V05 Studio Orchestra

Digital Sound Factory Dimension Studio Orchestra Volume 5

  • 15, 5, & Solo Violin
  • 10, 5, & Solo Viola
  • 10, 5, & Solo Cello
  • 8, 4, & Solo Bass
  • Woodwinds
  • Brass
  • Orchestral Percussion
  • Free Dimension LE Software Synthesizer

Digital Sound Factory Studio Orchestra offers a comprehensive collection of over 2 gigabytes of the finest strings, brass, woodwinds, and percussion samples, all meticulously recorded for the right expressiveness in each note to convey a truly realistic feel. The DSF Studio Orchestra has been programmed for the powerful Dimension player, delivering the most natural sounding instruments possible. Featuring Sections of 15, 5, & Solo Violin, 10, 5, & Solo Viola, 10, 5, & Solo Cello, 8, 4, & Solo Bass, Woodwinds, Brass, & Orchestral Percussion. What sets this orchestral library apart from the rest is that it also includes synthesizer waveforms blended with the realisms of the acoustics creating lush production ready sounds. We have also included a vocal ensemble and concert grand piano. Not only is the library authentic, but it reaches out and explores the timbre possibilities of electro acoustics creating incredible ready for scoring mixtures. The sounds are fresh, yet aged to perfection, and will work great in any mix.

