V13 Hip Hop Producer

Digital Sound Factory Dimension Hip Hop Producer Volume 13

  • Urban Vocal Hooks
  • Guitar Grooves
  • Lo-Fi Funk
  • Free Dimension LE Software Synthesizer

Digital Sound Factory Hip Hop Producer contains all the very best sounds and instruments recorded for use in the E-MU Mo’ Phatt sound module. Also included are additional sounds that were collected and not used due to the limitation of module memory. This is one of the most complete collections of essential Hip Hop sounds ever assembled for Dimension LE and Dimension Pro Synthesizers. Great care was taken to deliver usable sounds that will inspire and prove useful in music of all genres. Included are over 500 great programs ranging from hard urban vocal hooks and guitar grooves to the grittiest of lo-fi Funk.

Dimension Volume 13 Hip Hop Producer Instrument Listing

Analog Sub 80's Drum & Bass 3 Stroke Chuck All Hits 1 ClavOrama Brush Kit Amp Noise
Bass 1 All Stix 5 Part Chuck All Hits 2 Clavva Dark Beats 1 Bass Squeek
Bass 2 Hats and Cymbals A Minor 3 All Hits 3 Clean Hard Rhodes Dark Beats 2 Breath 1
Bass 3 Kicks 1 C1-C6 A Minor Chord Belch Delay Rhodes Dub Reggae Kit Breath 2
Bass 4 Kicks 1 C1-G#1 A Minor Lick 1 Brass Attack Dyno FM Electronica Kit Filter Bass Riff
Bass 5 Kicks A Minor Lick 2 Brass Balls Fuzz Rhodes Funky Kit 1 Fret Roll Down 1
Bass 6 Kik Snare & Mo All Wahs & Snips Brass Bliz Hybrid Synth Funky Kit 2 Fret Roll Down 2
Basss ic Kik Snare 1 B Major Dirty String 1 Jupiter Synth Funky Kit 3 Fret Roll Up Down
Below Sub Bass.pro Kik Snare 2 B Minor Dirty String 2 Long Kool Rhodes 1 Hip Hop Kit 1 Goatyscratch
CZ-Moog Kik Snare 3 Bend Lick Fade Hit Long Kool Rhodes 2 Hip Hop Kit 2 Growl Drop
Dirty Bass 1 Snares 1 C Minor Hip Hop Strings 1.pro Long Kool Rhodes 3 Hip Hop Kit 3 Guitar Noise
Dirty Bass 2 Snares 2 Chord Down Hip Hop Strings 2.pro Mello Rhodes Lily Kit 1 Guitar Sound FX
Dirty Bass 3 Snares 3 Chord Lick Hip Hop Strings 3.pro Rhodes Lily Kit 2 Guitar Squeek 1
Dub Bass Snares 4 Chucka Dice Horn Lick 1 Sawtooth Wave Lily Kit 3 Guitar Squeek 2
DX Bass Snares 5 Chucka Run Horn Lick 2 Section Legato Lily Kit 4 Guitar Strum Down
F Bass Snares 6 C1-C6 Chugg It! Horn Lick 3 Section Pizz Lily Kit 5 Guitar Wow 1
Fingered Bass Snares 7 C1-C6 Chugger Horn Lick 4 Section Spic LoFi Kit Guitar Wow 2
Hard Pop Bass Snares 8 C1-A4 Chunka Horn Lick 5 Section Strings Nu Metal Kit Hard Drop
Harp Bass Stick & Rim Cool Blue Snip Interrupted Sine Wave Nu Soul Kit Hardcore Scratch
Humm Bass Toms C1-F2 Crybaby Metal Stab 1 Spacey Rhodes SP1200 Harmonics C#1-A#1
Juno Perc Bass.pro Toms Dale Run Metal Stab 2 Spic & Pizz 1   Heartbreaker
Moog Bass TR 808 Dirty Noise Gtr Misc Hits 1 Spic & Pizz 2   High Fuzztone
Nasal Bass 1 TR 909 Dirty Wah 1 Misc Hits 2 Square Wave   Lil' Chucka
