Synth
Studio Grand KU Electronic Harpischord Piano Pad Modern Winds Mod Wheel Suprise Massive Q
Studio Grand Fusion Piano Piano, Choir, & Strings Oboe & Bassoon Modulator Mega Synth
Tweeked Dance Piano Mello Wurlitzer Piano, Rhodes, & Pad Octave Harp Multiwave Mellow Texture
  Nice Wurly Pizz FM Octave Strings Pulsation Modern Synth
  Pretty EP Post Modern Flutes Piano & Harp  Saturn Rings Not So Mini
  Rhodes & Strings Rhodes & Synth Strings Piano & String Section  Starter Pad OB-Xa
  Rhodes & Wurly Shimmering EP & Strings Piano & Strings LegPizz String Beauty Pad Odd Rhythm
  Rhodes Close Pickups Sitar & Dulcimer Pizz & Brass  Swipe Out Pan Spinner
  Rhodes Overdrive Sitar & Koto Pizz & Woodwinds  Synthetic Orchestra Pipe Synth
  Rhodes Pad 1 Tenor, Trumpet, & Flute Pizz Quartet Thor's Choir Singing Synth
  Rhodes Pad 2 Trumpet and Sax Quartet Attack  Trash Chord Skuwalker
  Wurlitzer & Strings Twilight Grand Section Brass  Underworld Forest Slam'in Lead
  Wurlitzer Overdrive Upright Bass & Piano Section Strings  UnKnown pad Slow Riser
  Wurlitzer Piano Winds Sleepy Quartet Vocal Like Solar Orchestra
  Wurly Pad 1 Windy Combo Small Wind Section Vox Wash Stinger
  Wurly Pad 2 Wood Flute & Kantele Solo Strings & Piano  Well Rounded Synth Brazz
    World O Flutes Strings & Brass  Where R U Synth Strings
    Wurly & Synth Strings Symphonic Strings & Piano Which Way R U Going Synthetic Beauty
      Symphony & Piano   Talking Saws
      Synth Strings    Xylophonic
      Tremolondo Quartet    Your Following
      Two Pianos & Strings    zeTa
      Two Pianos & Winds    Zither Synther
      Two Pianos, Winds & Brass   Basement Bass
      Two String Sections   BiG Mo'
      Violin Section with Attack    Bottom Bass
      Woodwind Deluxe   Bouncer Snap Bass
       XHT   Byte Bass
       Xtra Large Orchestral   Dancing Bass
          Dr. Punch
          Econo Bass
          Edgy Hybrid
          EP Bass
          EP Low Bass
          Face Bass
           Fashion Plus
          Heavy on the Pedal
          Hollow Bottom
          Hot & Nasty
          Little Phatty
          Low Hybrid
          No Way!!!!
          Noisy Electiric Bass
          Over Bass
          Over Tone Bass
          Panty Dropper
          Punch Popper
          Semi Acoustic
          Slightly Nasty
          Snap Bass
          Snap Bass
          Sub Limit Tall
          Sub Sonic
          Sub Who
          Super Sub
          Synth Basement
          Take It Down
          The Other Snap
          VS Bassics
          Walk with Me
          WoW Bass