V06 Old World

Digital Sound Factory Dimension Old World Volume 6

  • African Melodic
  • African Percussion
  • Chinese Winds
  • India Winds
  • Russian Strings
  • Steel Percussion
  • Free Dimension LE Software Synthesizer

Old World Instruments represents an array of strings, winds, and percussion instruments from around the globe. African melodic and percussion, Chinese and India winds, Russian strings, and steel percussion instruments will color musical compositions with old world harmonic textures. Sampling expert Ed Mann (percussionist - Frank Zappa) meticulously recorded these authentic instruments to preserve the unique sounds and to make them readily available for all to enjoy. This collection brings inspiring elements that weave the old world into the new world.

Dimension Volume 6 Old World Instruments Listing

African Melodic
Around the Globe
Chinese Winds
  African  Perc
Russian Strings
Balafon 1 Auto Harp Strum Bon Di Pad BagBans Agogo Hit Baglama 1 Brazil Drum Hit 1
Balafon 2 Auto Harp Bon Di Bansuri Quartet Ashiko 1 Baglama 2 Brazil Drum Hit 2
Balafon Loud Bottles Dizi 1 Pad Contrary Ashiko 2 Baglama Hard Brazil Drum Hit 3
Balafon Medium Conga Gun Hit Dizi 1+2 Drifting Winds Ashiko 3 Baglama Pluck & Trerm Brazil Drum Hit 4
Balafon Natural Loud Congas Dizi 1 Dulicmer & Koto Ashiko FX Baglama Soft Brazil Drum Hit 5
Balafon Natural Medium Congas Bongos Dizi 2 Pad Endless Backing Ashiko Hit 01 Baglama Synth Brazil Drum Hit 6
Balafon Natural Soft Cumbus Saz Hard Dizi 2 Ethereal Stuff Ashiko Hit 02 Baglama Tremolo Brazil Drum Player
Balafon Natural Tremolo Cumbus Saz Pluck & Tremolo   Ethereal Ashiko Hit 03 Baglama vel Pluck & Tremolo Cowbell Hit
Balafon Natural Cumbus Saz Soft
Inda Winds
Future Wall Ashiko Hit 04 CB Balalaika 1 Cymbals
Balafon Soft Cumbus Saz Tremolo   Kalimba Duet Ashiko Hit 05 CB Balalaika 2 Gong 1 Mute
Balafon Synth 1 Cumbus Saz vel PluckTremolo Bansuri Alto Loon Garden Ashiko Hit 06 CB Balalaika Hard Gong 1 Open
Balafon Synth 2 Cumbus Saz Bansuri Bass Multi Winds Ashiko Hit 07 CB Balalaika Mute Gong 1
Balafon Tremolo Fifths Bansuri Huff 1 Odd Combo Ashiko Hit 08 CB Balalaika Pluck & Tremolo Gong 2 Mute
Bass Kalimba & Kalimba vel Greek Bazouki 1 Bansuri Huff 2 Padded Down Ashiko Hit 09 CB Balalaika Soft Gong 2 Open
Bass Kalimba & Thumb Piano Greek Bazouki 2 Bansuri Huff 3 Plucked Wind Ashiko mw-Tune CB Balalaika Tremolo Gong 2
Bass Kalimba Hard Greek Bazouki Hard Bansuri Huff FX Side Fade Bell Rattle FX 1 CB Balalaika vel Pluck Tremolo Gong 3 Mute
Bass Kalimba Soft Greek Bazouki Mute Bansuri Soprano Sitar & Tambora Bell Rattle FX 2 Prima Domra 1 Gong 3 Open
Bass Kalimba Greek Bazouki Pluck & Tremolo Bansuri Synth 1 Stack Bell Bell Rattle Hit 1 Prima Domra 2 Gong 3
Bottlefloot Greek Bazouki Soft Bansuri Synth 2 Stacked Bell Rattle Hit 2 Prima Domra Hard Gong 4 Mute
Kalimba 2 Greek Bazouki Tremolo Bansuri Synth 3 String Collection Bell Rattle Hit 3 Prima Domra Pluck & Tremolo Gong 4 Open
Kalimba Hard Greek Bazouki vel Pluck Tremolo Bansuri Tenor Thumb Piano Special Bell Rattle Hit 4 Prima Domra Soft Gong 4
Kalimba Soft Guiro Hit Venu Huff 1 Water Bike Bell Rattle Hit 5 Prima Domra Tremolo Gong 5 Mute
Kalimba Synth Jaw Harp Alto Venu Huff 2 Wet Bottles Bell Rattle mw Tune Prima Domra Vel Pluck & Tremolo Gong 5
Kalimba Jaw Harp Clav Boyee Hi Venu Huff 3   Bell Rattle Segundo Domra 1 Gong 6 Mute
Pan's Pipes Jaw Harp Clav Ee Venu Layers
Block Hit Segundo Domra 2 Gong 6
Thumb Piano Hard Jaw Harp Clav Eh Venu Synth   Djembe 1 Segundo Domra Hard Gong 7 Mute
