Yard Piano

DSF Yard Piano

Digital Sound Factory Yard Piano is truly an authentic piano out in the yard! This old Huntington upright belongs to a close colleague and lives outside the studio in a peaceful open field. We backed up the truck, set up a pair of Audio Technica 4060 microphones and went to work. There are good notes and bad notes, in tune and out of tune strings, and lots of clunking keys making this sample set truly unique. Recording in the open environment captured the natural sound and eliminates deflections and unwanted overtones. This old upright piano is ready for creating new exciting tracks.

Formats include SoundFont (SF2), Kontakt (3.5 or greater), Cakewalk Dimension (SFZ), and Emulator/Proteus X/VX.

10 programs - 75 megabytes


DSF Yard Piano

Yard Piano Instrument Listing

Yard Piano 1

Yard Piano 2

Yard Piano 3

Yard Piano FF

Yard Piano Hard

Yard Piano Honky

Yard Piano Loose

Yard Piano mf

Yard Piano Overtones

Yard Piano Tight