Wave Scapes

Digital Sound Factory Z3TA+2 Wave Scapes
  • Sequencers
  • Keyboards
  • Leads
  • Pads
  • Basses Arpeggios
  • Sequences
  • 270 Programs

Digital Sound Factory Wave Scapes Expansion Pack explores the power of the Z3TA+2 synthesizers amazing wave shaping algorithms. Wave shaping parameters are programed to allow instant control over the waveforms harmonic characteristics and are controlled using the modulation wheel, X-Y pad, velocity, and aftertouch. Wave Scapes also includes auto shaping programs synced to LFO’s that morph waveforms rendering amazing new sonic textures. Sound categories consist of Synthesizers, Keyboards, Leads, Pads, Textures, Basses, Arpeggios, and Sequences that include 270 programs along with new waveforms and MIDI sequences. Take control of your waveforms with DSF’s Wave Scapes.

Z3TA+2 Wave Scapes Instrument Listing

After Syncro Bottom Hugger Crispy Digi Keys Crispy Auto Morphor After Dark Classic Stacker 1
Cruiser Come Along Bass CZ Keys 1 Distroyer Bell Strings Changing Shape MW Classic Stacker 2
Crystaline Digi 303 CZ Keys 2 Fashion Lead Bit Soup Crandle Crusher
Down Wind Digi ARP Digi Clav 1 Grab Wheel Clean Crystal Drive Hard Digi Bell Comper
Falling Graces Digi Punch Digi Clav 2 Hard Driver Digital Air Choir Falling Rain Digi D Strings
Fine Lines Digital Fatty Digi Clav 3 Lead Shaper Digital Brassital Far Cry Digital Jupiter
Frantic Chaser Digital Rasp Bass Digital Chorus EP Leader Eligant Synth Gettin On Digital Stack
Fused Shaper Dirty Double Digital Organ Little Sweetie Genetic Choir Going Where Digital Toy
Hanging On Double Shush Dyno Digital Mellow Rama Glisten Hammer On Get In Shape
Heading Down Double Square Full Organ 1 Mr Heavy Granularity Hang With U Hollow Digi Synth
Hollow Winder Edge Bass Full Organ 2 Multi Square High Que Hard Bassin Joy Synth
On Flow Electric Digi Bass Full Organ 3 Phatt Lead Hollow Waves Mystery Bass Mega Shaper
On The Rize Hard Drive Grit Organ Pulse Width Horn Zee On the Run Modern Digi Synth
Out Sourced Hyper Rezo Hybrid EP 1 Rail Hanger Lushness Organ Dity Multi Triangle
Pass It Off Low Boy Hybrid EP 2 Raspy Sine Mello Shine Organ Grind Up Phased Synth
Patternized Maiden Bass Hybrid EP 3 Scatter Lead Mello Synthetics Out of Tyme Q Synth
Perky Mechanik Hybrid EP 4 Shaver Lead Modified Synth Over Fingers Re Focus
Play On Mega Phase Mello EP Slicer Lead Motion Pad Pancaked Saw Syncer
Random Bottom Mister Smoothy Organ Classic Squirt Multiwave Synth Phantom Bass Semi Classic
Randomisms Mod My Shape Organ Comper Stack O Salz Old Tyme Pumper Matic Sine Of Times
Remind Us Modern Square Organ Grande Super Rez Over Harmonics Random Rider Sizzle Shaper
Rezomatic Octave Saws Organica Sweetie Over Voices Range Seeker Spectrum Strings
Robotic Implant Odd Shape Organy Sync Wave Pad Synth Riding Home Splender Synth
Shimmer Arp Over Shaper Partial EP Synth 101 Lead Piper Road Down Square 101
Strung Up Power Synth Bass Pro Digi Piano Triangle Mesh Popsy Roxys Stack Sweeper
Synth O Matic Relaxed Processed Clav Triangular Silky Seeking Bells Super Synth
Thumper Reso Basso Reedy EP Ultra Modern String Ensemble Shaper Self Generation Sync Wave
Tracker Rounder Sawtooth EP Wave Drifter Syncro Waves Smash Chopper Synth Strings
Vapor Image SE Bass Soft Electro   Synth Abyss Southern Floater Temperment
Wave Front Shush Bass 1 Square Clavi   Thin Side Springy Ultra Large
Wave O Matic Shush Bass 2 Synth Organ   Tranquilized Step It Up Un Tamed
  Springy Bass Synthetic EP   Transit Oscillators Stroll In The Park Volt Stems
  Styled T8 Strings   Ultra Synthetic Taken Down  
  Sync Wave Bass Wave EP   Wash Out Trancer Organ TEXTURES
  Under Pinnings     Whisper Ringer U Got It Anticipation
  Vintage Saw       Upstairs Cascading Shaper
  VS48 Bass       Wholed Down Chordal
  Wave Bass       Why We Came Cloud Cover
  Wide One       Xpansions CMI Dreams
  Zuper Rez       Your All Mine Contemplation
          Your Mind Cosmic Trails
            Dream Shapes
            Fine Times
            Floating Air
            Gentle Sync
            Harmonic Drifter
            High Tension
            Icy Dreams
            Lost Harmonics
            Motion Shaper
            Off Blasted
            Outer Unlimited
            Over Thinking
            Quarter Pulse
            Re Purposed
            Shape Shuffle
            Sky Falling
            Tri Shaped