Thumb Piano Soft Jaw Harp Clav Oo Venu Bodhran Hit 1 Djembe 2 Segundo Domra Mute Gong 7 Open
Thumb Piano Jaw Harp Clav Ow Wild Bansuri Bodhran Hit 2 Djembe 3 Segundo Domra Pluck & Tremolo Gong 7
  Jaw Harp Clav Pluck 1   Bodhran Hit 3 Djembe 4 Segundo Domra Soft Gong 8 Open
  Jaw Harp Clav Pluck 2   Bodhran Hit 4 Djembe 5 Segundo Domra Tremolo Gong 8
  Jaw Harp Clav Pluck 3   Bones Hit Djembe Hit 1 Segundo Domra Vel Pluck Tremolo Gong 9 Mute
  Jaw Harp Clav Uu   Bongo Hit Djembe Hit 2   Gong 9 Open
  Jaw Harp Soprano   Celtic Harp 1 Djembe Hit 3   Gong 9
  Jaw Harp Synth   Celtic Harp 2 Djembe Hit 4   Hi Hat Hit
  Jaw Harp Tenor   Celtic Harp Hard Djembe Hit 5   Metalofon 1
  Kick Hit   Celtic Harp MedHard Djembe Hit 6   Metalofon 2 Mute
  Mandolin 1   Celtic Harp Medium Djembe Hit 7   Metalofon 2 Open
  Mandolin 2   Celtic Harp Soft Djembe Hit 8   Metalofon 2
  Mandolin Plk & Tremolo   Celtic Harp SoftHard Djembe Hit 9   Metalofon 3 Mute
  Mandolin Tremolo   Celtic Harp SoftMedium Djembe mw Tune   Metalofon 3 Open
  Mandolin Vel Pluck & Tremolo   Celtic Percussion Djun Djun Hit 1   Metalofon 3
  Mandolin   Irish Bazouki Djun Djun Hit 2   Metalofon 4 Mute
  Marimba   Penny Whistle Djun Djun Hit 3   Metalofon 4 Open
  Mystery Bells   Percussion Djun Djun Hit 4   Metalofon 4
  Oud 1     Djun Djun Hit 5   Metalofon 5 Mute
  Oud 2     Djun Djun Hit 6   Metalofon 5 Open
  Oud Hard     Djun Djun Hit 7   Metalofon 5
  Oud Pluck & Tremolo     Djun Djun   Metalofon 6 Open
  Oud Tremolo     Gankokwe Bells   Metalofon 6
  Oud Vel Plk & Tremolo     Gankokwe Hi 1   Metalofon 7 Mute
  Ride Cymbal Hit     Gankokwe Hi 2   Metalofon 7 Open
  Salsa Kit     Gankokwe Hi 3   Metalofon 7
  Shakuhachi     Gankokwe Hi 4   Steel Drum Lead Pan
  Short Sitar     Gankokwe Hi 5   Toke Bell Hit 01
  Sitar     Gankokwe Hi 6   Toke Bell Hit 02
  Sparkillon 1     Gankokwe Hi 7   Toke Bell Hit 03
  Sparkillon 2     Gankokwe Low 1   Toke Bell Hit 04
  Sparkle Organ     Gankokwe Low 2   Toke Bell Hit 05
  Tablas     Gankokwe Low 3   Toke Bell Hit 06
  Tenor Banjo Loud     Gankokwe Low 4   Toke Bell Hit 07
  Tenor Banjo Mute Loud     Gankokwe Low 5   Toke Bell Hit 08
  Tenor Banjo Mute Soft     Gankokwe Low 6   Toke Bell Hit 09
  Tenor Banjo Pluck & Tremolo     Gankokwe Low 7   Toke Bell Hit 10
  Tenor Banjo Soft     Gankokwe Low 8   Toke Bell Hit 11
  Tenor Banjo Tremolo     Pandeiro Fx   Toke Bell Hit 12
  Tenor Banjo Vel Pluck & Tremolo     Ritual Drums   Toke Bell Hit 13
  Tenor Banjo     Ritual Hit 1   Toke Bell Hit 14
  Timbale Hit     Ritual Hit 2   Toke Bell Hit 15
  Tubano Hit     Ritual Hit 3   Toke Bells
  Vacuum Pipe     Ritual Hit 4   Triangle FX
  Vibraslap     Ritual Hit 5    
  Waterphone     Ritual Hit 6    
        Ritual Hit 7    
        Shekere 1    
        Shekere 2    
        Shekere 3    
        Shekere Hit 1    
        Shekere Hit 2    
        Shekere Hit 3    
        Stick Drums    
        Stick Hit    
        Surdo Drum    
        Talking Drum 1    
        Talking Drum 2    
        Talking Drum 3    
        Talking Drum 4    
        Talking Drum 5    
        Talking Drum Hit 1    
        Talking Drum Hit 2    
        Talking Drum Hit 3    
        Talking Drum Hit 4    
        Tongue 01    
        Tongue 02    
        Tongue 03    
        Tongue 04    
        Tongue 05    
        Tongue 06    
        Tongue 07    
        Tongue 08    
        Tongue 09    
        Tongue 10    
        Tongue 11    
        Tongue 12    
        Tongue Drums