V14 Fuego Caliente

Digital Sound Factory Dimension Fuego Caliente Volume 14

  • Bajo (Bass)
  • Bateria (Drums)
  • Cuerdas Orquestales (Strings)
  • Guitarra (Guitars)
  • Latidos (38 Beat Patterns)
  • Teclados (Keyboards)
  • Vintos y Laton (Winds & Brass)
  • Voz (Vocals)
  • Free Dimension LE Software Synthesizer

Join the festivity with Fuego Caliente. These instruments are ready to fire up your imagination and take your sound south of the border. Fuego Caliente is a collection of authentic Accordions, Guitars, Basses, Brass & Winds, Strings, Drums, and Percussion. Get the Mariachi Party fired up, or interleave with world music fusion, this expansion pack will make you “caliente”!

Included are Amor Caliente, Bajo (Bass), Bateria (Drums), Cuerdas Orquestales (Strings), Guitarra (Guitars), Latidos (38 Beat Patterns), Teclados (Keyboards), Vintos y Laton (Winds & Brass), and Voz (Vocals).

Size – 760 MB and 200 Programs

Fuego Caliente Instrument Listing


Accordion Octaves

ARP Bass

All Purpose Kit

 Detache Strings

Crunchy Electric

Baby Bass & Accordion

Baby Bass

Brazil Drums

 Elka Strings

Distorted Guitar

Choir Strings

Double DX

Brazil Percussion

 Section Legato Deteche Vel

Electric Guitar Amped

Electric Guitar & Strings

DX EP Bass 1

Brazilian Kit

 Section Strings

Electric Guitar

Grand Piano & Strings

DX EP Bass 2

Bread n Butter Kit

 Solina Strings

Grande Nylon

Grande EP & Strings

Fingered Bass & Tuba

Carnival Drums 1

 Solo Bass

Les Paul Guitar

Nylon Guitar & Accordion

Fingered Bass

Carnival Drums 2

 Solo Strings

Multi String Acoustic

Nylon Guitar & Bass

FM Bass

Carnival Drums 3

 Solo Viola

Nylon Guitar

Nylon Solina

FM Poly Bass

Classic Rock Kit

 Solo Violin

Processed Electric MW

Nylon String & Section Strings

Fretless Bass

Classic Studio Kit

 Synthetic Strings

Processed Paul MW

Solo Strings & Tuba

Mini Snap Bass

Conga & Bongo


Steel String Guitar

Solo Violin & Tuba

Multi Basso

Funky Kit


Tubed Nylon Guitar

Steel String & Section Strings

PPG Bass

Hand Claps


Tubed Steel Guitar

Steel String Vox

PPG Digi Bass



Two Acoustic Guitars

Stryng Machine

Prophet Bass

Misc Percussion


Two Electric Guitars

Tuba & Accordian

SEM QBass 1

Perky Clap


Tuba & Alto Sax Accordion MW

SEM QBass 2

Salsa Kit


Tuba & Trumpet

SEM QBass 3

Salsa Percussion


Tuba & Violin

SEM Sync Bass 1

Studio Kit


Tuba Bari Alto Trumpet

SEM Sync Bass 2

True Drum Kit


Vox Jag & Accordion

Warm FM


Warm Square Bass


075bpm MontDos

Accordion 1

Alto Duo

Vox 01


075bpm MontUno

Accordion 2

Alto Sax 1

Vox 02


091bpm Cuidao

Accordion 3

Alto Sax 2

Vox 03


091bpm SonTuno

Clavinet 1

Alto Sax 3

Vox 04


092bpm Romantica

Clavinet 2

Alto Tenor Bari Sax

Vox 05


092bpm Tres Dos


Baritone & Alto Sax

Vox 06


093bpm Tejano

CP70 Electric Piano

Baritone Sax

Vox 07


095bpm Bells

Distorted Organ

Brass Section 1

Vox 08


095bpm Cascara

Dyno Electric Piano

Brass Section 2

Vox 09


097bpm Mambo

Farfisa Organ

Brass Section 3

Vox 10


098bpm Guaracha

FM Electric Piano

Brass Section 4

Vox 11


098bpm Mach2

FM EP & Strings

Brazzy Hit 1

Vox Combo


099bpm Bomba

Grande & EP

Brazzy Hit 2

Vox Cutz 1


100bpm Cumbient

Grande Piano

Brazzy Hit 3

Vox Cutz 2


106bpm Muevelo

Hammond Organ

Brazzy Hit 4


110bpm Afro

OBX Synth Brass

Brazzy Hit 5


110bpm Coolio

Organ & CP70

Brazzy Hits


110bpm Funkonga

Piano Forte

LA Hit 1


118bpm Tejoropo

Rock Organ 1

LA Hit 2


122bpm Chico

Rock Organ 2

LA Hit 3


126bpm MundoLoco

Vox Combo Organ

LA Hits


131bpm Plena

Vox Jaguar

Saxes Bone Trumpet 1


135bpm BndaMania

Wurlitzer EP

Saxes Bone Trumpet 2


135bpm Pa Fuera


Soprano Sax


135bpm PaloViejo


Sparkle Brass


140bpm TuBanda


Tenor Sax No Vibrato


145bpm Alli Esta


Tenor Sax Velo Vibrato


145bpm Arriba


Tenor Sax Vibrato


145bpm Mas Alla


Trombone 1


145bpm Merengazo


Trombone 2


145bpm Mrengue C3-F3


Trumpet 1


145bpm Mrengue1


Trumpet 2


145bpm Mrengue2


Tuba & Trumpet


145bpm Mrengue3


Tuba 1


145bpm Mrengue4


Tuba 2


155bpm ReBanda


Tuba Hall


155bpm RumBanda


Two Tenor Sax


155bpm SpdBanda