Songwriters Collection

DSF Cakewalk Dimension Songwriter's Collection HD

  • Keyboards
  • Orchestral
  • Guitars
  • Basses
  • Synths
  • Voices
  • Winds
  • Brass
  • Drums & Percussion
  • Free Dimension LE Software Synthesizer

Digital Sound Factory Songwriter’s Collection is a comprehensive collection of professional instruments designed and programmed for the songwriter arranger. High quality samples were selected from Digital Sound Factory’s popular Volumes 1-13 and 500 new programs developed to inspire the most demanding arrangers. Categories include Keyboards, Orchestral, Guitars, Basses, Synths, Synth Basses, Voices, Winds, Brass, Drums & Percussion, and Combinations. Start with a bass line, add in some keyboards, create a guitar rhythm, and top it off with a ripp’in lead. Produced in Hi Definition quality, Dimension Songwriter’s Collection is the “go to” expansion pack for creating great music.

Dimension Songwriter's Collection HD Instrument Listing

Guitars & Bass
Synth Bass
Drums & Perc   
Acoustic Grand 1 Attack Strings 1 Electric Velocity Wah Attitude Lead Boot Bass Basic Kit Aahs Oohs MW
Acoustic Grand 2 Attack Strings 2 Electric Wonder Bell Waves Edge Slicer Bass Kalimba Analog Digital Choir
Acoustic Grand 3 Full Legato Exotic Nylon Classic Mini FM Analog Brush Kit Cathedral Choir
Acoustic Grand Chorused Full Orchestra Vel FX Full Body Nylon Cresendo FM Hollow Bass Crazy Kotos Choir Aahs
B3 & Clav Full Orchestra Funk Telecaster Crystaline Synth Funky Hybrid Double Kit 1 Choir Girls
B3 & Grand Full Strings & French Horns Guitar Double Digi Drone 1 Gripper Double Kit 2 Classic Choir
B3 & Rhodes Full Strings & Section Brass Hi Pass Steel Digi Drone 2 Gutt Bottom Double Kit 3 Cosmic Overtones
B3 & Wurly Full Strings & Woodwinds Koto Digi Vibes Hard Euro Double Kit 4 Digi Choir Pad
B3 16&1 Drawbars Large Section Strings Mandolin Don't Forget MW Heavy Euro Full On Rockin Distant Echo
Classic OB-Xa Legato Strings & Clarinets Midnight Guitar Drift Bouncer Juno Bass Funky Kit Film Score
Clavinet Grit Legato Strings & Ooh Choir Modern Strat Edgy Jupiter Juno Clav Bass Hip Hopster Floating Voices
Clavinet Legato Strings Trmpt & TBone More Paul Edgy Q Square Juno Edge Bass Jaw Harp Alto Gentle Ensemble
Digi Clav Pizzicato & Brass Mute Guitar Endless Trails Juno Log Hit Bass Jaw Harp Soprano Glass Vox
EP & Voice Pad Pizzicato & Synthetic Strings Nylon Double Pick Floating Synths Maxi Juno Jaw Harp Tenor Iced Ensemble
EP Chorus MW Pizzicato & Woodwinds Nylon Guitar FM Fuzzy Maxi Super Kalimba Inner Laced
EP Velocity Slap Pizzicato Strings Nylon Panner Forward Motion Mini Bass Layer Kit Large Ensemble
Floating EP Section Legato Strings Over Processed Guitar Fuzzy Leader Moog Pedals Log & Kalimba Layered Choir
Funky Clavi Section Strings & Bassoons Paul Distorto Fuzzy Popper OB Juno Log Hit Lo Rez Ensemble
Fusion EP Section Strings & Brass Paul Filtered Glass Vox OB Super Bass Mallet Vibes Magic Wash Choir
Grand Piano & Rhodes EP Section Strings & Woodwinds Paul MW Harmonic Synth Owl Bass Mallets & Xylo Maskulin
Grand Piano & Wurlitzer EP Section Strings Paul Processed Hi Pass Machine Owl Juno Mallets Mello Vox
Grand Piano Pedal Sim Strings & Analog Phatt Paul Hi Pass Pad Popper Marimba Mixed Ensemble
Grand Piano Strings & Vibes Phazed Strat Hot Lead Power Bass MS Bumper Kit Modern Choir
Gritty Rhodes Strings Contra Bssn & Oboe Poly Tonal Guitar Iceberg Synth Ripper Bass Natural Kit Monolith
Hammond Bed Strings Detache Pretty & Mello J Synths SEM Bass Rock Party Mystery Choir
High Pass Grand Strings Trumpets French Horns Processed Steel String JD Magic Wash SEM Heavy Bottom Salsa Kit Mystery Oohs
