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Digital Sound Factory Dimension Vocal Expressions Volume 3

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Digital Sound Factory Volume 3 Vocal Expressions is a collection of vocal ensembles, vocal hooks, vocal synths, and effects All vocals were sampled through high quality analog to digital convertors providing for the best fidelity possible. The vocal ensembles were originally recorded by the Ensoniq sound design team. Portions were used for various Ensoniq keyboards, but the entire collection was never released. DSF has remastered these classic vocals for use with modern day computers. These vocals are ready to enhance your music. This collection contains 350 mb of samples and 100 programs.

Dimension Volume 3 Vocal Expressions Instrument Listing

Vocal Ensembles
 Vocal Phrases
  Synth Voices  
Ahh Oohs Vel All Talk Ahhs & Pizz Strings Air Choir
Big Voices Choir Percs Ahhs & Section Strings Asymetric Vocals
Choir Ahhs & Ohhs Doo Ahhs & Winds Choir Girls
Choir Ahhs Hip Choir Talk Brass & Choir Choir Vox
Choir Oohs Human Kit Choir & Horns Choral Group
Enchantment Let's Dance Choir & Organ Chordal
Expressive Choir Maurice-Isms Dance Doos Cluster
Film Score Choir Maurice Drifting Choir D-Bell Choir
Gigantic Choir Ohh Yea EP & Vocals Floaters
Grande Event Phat Harp & Choir Huge Ahhs
Large Choir Ensemble System Haunted Choir Mellotron Boys
Large Oohs Turn Me Up Oohs & Section Strings Mellotron Men
Major Chord Vocal Snips Oohs & Winds Mellotron Women
Massive Vocalise Oohs 2 & Section Strings Monks
Maurice Vox Vox Attack Tron Choir Hybrid Nona
Men Ahhs Vox Map Vangelis Choir Pop Female
Men Oohs & Ahhs Yeah Wire Choir Pop Male
Men Oohs   Worldly Choir Sick Ones
Mixed Ahhs     Synthetic Ahhs
Multi Choir     Synthetic Choir
Octave Choir     Thor
Ohh Ahh Vel     Voice Synth Lead
Ooh Ensemble     Voice Synth
Oohs Yea     Voicyst
Pop Ahhs     Vox Pad
Pop Choir      
Pop Gals      
Pop Guys      
Rock Vox 1      
Rock Vox 2      
Small Choir      
Stereo Ahhs & Oohs      
Stereo Ahhs      
Stereo Oohs      
Vib Lady      
Women Ahhs      
Women Oohs 1      
Women Oohs 2      
Women Oohs 3