Xtreme Synth Basses

Digital Sound Factory Z3TA+2 Xtreme Synth Bass
  • Synth Basses
  • Power Basses
  • Mello Basses
  • Sequences
  • 200 Programs

Digital Sound Factory Z3TA+2 Xtreme Synth Bass finds the bottom and delivers a great set of extremely unique bass sounds. Xtreme Basses are shaped for harmonic adventure, Power Basses explode with punch, and Mello Basses are primed with smoothness. Z3TA+2’s exciting wave shaping control will modulate these waveforms to unexplored territories. LFO’s and effects lock to MIDI clock creating motion through rhythmic synchronization. Xtreme Synth Bass includes 200 exciting programs and new waveforms. Categories include Synth Basses, Power Basses, Mello Basses, and Sequences.

Z3TA+2 Xtreme Synth Bass Instrument Listing

      Power Basses
      Mello Basses
Synthetic Basses  
Air Pusher Analog LFO Shaper 101 Saw Back Bite
Aryalan Bass Shimmers 101 Square Black Ground
Big Heavy Bend Over Easy 303 Saw Blatmon
Bit Heavy Big Daddy 303 Square Res Bounce Off
Blatt Boomer 303 Square Capped
Bottom 15 Digi Puncher Analog Chugger
Bottom Knocker Digit Combo ARP Square 1 Down Move
Butter Bass Double Saw ARP Square 2 Driving South
Byte Bass Down Heavy ARP Square 3 Frill
Digimix DS Bass Bagg Bass Gas Chaser
Dist Blast Flabby Bass Lowness Get Up Now
Down Under Flapper Base Big ARP Bass Hard Ground
Drive Bass Flat Punch Big Bottom Synth Hedge Time
Flange Meat Foundation Bottom Juicer Hop Scotch
Flap Bass Got Buzz Bunko Bass Knocker
Granular Rezex Grizzle Buzz Bass Lay It Back
Grit 303 Growler Dirty Organizer Like It Is
Grunt Bass Jungle Phase Down Low Little Chopper
Gutt Punch Jungle Power Filter Oscolate Multi Trance
Hard Core Jungled Bass Flapper No Ground
Heavy Duty Large Mod Flappy Octave Trance
Hyper Grind LFO Shaper Flexi Bass Oh Yea
Job Bass Mega Mello Hit Bass On Job
Jungle Bass Metalic Hyper Rez Peg It
Key Bass Oh Yea J Square Polarized
Low Ringer Power Line J Wave Pounding Down
Lowdown Rasp Punchy Digi J60 Power Driver
Mod Shaper Raw Synth Juicy Bottom Pumping Goods
Moogish Rhaspy Bass Knocker Rez Syncer
Multiwave Sawbalz Memory Bass Roll Back
Nice & Heavy Sawsattude Mini Bass Ronk It
Oh La Baby Self Indulged Moogish Sludger
P10 Bottomized Shaper 101 Nice & Big Snap Picker
Pegged Shaper 303 One O One Soft Drive
Phaze Out Shaper Combo P10 Stinger Spring Board
Power Wall Smudged P10 Start Up Time
Quad Phase Spinner Bass Phatt Wave Step Back
Rail Bass Thoric Pressed Stickitize
Sauity Fine U Shape Bass Rasper Take On
Shape Pulse Ultra Styled Ringer Tracer
Shifter Drifter Under Tow Round Out Turn Around
Solid Thrash Way Down Sawed Layers Ultra Slam
T Blast Wowza Silky Wanna Be
Take The Q Xoes Smoothy Way Back
Talk It Up Xtreme Synth Sqiggle Bass Way Tight
The Down Bass   Squishy Rez Wire Signals
Thrasher   Sting Me  
Tube Banger   Sync Bass 1  
Underworld Pleasures   Synth Basics  
Valve Bass   Target Bass  
Velo Shaper   Tri Sync  
Wash Up   Vintage Salz  
Wet Phaze   Wave Bass  
Woobass   Way Low  
    Wire Bass