Dimension Volume 5 Studio Orchestra Instrument Listing

Studio Orchestra
String Ensembles
String Sections
Winds Brass
Grand Piano
Attack Strings Whl Attack Strings 10 Celli Legato Bass Clar, Contra Bssn, & Trpt Ens Bass Drum Concert Grand Choir Stack 1
Brass & Wind Ensemble 1 Basses & Violas 10 Celli Major Trill Bass Clarinet & Trumpet Ens Celeste & Xylo Grand and Brass Choir Stack 2
Brass & Wind Ensemble 2 Basses, Violas & Solo Violin 10 Celli Minor Trill Bass Clarinet & Trumpet Celeste Grand and Full Orchestra 1 DSF Choir
Brass & Wind Ensemble 3 Celli & Solo Viola 10 Celli Pizzicato Bass Clarinet Crash Cymbals Grand and Full Orchestra 2 JD800 Voice
Brass & Wind Ensemble 4 Celli & Solo Violin 10 Celli Spiccato Bassoon Harp Gliss Grand and Strings Mellotron Men
Choir & Bells Celli & Violins 10 Celli Tremolande Brass & Winds 1 Harp Grand and Voices Mellotron Women
Clarinets & Bassoons Detache Legato Vel 10 Violas Detache Brass & Winds 2 Marimba & Celeste Grand and Winds Small Choir
Cosmic Floater Full Legato Section 10 Violas Legato Brass & Winds 3 Marimba Grand Piano Tron Men & Women
Detache Small Choir Full Section Detache 10 Violas Major Trill Brass & Winds 4 Metal Wood Combo    
Drifting Far Away Gentle Sectional 10 Violas Tremolande Brass & Winds 5 Metal  
Enhanced Quartet Large Orchestra 15 Violins Legato Brass Ensemble Orchestra Batterie    
Film Score Strings Legato & Detache Vel 15 Violins Major Trill Clarinet Snare Drum   Big Bottom Bass
Full Studio Orchestra & Voices Legato Major Trill Vel 15 Violins Pizzicato Cntra Bssn & French Horn Timpani   Collapsing Synths
Full Studio Orchestra Legato Minor Trill Vel 15 Violins Tremolande Contra Bassoon Tubular Bells   Elka & Jupiter
Grand & Winds Legato Pizzicato Vel 4 Bass Tremolande Contra Bssn & Flute Wood   Elka & Matrix
Grand Strings Choir Legato Section 4 Basses Legato English Horn Xylo Marimba Combo   Elka Cello & Strings
Harmonic Progressions Legato Spiccato Vel 4 Basses Major Trill Flute Xylophone   Elka Cello & Taurus
Ice Cycles Legato Tremolande Vel 4 Basses Minor Trill French Horn & Clarinet     Elka Cello
Icy Voices Pizzicato Section 4 Basses Pizzicato French Horn & English Horn     Elka Strings
JD Sectional Quartet & Small Section Strings 4 Basses Spiccato French Horn & Oboe     Fat Taurus Bass
Large Orchestra & Tubular Bells Section Major Trills 1 5 Celli Legato French Horn Ens & Clarinet     Juno 60
Legato Pizzicato Vel Section Major Trills 2 5 Celli Major Trill French Horn Ens & English Horn     Jupiter 8 PWM
Legato Spiccato Vel Section Minor Trills 1 5 Celli Minor Trill French Horn Ens & Oboe     Matrix
Light Brass & Winds Section Minor Trills 2 5 Celli Spiccato French Horn Ensemble     Mystic Tronsation
Matrix Wind Horns Section Pizzicato 5 Celli Tremolande French Horn     OB-Xa
Melloton & Strings Slow Legato Section 5 Violas Legato Large Mixed Winds     Repeater Synth
Metalic Symphony Small Section Legato 5 Violas Major Trill Oboe     Synth Floater
Millennium Strings Small Section Spiccato 5 Violas Minor Trill Piccolo     Synth Ringer
Modern Sectional Solo Cello & Violins 5 Violas Pizzicato Section Brass     Synth String Stack 1
Modern Strings Spiccato Basses, Celli, & Solo Violin 5 Violas Spiccato Trombone & Clarinet     Synth String Stack 2
Modularity 1 Spiccato Section 5 Violas Tremolande Trombone & English Horn     Synth String Stack 3
Modularity 2 String Quartet 5 Violins Detache Trombone & Flute     Tron Strings
Modularity 3 Symphonic Section Strings 5 Violins Legato Trombone & Oboe      
Motion Synth Strings Tremolande Section 1 5 Violins Major Trill Trombone      
Multi Section Panner Tremolande Section 2 5 Violins Minor Trill Trumpet Ensemble Major Chord      
Multi String Combo Xtra Large Strings & Choir 5 Violins Pizzicato Trumpet Ensemble Minor Chord      
Mystic Sections Xtra Large Strings 5 Violins Spiccato Trumpet Ensemble      
Orchestra & Matrix   8 Basses Detache Trumpet      
Orchestra & OB
Solo Strings
8 Basses Legato Tuba & Clarinet      
Orchestra & Tron Strings   8 Basses Major Trill Tuba      
Orions Circles Quartet 8 Basses Minor Trill Wind Ensemble      
Over Time Relaxed Quartet 8 Basses Tremolande Wind Section 1      
Overture Mood Solo Bass Solo Cello & Violas Wind Section 2      
Peaceful Occurances Solo Cello Solo Viola & Basses Wind Section 3      
Percussive Orchestra Solo Viola          
Quartet & Brass Solo Violin          
Quartet & Grand            
Quartet & Juno            
Quartet & Jupiter            
Quartet & Matrix            
Quartet & OB            
Quartet & Section Strings            
Quartet & Taurus            
Quartet & Winds            
Quartet Brass Whl            
Quartet Drifter            
Quartet Winds & Brass Whl            
Quartet Winds Whl            
Saturns Orchestra            
Section Brass & Small String Sec            
Section Strings & Bassoons            
Section Strings & Clarinets            
Section Strings & English Horn            
Section Strings & Flute            
Section Strings & French Horn Ensemble            
Section Strings & French Horn            
Section Strings & Oboe            
Section Strings & Trombone            
Section Strings & Trumpet Ensemble            
Section Strings & Trumpet            
Silky Threads            
Sliding Orch            
Slightly Synthetic            
Solo Synth Strings & Winds            
Spiccato and Choir            
Spiccato Brass Whl            
Spiccato Sensation            
Spiccato Winds & Brass Whl            
Spiccato Winds Whl            
Stellar Containment            
String Sections & Choir            
Stringed Chorus            
Stringed Peace            
Strings & Brass            
Strings & Synth Choir            
Strings & Tubular Bells            
Strings & Winds            
Strings and Analog            
Strings Brass Whl            
Strings Harp Whl Vocals            
Strings Winds & Brass Whl            
Strings Winds Whl            
Surreal Approach            
Swept Away Quartet            
Swept Choir            
Symphonic Galaxy            
Symphonic Orchestra & Choir            
Symphonic Orchestra            
Symphonic Passions            
Synth & Strings            
Synth Choir            
Synth Quartet            
Synthetic Strings            
Synthetic Voices            
Synthetic Winds & Brass            
Trail Strings            
Vibrant Cycles            
Washed Follower            
Wet and Narrow            
Winds & Brass Drifting            
Winds of Distance            
Woodwinds & Sm Str Sec 1            
Woodwinds & Sm Str Sec 2            
Woodwinds & Sm Str Sec 3