E-MU Xtreme Lead-1

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Xtreme Lead was launched in spring 2000 as the Techno/Electronica Module in the new Proteus ‘1000’ platform. With a highly credible 64 voices and 32 MB of samples, the XL-1 takes the Audity 2000 sample set, adds hundreds more samples, and adds new functions to put E-MU sample synthesis onto a new level. From classic synthesizers to drums and to loops and worms, this collection covers it all! Even a lawn mower. An amazing 1210 sampled waveforms are contained in this collection. This sound set is the complete 16MB set of samples from the Audity 2000, plus the 16MB of samples from the Audity Extreme Sound ROM.

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EmulatorX, Kontakt, Logic EXS24, PT Structure, SoundFont