Yamaha CP70

DSF Yamaha CP70 Electric Piano

The Yamaha CP-70 Electric Grand Piano was introduced in the mid-70's and produced until the mid-80's and during that time was the standard touring piano used by just about every major artist and group. The CP-70 is described as a portable electric grand piano. It is covered in black Tolex and comes apart in two separate pieces that weigh well over 100 pounds each. The CP-70 has hammers and strings just like a normal piano, and a piezoelectric pick-up system that converts the string vibration into an audio signal. The CP-70 has a warm, smooth sustain and is not as percussive as a grand piano. The lowest octave bass strings are shorter than normal and this octave doesn’t quite sound like a full sized piano. But this portable piano has a character all its own. Original price: $4000.00

331 Megabytes

Yamaha CP70 Electric Piano Instrument Listing

CP-70 Classic
CP-70 Dynamic 1
CP-70 Dynamic 2
CP-70 Tight
CP-70 Bright
CP-70 Classic 2
CP-70 Stereo
CP-70 Honky Tonk
CP-70 Soft Layer
CP-70 Medium Layer
CP-70 Hard Layer