V12 UltraModern Synths

Digital Sound Factory Dimension UltraModern Synths Volume 12

  • Edgy Leads
  • Synth Basses
  • Pads
  • Modern Synths
  • Free Dimension LE Software Synthesizer

Digital Sound Factory UltraModern Synthesizers is an expansion pack for Cakewalk's Dimension LE and Dimension Pro synthesizers. Featuring a large palette of synth and harmonic waveforms, these synthesizers are designed for modern music. Hard cutting edgy leads, synth basses, pads, and modern synths await your command. These sounds are like no others and explore the power of Dimension’s synthesis capabilities. With over 400 great synth programs, this expansion pack will make your music UltraModern!

Dimension Volume 12 UltraModern Synthesizers Instrument Listing

Ultra Cutting Edge
Modern Pads
Modern Synths
Modern Attacks
Ultra Synth Basses
Ultra Leads
Ultra Modern Synths
Aggressive Sync 3001 Choir After Effect Backroom Voice Alien Sweep Ana Punch Alpha Centri
Breathiness Air Sweep Ana Brass Bellz O Fire Apocalypse Attitude Bell Vox
Bring It On Alaska Analog Saws Bellz Ringers Arc Angel 1 Bite Synth 1 Chopped & Stirred
Byte Me Please Analog Pulse Mod Bell 5th Pad Breath Pipe Arc Angel 2 Bite Synth 2 Clav 3000
Call Me Phatt Analog Strings Big PWM Clav Sweep Bang! Blostma Clav 4000
Cathedral Wall Analog Sweep Brass Patch CZ Bell Voice Beyond Bells Brass 20 Distant Follower
Crispy Synth Brass Ancient Pad! Brazzy Synth D-Bell Choir Big Noise Classic Byte Filter Jumper
Deep Analog Bella Voice Corona Deep Sweep Big Phaze CZ Synth Lead Fluctuating Resonance
Edgy Passion Big Strings Electro Sweep Digi Touch Big Series D-Tuned Lead Fourth Dimension
Expressive Padimba Breathy Falling Down Digipluck Bell Bonfire Decay Sweep Fringe Attitude
Fat Cutter Chorus Fat Pop Pad DX 1 BullFight Digital Mini Harmonic Slider
Fusion Collage Classic Pad FM Concert DX Duo Chill Out Fat Lead Heavy Quadraphex
Fuzz Ringer Combo Pad Fourth Dimension Dyno EP Church Clock Flute Synth Mega Saw Stack
Hybrid CS 8000 Pad Fringe Frier Thick Edgy Ecstasy Classic Pink Four Way Rez Mega Twinkle
Intrusion CS-15 Sweep Harmon Synth Electro Bells Classic White Fusion Dist Post Modern Stack
Mega Mix CZ Synth Pad Hybrid Sweep Electro Vibe Clustering Gruzzy Fusion Lead Spectre Sizzle
Micro Cutter D-50 Strings J 6 Synth EP Synth Crickets Heavy Buzz Synth Grande
Mod Pulsar D-Strings JP Stack FM Funkeys Cyber Distort Heavy Lead Synth World
Mutant Sync Digi Dream Pad Jupiter Cutter FM Kick N Clav Cyber Sweep High Beams The Next Organ
Post Modern Grind Digi Pad Knocker Synth FM Koto Double Vapors JP8 Fat Twilight Synth Wash
Power Chopper Dream Pad Like Analog For U Know DX Arcade Juno Lead Venus Strings
Pusher Dyrti Pad Mello Sizzle Fun Keys Eery Keys Lead Us Through  
Resonant Series Echos Mini Brass Fusion Lead Eniac Lucky Lead  
Rez Keys Eight String No Prisoners Ghandi Synth Fire Breather Lyles Solo  
Sign of the Times Evolution Prophet X Hard Sizzle Full Rail Noise Mini Lead  
Sizzl'in Duo Fair Wave Smoothly Hard Sweep String FX Mini Synth  
Sizzler Fantasy Pad Stabby Synth India Gabby Synth Mod Pulse  
Square Cutter Five Oscillator Standard Stack Industrial Ping Game Noise Moin Synth  
Sync Killer Frozen Time SY Synth Inharm-X Gravitation Oak Flute  
VMS Attacker Fusion Pad Synth Stack Ito Hit In Cave Sweep Prophet Duo  
VMS Bella Fusion Pluck Too Funky Kaleidoscope Industrial Layers 1 Prophet Square  
  Ghostly Vox Twelve Oscillator Kurz Bell Industrial Layers 2 Rez Lead  
  Goth Wash VMS Synth Blend Lara Bells Industrial Tool 01 Saw Reso 1  
  Grand String   Mega Sweep Industrial Tool 02 Saw Reso 2  
  Highdream   Meteoric Industrial Tool 03 SEM Lead  
  JD Strings   Mutant Chime 1 Industrial Tool 04 Solo String  
  Jupiter   Mutant Chime 2 Industrial Tool 05 Square Reso 1  
  Jupivision   Mutants Industrial Tool 06 Square Reso 2  
  Killer Pad   Organic Industrial Tool 07 Square Saw  
  Long String   P5 Rez Clav Industrial Tool 08 Square Vector  
  Master Pad   P6000 Fuzz Industrial Tool 09 SuperRez  
  Matrix   Padimba Industrial Tool 10 Synth Flute  
  Mellowtron   Post Modern Pluck Industrial Tool 11 Three Way  
  Melodic Drifter   Pulse Mod CZ Industrial Tool 12 TW Lead  
  Mixed Choir   Pure Ringer Industrial Tool 13 Unison X-Rez  
  Mr Brass   Reso FM Industrial Tool 14 VMS Square  
  Pad Dream   Saw MegaRez Industrial Tool 15 Xpressive Sync  
  Pad Strings   Sizzle Synth Industrial Tool 16 Zap Lead  
  Patch Pad   Soft Bell Infinitive    
  Pulse Pad   Stacked Belz Laboratory    
  Quiet Choir   Steel Synth Lore    
  Soft Attack   Sync Clav Maranatha    
  Sparkle Pad   T-8 Rez Keys Mighty Sweep    
  Spectre   Thwak Moog Minors Sweep    
  Square Pad   Tubular FM Moog Blipp    
  String Hall   VMS FM Piano No Ecology    
  Strings FM   VMS FM Stack Noises    
  Thick String   Vox Bell OBI Drone    
  VMS FM Blend   Vox Vox One Vapor    
  VMS FM Choir     Oscar Wasp    
  VMS Noise Vox     Pad 2 Bubbles    
  VMS Vox Pad     Post Harmonic Shifter    
        Post Modern    
        Prophet Sweep    
        Psycho Blip    
        Raw Toy 1    
        Raw Toy 2    
        Resonant Series    
        Ring Mod    
        Ring of Titans    
        Rip O Bound    
        Screamin Lab    
        Screamin Syntar    
        Smoke Signals    
        Sound Byte    
        Station Distortion    
        Storm Thrower    
        The Big Bang    
        The Wasp    
        Vapor Wash    
        VMS and More    
        VMS Magic Alias    
        VMS Magic    
        VMS Noise 1    
        VMS Noise 2    
        VMS Noise 3    
        VMS Noise 4    
        VMS Noise Tuned    
        Vox Angelica    
        Zuper Rez