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Digital Sound Factory Dimension Guitars & Basses Volume 8

  • Electric Guitars
  • Acoustic Guitars
  • Electric Basses
  • Synth Basses
  • Guitar Chords/Licks
  • Free Dimension LE Software Synthesizer

Digital Sound Factory Volume 8 Guitars & Basses is a collection electric guitars, acoustic guitars, electric basses, synth basses, and guitar chords/licks. The instruments are represented as authentic and processed programs. Using the power of the Dimension engine, each multi sample was process to deliver the true feel of these stringed instruments. Instruments include Telecaster, Stratocaster, Les Paul, Fender, Yamaha Steel, Martin Nylon, and more. All instruments were recorded digitally at 24 bit resolution using Universal Audio 2-610 preamps and high quality A/D convertors. The acoustic guitars were recorded with a pair of Audio Technica 4060 microphones. Each note of each string was sampled to recreate the authenticity for your mix. The programs include both unprocessed clean instruments and processed tube emulation with effects.

These guitars and basses are ready to enhance your music. This collection contains 490 mb of samples and 220 programs.

Dimension Volume 8 Guitars & Basses Instrument Listing

Chords Licks
Synth Basses
Chorused Jazz Bass Acoustic Clav Bass Bend Lick Arp Bass
Classic Paul Chorus Bass Double Guitar 1 Chord Down!!! Arp Snap
Clean Steel String Chorus Picked Bass Double Guitar 2 Chord Down Bagg Bass
Clean Tele Mute Legato Vel Double Pizz Electric Guitar & Strings Chord lick Big FM
Clean Tele Mute Electrified Guitar & Bass 1 Come On Big Snap
Clean Telecaster Fat Fingers Guitar & Bass 2 Fading Away Bottom 101
Clean Velocity Wakkas Fat Picked Guitar & Bass 3 Floater Bounce Bass
Distant Distortions Finger Bass Guitar & Bass 4 Guitar Licks Bounce Bottom
Distorted Lead 1 Finger Bottom Guitar & Synth Lead Lick High 1 Deep End 1
Distorted Lead 2 Finger Mute Guitar & Synth Lick High 2 Deep End 2
Double Mute Fret Noises Halo Guitar Lick Low Fat Sub
Electric BB Funk Combo Imitator Bass Lick Roady Hummer
Electric Distortion Gruzzy Finger Layer Bass Licks All Juno DX
Electric Mutes Gruzzy Picked Mute & Strings Main Lick Mini Snap
Funky Strat Guitar Bass Nylon & Steel Guitars Nylon Chords Mini
Guitar Club Heavy Bottom 1 Nylon & Stratocaster Phaser Chord Murky Sweep
Guitar Fast Wahs Heavy Bottom 2 Nylon Guitar FX Quick Lick Snap Bass
Guitar Follower Heavy Picked Mute Paul & Strat Slide Down Snappy Taurus
Guitar Slow Wahs Multi Mute Picote Solo Lick 1 So Lo Pro
Guitar Synth Wah Lead Multi Pick Pretty Tremolo Solo Lick 2 Sub
Guitar Wakkas Mute Pick Bass Vel Saw Wakkas Solo Lick 3 Taurus
Hall Guitar Muted eBass Space Guitar Solo Lick 4 TB303 Saws
Heavy Mute Oscillation Bass Steel & Synth Solo Lick 5 TB303 Squares
Heavy Picked Nylon Pick Style Steel String Cello Violin Solo Lick 6 TB303
Jazz Guitar Picked & Amped Two Electrics Solo Lick 7 Thickly Settled
Jazzy Guitar Picked Bass Two Nylons Strum Vintage Synth Bass
Lead Guitar Picked Mute Bass Wak the Pad   Warm SEM
Less Paul Pilot Reso Way Out There   Wide & Deep
Modern Guitar Pilot      
Mute Fuzz Pop Bass 1      
Mute Slap Back Pop Bass 2      
Natural Les Paul Rock Bottom      
Nylon Alt Slap Bass 1      
Nylon Close Mic'd Slap Bass 2      
Nylon Upright 1      
Paul Panner Upright 2      
Pick Xtra  MW        
Picked Lead        
Picked Nylon 1        
Picked Nylon 2        
Plucky Nylon        
Processed Strat        
Psycho Jazz        
Radio Guitar        
Resonant Steel        
Rock A Billy        
Round Electric Overdive        
Slow Wahs        
Snappy Steel        
Spy Guitar        
Steel Overdrive        
Steel String        
Steel Strummer        
Stereo Mute        
Strat Attack        
Strat O        
Strat Panner        
Synth Guitar 1        
Synth Guitar 2        
Synth Trem Guitar        
Synthy Nylon        
Tele Mute Legato Vel        
Tele Picked        
Tremolo Strat        
Tremolo Tele        
Twead Guitar        
Twelve String        
Wakka Electric        
Wakka Slow Fast Vel        
Wheel X Lead