V11 Atmospheric

Digital Sound Factory Dimension Atmospheric Energy Volume 11

  • Atmospheric
  • Attacks
  • Leads
  • Pads
  • Textures
  • Transistions
  • Free Dimension LE Software Synthesizer

Digital Sound Factory Atmospheric Energy is an expansion pack for Cakewalk's Dimension LE and Dimension Pro synthesizers. This pack takes Dimensions programming power to the extreme. Combining a unique set of waveforms and interesting programming, these sounds are fresh for all styles of compositions. Atmospherics are 'drop in' ready to move harmonic content as you play. Pads and Textures provide the under pinning’s, and a unique set of leads will embellish melodies. Attacks and Transitions will fuse tracks together for those dry spots that need help. Loaded with 200 programs, Atmospheric Energy will change your music forever!

Dimension Volume 11 Atmospheric Energy Instrument Listin

Ambi Shakamatic Balimbic Beyond Lead Airy Moments Air Complex Complex Sync
Apocalypse Rebound Bell Wave 1 Byte Sync Aromic Pleasures Air Cycles Composite Tension
Butterfly Bell Bell Wave 2 Distant Lead 1 Big Synth Sweep Calibration Cross Fusion
Crispy Mega Phaser Bell Wave 3 Distant Lead 2 Chill Strings Complex Shifter Dropper 1
Crystaline Byte Synth Dive Crasher Chime Strings De Ment Id Dropper 2
Dessert Storm Crunchy Drifter Lead Complex Ghostly Wash Falling Strings
Digital Seaguls Dreamy Expressivity Constrained Gusty Noise Grand Synth Wash
Elite Movement Electro FX Floating Ocarina Distant Voices 1 Harmonic Ringers Harmonic Movement
Hard Mixture Grunge Pile Inharmonic Bouncer Distant Voices 2 Inharmonic Mixture Lush Synth
High Wire Grunge Pulsar Inharmonic Overtones Edgy Jupiter Jangle Wangle Magic Wash
Ice House Gruzzy Guy Interval Flutes Ether Synths Melodic Transplant Native Drifter
Island Synth Heavy Passion Jumpity Futuristic Strings Odd Harmonics On The Other Side
Jumpin Dropper Heavy Syncer Magic Ocarina Generation Choir Over Bass Perky Square
Magic Hut Hybrid Perc Metalic Synth Grunge Stack Padded After Effects Prison Revolt
Metallic Fluctuations Hydro Vox Mini Lead High Res Choirs Slow and Square Pulsate Her
Moon Drops I See You Mizmaric Hydro Vox String Drifter Rise and Fall Strings
Mutant Bells Juno Comper Non Perceptive Ice House Super Wash Rising Strings
Mystic Deep Low Trance Not As Expected Inharmonic Choir Synth Load String Pulsar
Not Alone Maniac Odd Harmonic Jupiter Gone Syntho Matic Stringed Attitude
Outer Edges Mega Mover Overtone Flute Mega Hybrid Strings Under Ground Symphonic
Outer Lands Mystery Bells 1 Pitch Smacker Mega Phase Watch Out Syncro Wash
Over Reaction Mystery Bells 2 Say What Mega Synth   Transfixed
Pulsar Riser Mystery Bells 3 Square Stack Mega Voices   Washed Attitude
Redux Oriental Soup Syn Vox Orbit Strings    
Regen Air Owl Bass Syntho Lead Organic Mix    
Singing Synths Pizz Air Tubular Ripper Prison Revolt    
Sizzle Groover Plucked Venu Tweaked Lead Profound Strings    
Smoke Signals Post Modern Noise Venuete Section Strings    
Somber Nights Post Modern Whistler Sitar Padding    
Syncolution Relax Windy Thoughts Sizzle Vox    
Syncro Saw Rock Slide Working Buzz Smooth Choir Synths    
Tone Drifter Sitar X Piper Smooth Drifter    
Trance Walkers Squeek Back X-Zhonghu Somber Gritt    
Transduced Sequence Stack Attack   Squarish Voice    
Tweeked Waves Super Moog   String Phaser    
Volution Syncro Noise   Strings & Voices 1    
Waterbells Synth Wood   Strings & Voices 2    
  Synthy Brasso   Syncro Saws    
  Torpedo Hit   Synth String Pad    
  Twinkle Celeste   Synth Vox    
  Wacka Digi   Synthetic Choirs    
  Wishfull   Syntholution    
      Venu Pad    
      Wind Synth