Nasal Bass 2 No Prisoners Dirty Wah 2 Mood Stab 1 Strings 1&2   Little Wah Run
Nasal Bass 3   Dirty Wah 3 Mood Stab 2 Strings 1   Long Scratch 1
Pick Bass   Distorted Guitars On Wax Strings 2   Long Scratch 2
Pick Slap Bass.pro   Dmin7th Arp Orch Hit 1 Supa Strings   Long Scratch 3
Pop Lick 1   Dmin7th Lick Orch Hit 2 Super Wurli   Long Scratch 4
Pop Lick 2   Down Home Wah Orch Hit 3 Synth Strings   Long Scratch 5
Sine Boomer   E-Lick Gtr Orch Hit 4 Tine Piano   Long Scratch 6
Slap Bass 1   Egyptian Wah Orch Riff Wack Strings   Long Scratch 7
Slap Bass 2   F# Minor Lick Pad Hit Worm 1   Low Fuzztone
Standup   Fade In Wah Pattern.pro Piggy Wah Worm 10   Low Wash Synth
Vel Pop Bass   Fadin Gtr Lick Pizz 69 Worm 2   Meow Wah 1
Vel Slap Bass   Faith Gtr Loop Rap Orch Riff Worm 3   Meow Wah 2
    Feedback Wah Rap String Worm 4   Mid Fuzztone
    Fourth Chords 1 Sax 1 Worm 5   Mute Rake
    Fourth Chords 2 Sax 2 Worm 6   Nasty Farm Box
    Funk Chord 1 Sax 3 Worm 7   Nother Wacka Chord
    Funk Chord 2 Sax 4 Worm 8   Nylon Gtr Snip
    Funk Chord 3 Sax 5 Worm 9   Orcha Chord
    Funk Chord 4 Sax 6 Wurli   Phaser Chord
    Funk Chord 5 Sax 7     Pizz Strings
    Funk Lick SP1200 1     Primo Scratch 1
    Funky Lil Wah SP1200 2     Primo Scratch 2
    Fuzz Comp SP1200 3     Reverse Scratch
    G Minor Lick SP1200 4     Rotary Wah
    Grunge Riff SP1200 5     Scary Bastard
    Guitar Licks SP1200 6     Scary Rhodes
    Guitar Snips Spanish Guitar     Scratch Map
    Hard Nylon Splash Hit     Scratch Talk
    Jap Wah String Rise     Short S Scratch
    Kiss Trashy Hit     Slide Down Note
    Lazy SG Web Guitar Hit     Snowman
    Lick Count This Worry Chord     Spacephone
    Lick Low       Squeeks & Knocks
    Likka Chord       String Fade
    Main Lick       String Pad
    Mello Jam Wah       Suspense
    Nylon Riffy       Tribal Backbone
    Nylon Strum 1       Tribal Scratch
    Nylon Strum 2       Urp
    Nylon Strum 3       Vinyl Noise
    Nylon Strum 4       Vocoder Noize
    Nylon Strum 5       Wah Chord
    Phatt Paul       Wah Overtones
    Phatt Strat       Wah Suprise Cluck
    Pimp Wah       Wah Up
    Quick Lick       Weird Scratch
    Shamisen       White Noise
    Solo Jam        
    Solo Lick 1        
    Solo Lick 2        
    Solo Lick 3        
    Solo Lick 4        
    Solo Lick 5        
    Solo Lick 6        
    Solo Lick 7        
    Spicey Wah        
    Stroytime Wah        
    Touchy Nylon        
    Wah and Clean        
    Wah Cry        
    Wah Down Then Up        
    Wah Down        
    Wah Guitar 1        
    Wah Guitar 2        
    Wah Guitar 3        
    Wah Guitar 4        
    Wah Guitar 5        
    Wah Guitar 6        
    Wah Guitar 7        
    Wah Guitar Riffs        
    Wah Hah        
    Wahs Filter