Honky Tonk Sweeping Strings Shamisen JD Pad Slurry Bass Stadium Kit Mystic Choir
House Clav Synthetic Strings Stage Steel Juno 60 Square Edge Steel Drum Ooh Aah
Jazz B-3 1 Alto Sax 1 Steel String Juno Pad Sub Bass Studio Kit Chorused Ooh Yea
Jazz B-3 2 Alto Sax 2 Strat Distorto Jupiter 8 Bite Sub Hollow Studio Kit Oohs Amore
Jazz B-3 3 Bari Sax Strat Less Bits Jupiter 8 PWM Sub Owl Studio Lo Fi Perky Vox
Jazz B-3 4 Bass Clarinet & Flute Strat O Caster Jupiter 8 Sync Super Bass Studio Rock Phazed Choir
Mello Jazz B Bass Clarinet Tele Chorus Jupiter Power Synth Super Mini Thumb Piano Rich Ensemble
Natural Grand Bassoon & Contra Tele Mute Jupiter Wash MW Super Pulser Timpani Swept Voices
Over Chorused Grand Bassoon & Oboe Tele Pick Mute Vel Kalimba Synth Sweet Analog Vibes & Marimba Syn Vox Vibes
Pedal Grand Bassoon Tele Port Magical Synth Syncro Saw Vibes Synth Choir
Perky Clav Big Brass Section Telecaster Meditational Taurus Pedals Wide & Natural Synthetic Aahs
Phatt EP Brass Ensemble Tremolo Guitar Mello JD800 Tweaked Bass Xylo Vibes Synthetic Voices
Pretty Hammond Brass Quartet Tubed Telecaster Mello Lead Upright Synth Xylophone Tron & OB
Rezzy Clavinet Chorused Brass Uncle Paul Metalic Sand Dunes Vintage Bass   Tron Bell Wave
Rhodes Electric Piano Clarinet Washed Tele Mini Moog Xtra Large Bass   Tron Choir
Rhodes Phazer Clarinets Fingered Overdirve Mini OB     Tron Females & Strings
Rhodes Velocity Layer Contra Bassoon Fingered Picked Mini Pusle Tri Lead     Tron Females
Rock B3 1 Crazy Tenor Sax Fingered Pilot Motion Sensor     Tron Males & Strings
Rock B3 2 English Horn Fretless Bass Mystic Synth     Tron Males
Rock B3 3 Flute & Saws Fretless Fingered Nice Lead     Vocal Ensemble
Rock B3 4 Flute Fretless Overdrive OB Pulse-Saw     Vocal Iterations MW
Smooth OB French Horn Ensemble Gruzz Bass OBX Pulse     Vocal Score
Suitcase EP French Horn Gutt Bass OBX Saw     Vox Synth
Sync Clav Full Legato & Brass Gutt Rock Octave Sync      
Tele Clav Horns & Trumpets Hard Edge Open Up MW      
Touchy Clav Hybrid Brass Hard Finger Over The Top      
Two EP's Large Wind Section Heavy Pilot Overdrive Mini      
Vibe EP Oboe Clar Tbone Trmpet Hybrid Perky Synth      
Wah Wurly Oboe Large Bottom Bass Pop Synth      
Wide Rhodes Penny Whistle Multi Bass Promed Pulse      
Wurly Chorus Piccolo & Flute Odd Combo Prophet 10      
Wurly Distorto Piccolo Over Picked Prophet Lead      
Wurly EP Pipes Picked Bass Pulse Lead      
Wurly Grit Pop Brass Picked Pilot Bass Pulse Mod      
  Sax Duet Pilot Bass Rich Synth Brass      
  Sax Section Pop Bass Runner      
  Sax Trumpet Trombone Processed Pilot Saw Strings      
  Space Trumpets Progressive Bass SEM      
  Stage Horns Punchy Finger Spheric      
  Synthy Sax Rock Bass Spinning Synths MW      
  Tenor Sax 1 Rounded Finger Square Lead      
  Tenor Sax 2 Slap Bass String Machine      
  Tomorrows Winds Slap Bottom Bass Super Juno      
  Trombone Soft Rock Super Vox      
    Sub Fretless Sync Lead      
    Upright Rez Sync Saws      
    Upright Sync Synth      
    Velocity Bass Syncro Synth      
    Wide Rocker Synth Brass      
      Synth Strings      
      Synthetic Strings      
      Traveling Time      
      Tweeked Saw      
      Wash Synth      
      Within Reach      

DSF HI DEFINITION Digital Sound Factory HI DEFINITION libraries include high quality detailed instruments finely tuned for the Dimension synthesizer. Instruments contain samples recorded at every pitch and programmed for the ultimate clarity and realism.

2 Gigabytes & 500 Programs