V02 Classic Keys

Digital Sound Factory Dimension Classic Keys Volume 2

  • 300 Classic Keyboard Programs
  • 1 Gigabyte Samples
  • Free Dimension LE Software Synthesizer

Digital Sound Factory presents Volume 2 Classic Keys keyboard collections from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s re mastered for Cakewalk’s Dimension Pro/LE. All keyboards were multi-sampled/multi-velocity-sampled through high quality analog to digital convertors providing for the best fidelity possible. Each instrument was then mapped to the keyboard and fine tuned to perfection. These new programs not only sound authentic to the real keyboards, but go on to the next generation of sounds for keyboards. With the power of Dimension, new possibilities for layering, filtering, and envelopes go way beyond the original hardware possibilities. This collection contains one gigabyte of samples and 300 programs.

Dimension Volume 2 Classic Keys Instrument Listing

Electric Pianos
Synth Leads
Synth Basses
AntiMatic Beauty Tines ARP Fifths Chiff Follower ARP Axxe Classic
Cosmic Floater Chime Piano ARP Port MW Distorted Repeater ARP Fat Bass 1
Crystal Synth Double Wurly ARP Saws Hi Passed Out ARP Fat Bass 2
Desert Peace EP Bells ARP Squares Juno Pulse Out ARP Saw Port MW
Drifting Away Fusion Keys ARP Vel to Fc Jupiter Sync Lead Attitude
Far Away Lounge Reeds Classic Four Pole Lady Chaser Basic Bass
Gentle Flow Magic EP MW Fat Mini Mini Lead Bass Pad
Glitter Synth Mello Jello Hand Built Synth Mini Ripper Bottom Bass KU MW
Graceful Procedure Mello Rhodes JD800 Pad Ms Leading Classic Synth
Icy Wash OB Rhodes JD800 Vel to Fc Nasty Jupiter Clicky
Lunar Meltdown Overdrive Rhodes JD800 Voices OB Pulsator Come Back Baby
Mammoth Phased Fusion JD800 P10 Pulse Lead Dance Bass
Out of Touch Pretty Tines Juno 60 Straight Up Quack Lead Euro Phatt Bass
Outer Rings Push'in Tubes Juno Pulse Round Lead Growler
Outside Drifter Reed Booster Juno Sweeper Saw Clones Iron Sawz
Progressive Orchestra Rhodes & Strings Jupiter 8 PWM Scream'in JD Thunder Bass
Strung Out Rhodes & Vox Jupiter 8 Sync Slow Attack ARP Knocker Bass
Submerged Grand Rhodes Amped Jupiter 8 Sync Cutter Metalic Pole Pusher
Synth Jumper Rhodes and Elka Large Matrix Ur Follow'in Me Milky Synth Bass
Time Slice Rhodes Synth Matrix Overhaul   Mini Fat Bass
Timeless Rhodes Matrix   Moog Fat Port MW
Tranquility Stage Wurlitzer Mega Synth   Multi Saw
Tribute to Orion Suitcase Mini Intervals   Nice Mini Bass
Twinkler Tacky Rhodes Mini Portamento MW   Pedal Power MW
Warm Floater Wet EP Nice Juno   Phatty
Weightless Wurlitzer OB Matrix   Power Synth
Your Wheel Wurly & Strings OB-Xa Pulse   Progressive
  Wurly Overdrive OB-Xa Saws   Pulse Bass
  Wurly Pulse OB-Xa Sweeper   Pure Punch
  Wurly Synth OB-Xa   Reso Basso
    P10 Panner   Rezo Pulse Bass
    Percussive OB   Ride the Wheel
    pLunKsynth   Slippery
    Prophet 10 Pulse   Taurus Pedals
    Prophet 10 Saws   Tine Bass
    Prophet 10   Transformer
    Pulse Jab   Vocal Bass
    Pure ARPity   Wheel Surprize
    Sequenced Saws   Xtra Large
    Sizzl'in Juno    
    Synco Squares    
    Synth Brass    
    Synthy Voice Stack    
    Velocity Power Synth    
Electro Mechanical
Grand Piano
Clavinet KU MW.prog Astral Voices Ballroom Grand Abbey Strings 16&1 Simulation
Clavinet.prog Ballad Drifter Concert Grand Piano ARP Strings 16&1 Vib Distorted
Layed Bak Clav.prog Brite Synth Dark Grand Beauty Section 16&1 Vib
Phase Tube Clav.prog Clav Synth Grand Piano 1 Ped Sim Chamber Strings All Out Distorted
Rezzo Clav.prog Drifting Away Grand Piano 1 Choir & Strings All Out Sim
Tron Choir Sweep.prog Future Choir Grand Piano 2 Ped Sim Combo Attack Strings All Out Vibrato Sim
Tron Female Choir.prog Grand & OB-Xa Grand Piano 2 Crystalized Strings All Out Vibrato
Tron Male & Female Choir.prog Grand & Synth Voices Grand Piano 3 Ped Sim Detache Strings & Vocals All Out
Tron Male Choir.prog Grand & Tines Grand Piano 3 Detache Strings B & Rhodes
Tron Strings & Choir.prog Interval Choir MW Grand Piano 4 Ped Sim Elka Rhapsody Comper
Tron Strings.prog Ivory Pad Grand Piano 4 Expressive String Section Distortor
Up Rezz Clavical.prog Joyous Choir Grand Piano 5 Filmscore Strings Expressive 888
Wah Wah Clav.prog Jupiters Choir Honky Tonk Hybrid Strings Expressive All Out
Wurly Clav.prog Matrix JD Juno Mello Grand Legato Detache MW First 3 2nd Perc
  Matrix Voices Over Processed Matrix Strings First 3 3rd Perc
  Ooh Ahh Piano and Orchestra Section Strings First 3 Vib 2nd Perc
  Perky Sizzle Piano Bar Slow Attack First 3 Vib 3rd Perc
  Pretty Choir Punchy Grand Stacked Synthetic Heavy Key Click
  Pulse Fifths Rock Piano String Ensemble Horse Shoe Vib
  Pulse Keys   Stringed Vocals Jazzed
  Saw Fifths   Sweeper Strings Nice Combination
  Sawz All   Victor Ensemble Rock Organ
  Sizzle Cutter     Slam'in B
  Smooth Analog      
  Squarez All      
  Stacked Choirs      
  Stringed Choir      
  Sweeping Giants      
  Synthetic Choir      
  Synths In My Orchestra      
  Tine Orchestra